Which Fruits & Vegetables Can You Grow? These 7 Plants Grow Anywhere!

Gardening isn’t just for those with the mythical green thumb. It’s something that everyone can, and should, do! No matter where in the world you live, there is a vegetable or fruit you can grow inside or outside of your house. Get to know what you can grow and start putting your own homegrown food on the table as soon as possible.


Which Fruits & Vegetables Can You Grow? These 7 Plants Grow Anywhere!Why Grow Your Own Food?7 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Anywhere​1. Tomatoes​2. Onions3. Pineapples​4. Greens (cabbage, lettuce, kale, spinach…)​5. Peppers​6. Radishes7. CarrotsConclusion​


Why Grow Your Own Food?

Growing your own food isn’t just a satisfying feeling, it’s also a great way to get something healthy and natural into your diet. You may not be able to grow everything you need, unless you want to start a real farm, but you can add a lot of great foods into your diet by simply growing them for yourself. This will save you money, improve your health, keep preservatives and pesticides away from your foods, and it is also highly satisfying!

There’s something for everyone, whether you live in a tropical, temperate, cold, warm, wet, or any other climate. Urban gardens, indoor gardens, and outdoor gardens can all make room for a few fruits and vegetables.

7 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Anywhere​

1. Tomatoes​

These hardy vegetables are used all over the world for cooking. They grow in many different conditions, as long as you care for them properly. With a tomato stake (or a wire for the vine), some fertilizer, and a few seeds you can easily get a plant of your own growing.

Tomatoes do just as well in pots as outside in the yard. Make sure you choose a large enough pot so that the plant can grow into it properly.​

2. Onions

There’s hardly a vegetable that’s sturdier than the onion. These grow on every inhabited continent, from the coldest to the warmest. Around the world, onions are used in stews, salads, and otherwise. You can grow your own very easily with even a tiny patch of soil or a plant pot.

See what kind of onions are available in your area to get an idea about what you can and can’t plant in your yard or pot. In most cases, you can simply take a few leftover onions and throw them in a hole in the ground to get your own crop started.​

3. Pineapples​

Did you know it’s actually really easy to grow pineapples indoors? They grow as relatively small plants from the ground. All you need is the top part of any pineapple, even one from the grocery store, and an indoor plant pot with soil.​

If you live in a tropical area, you don’t need to keep your pineapple plant inside. Since pineapples are made to grow in tropical locations, you can simply plant it in the soil outside if you happen to live in the right zones.

4. Greens (cabbage, lettuce, kale, spinach…)​

Most green, leafy vegetables are easy to grow and capable of growing anywhere. Lettuce is a popular option for a lot of people, and it can be grown in a lot of different climates, even in colder areas. Lettuce also does very well indoors, so you can grow it in a small pot inside and just snip away the leaves you want now and then.​

Besides lettuce, a lot of other greens are able to be grown under the same circumstances in a variety of areas. You aren’t limited to just lettuce; plant some of the other awesome greens and enjoy salads of all sorts throughout the year.

5. Peppers​

This is a bit of a large category, because peppers come in many different varieties. Although bell peppers are some of the most commonly known and grown, they aren’t the only types of peppers you can get in the ground around the world.

Most varieties of peppers are fairly low maintenance and very hardy. They don’t always do well in pots, but in outdoor and urban gardens they can thrive.

6. Radishes

If you like the taste of radishes, you’ll be happy to hear that these plants grow very easily in difficult conditions. Not everyone is a fan of the harsh taste of radishes, but they are actually quite good for your health and they are easy to grow. Radishes can be grown indoors in pots as well, so even if you live in a climate that’s not really suited to them, they will do fine wherever you are with proper indoor care.​

7. Carrots

Another easy grower, homegrown carrots are crowd-pleasers. They have a great flavor and they store very well in your fridge for use later down the road. Carrots are extremely low maintenance and can be planted outdoors in many different climates without worry. Since they grow down into the ground, they don’t always do well in cold, frozen soil. But, in colder conditions you can move them inside into plants as long as you provide enough water.

Carrots don’t take up a lot of space while they grow, so you won’t have to buy an enormous pot for them as they get larger. As long as you make sure they have enough room to grow downwards, you should be okay keeping them indoors until they’re ready to harvest.


Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great feeling! What’s even better is knowing that there are so many easy options that grow wherever you are in the world. It’s not impossible to start a small vegetable patch, even if you can only grow plants indoors in pots.​

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