Different Ways to Compost

There are lots of different composting methods that you can use

In America, most people purchase items from a store intending to use them once, and after they are finished with these items they often end up in the trash. This throw-away society that many of us live in can prove frustrating. Experts believe that almost one-quarter of the materials that end up in landfills are household compostable waste. 

To reduce the amount of household compost, you might be wondering about the different methods used to compost. Composting is a fantastic habit to get into, so why not give it a go!

Backyard Composting

During the warmer months, it seems like everybody gets into backyard composting. Backyard composting is a fantastic way of reducing waste. You can use old scraps from your kitchen and recycle waste building up around your backyard. 

First, it is of vital importance that there is enough moisture, and plenty of air in each pile. Any green materials found in the piles often contain high levels of nitrogen. Although grass is high in nitrogen, other fresh sources such as vegetables are too.

Unlike green materials, brown materials, such as old leaves, straw, etc. often contain high levels of carbon with low levels of nitrogen. Try to even out both piles to create productive backyard compost. The next time you plan on dumping your autumn leaves, think again. They could prove highly beneficial the next time you find yourself composting. 

Direct Composting

For as long as humans have been on this incredible planet, we have been using the direct composting method to bury our trash. Just because the method has been around for several years, doesn’t mean it’s not effective. You must dig a small hole, and put your scraps in it. 

However, unlike other modern methods, there are a few downsides when it comes to direct composting. If you don’t bother chopping up all of your scraps, it can seem like it takes forever to decompose, which can prove frustrating. 

If you consume a lot of fruit and vegetables, direct composting is a method worth trying. Don’t be afraid to dig a small hole in your backyard, because the compost will help the soil’s nutrients. 

Compost Tumbler

If you are looking for a more efficient, cleaner, and faster method of composting, perhaps it’s time you invest in a compost tumbler. Tumblers have become readily available due to the demand for them, and they guarantee fast results. Although they might cost you a small fortune, they are both rodent and odor-free. These features encourage a lot of homeowners to hop on board.

If you keep an eye on your compost tumbler, you can expect to see results in just a few weeks. However, turning the tumbler when it is full to the brim can prove tricky. It can be extremely heavy, and many homeowners who struggle to turn it often find themselves going back to old compost methods. 

Black Bin Bag Composting

Did you know that a lot of folks use black bag composting methods to get rid of old scraps? By using black bin bags, you can easily turn your kitchen and garden waste into fertilizer. Not only is this a simple method, but it’s also extremely cheap too!

The process can take several months, which is normal with the majority of composting methods. 

When using the black garbage bag composting method, try to use 50 percent brown materials, and 50 percent green materials. You will need one large black bin bag. Don’t worry, you don’t need specific garbage bags, standard garbage bags available in your local store will do the trick. Grab a small amount of water that will be added to the bag, which is used to help break down the materials. 

Once everything is ready, open the large bin bag. First, add the pile of brown materials, and then the green materials. Keep on adding layers of materials until the bag is seventy-five percent full. You will need some extra space so you can add the soil. Once the soil has been added, pour a small amount of water to dampen the materials. 

It is important that no air gets into the bag, so make sure that it is air-tight when you are closing it. You must store the bag in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. It should take approximately three to four months to make compost, so check it after a while. If it isn’t ready, leave it in the sun for another few weeks. 


Composting is a fantastic method of getting rid of waste, as compost can be used to help nourish the soil. The next time you take the trash out, think about the amount of food items in your garbage bag that could be turned into compost. It might scare you the amount of food and other items that could be used to help our planet, rather than turning them into toxic chemicals.


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