When Is the Best Time to Apply Grubex?


How and When Should You Apply Grubex?

​Maintaining your lawn may not seem difficult, but when the grubs attack, it might cause a massive damage on your lawn. I have had a problem like this before. I tried to find a lot of effective ways to get rid of them. Killing these grubs is no joke.

When I heard about Grubex, I thought I could give it a shot and so I did. I couldn’t have been more satisfied! But, it is only effective if proper application measures are followed.

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What is Grubex? How and when should you apply it? Is it safe for your lawn?


What is Grubex and Why Should You Use it?​

Grubex is a substance that is designed to kill grubs thus prevents any damages on your lawn. The se grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. And you do not want them to emerge from their larvae. Once they do, they would start eating all the roots of your lawn. If this keeps on and you don’t do anything to resolve this, these grubs and Japanese beetles can ruin your entire lawn. Sometimes, they can cause severe damages only in one season.​

Hence, it is important to take some precautions regarding this. You should treat your lawn before the larvae hatch. You can use other procedures but Grubex is one of the most effective tools you can use to prevent any further damages on your lawn.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Treatment

​The flaws on your lawn are sometimes unnoticeable unless you check it rigorously. Certainly, there are visible signs that will tell you your lawn might be damaged or affected. If you want to maintain a clean and green lawn, you need to be prompt of what to do next.

To help you determine if your lawn already needs treatment, here are the signs that you should take note of.

  • Bullet PoinTake a good look at your lawn. Due to the changes in weather, the grass might get extremely dry, could wilt or turn into brown color. This may seem normal as it could really happen during the hot season of the year. However, these signs can also indicate that, possibly, there are grubs on your lawn. Once you see these, you should treat your lawn right way.
  • Some parts of your lawn might have holes or spots that have been dug up. This can also show that some animals or pests are digging their way to the grubs.
  • The areas have brown or yellowish color with thinly dispersed patches.
  • Grubs mostly attack the lawn on south-facing sloped areas or in any part of the lawn that gets more exposure from the sun. You may check these spots for damages.

If you have observed some of these signs on your turf, you should not disregard these thus start planning about the treatment. Beetles have probably made their way through your lawn and started laying eggs. You should prevent this as soon as possible. Prompt and precise application of Grubex is one of the optimal solutions.

When is the Best Time to Apply Grubex?

Proper timing and precise application are the key factors you need to take seriously. Following these procedures carefully and accurately makes the substance, Grubex, more effective. That is why you cannot just apply it on your lawn whenever you want to.

Moreover, grubs do not ingest any pesticide if you apply it too early in the spring or too late in the fall. You’ve got to find the right timing where the grubs can ingest the pesticides and eventually, kill them. In the summer they lay eggs and in the mid-summer, grubs hatch and start feeding themselves through the roots of the turf.

Hence, the best time to apply Grubex is between spring and early summer. It is also usually between late May and late July. This is the season when the eggs have already hatched and are on its way for maturity. That is the right timing where you want to apply Grubex and stop the eggs from emerging. Once applied, it prevents the eggs to mature thus prevent further damages on your lawn. This substance can actually last up to four months.

Many users or homeowners might also wonder if Grubex is safe for the other harmless insects or wildlife. It truly is. Though Grubex is a helpful material to kill grubs, it is guaranteed safe for earthworms, wasps, bees and wildlife.

Proper Ways to Apply Grubex

Now that you have decided to take action and employ the right treatment for your lawn, you must know how to apply it properly. It is also vital to check the instructions carefully before you proceed on the treatment.

  1. As what the Scotts Company recommends, every 1,000 square of the lawn should be applied with 2.87 pounds of Grubex. It should be done once a year.
  2.  For more even and precise application, it would be better to use a drop or rotary spreader to broadcast the pesticide.
  3. Watering your lawn is the next step. After the application, this should be done. Grubex is activated only when you water it. At a depth of ½, water your lawn at approximately 20 to 30 minutes. You should wait for the application to dry before you let your pets, children or family play on your lawn. It will only be safe once it dries.
  4. Do not apply a grub-killer on the rainy season or whenever there is a heavy rainfall. Grubs are easier to control when the lawn is dry.

    What if it is too late and the grubs have already severely damaged your lawn? You can still do something about it. You should take out all the grass and replace it. Seed or sod first before you apply Grubex. You may also apply it again afterwards.

    Final Thoughts

    There are a lot of pesticides you can use to control and kill the harmful insects on your lawn. However, if you want a pest control that specifies on killing grubs, Grubex is one of the best options you should consider. And to make it even more effective, you have to follow the instructions carefully. Know when the best time you should apply it and the proper ways of application.

    If you are not sure whether your lawn is damaged or not, observe again and consider the signs mentioned above.

    If your lawn is damaged, try not to worry about it too much. It’s nothing time and a little lawn fertilizer won’t heal!

    Do you have any other experience with grubs and other pests? Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you! Share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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