How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes (100% Proven Expert Secrets that Will Blow Your Mind)

Tomatoes, ah! This luscious fruit (yes, although it has seeds) is one of my favorites. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can grow them in your backyard and have an unlimited supply? I know it is for the fact that I planted them in my garden, apart from mums and sage. Did you know that these plants actually have a secret technique when planting (i.e. knowing how far apart to plant tomatoes) so that they can produce plump and huge fruits? Well, I am happy to inform you that this blog will give you loads of info about planting, caring and growing tomatoes.



Secret Wonders of Tomatoes

I find it a perfect companion for all my salad and dip cravings. It tastes really sweet and fresh that I also enjoy drinking juices made of them. Others would complain about its earthy and musty zing but that’s what I actually love about it! Well if you have never tasted it, I suggest you read this article and perhaps you can be convinced to try it on your next flight!​

Tomatoes are also very versatile. No wonder it is also one of the culinary ingredients ace cooks cannot do without. Dried, pureed, roasted, smoked, stewed, name it!​

Apart from its fabulous flavor and superb shelf-life (14 days if it is refrigerated and 7 if not), I love the fact that it is loaded with elements that have medicinal purposes.​

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It contains lycopene, a popular chemical known for its anti-cancer benefits. Numerous research addresses tomatoes’ possible optimistic effects on prevention of cervical, colorectal, stomach, lung, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer. We can either consume the raw tomato or its juice to avail its profits.

Tomatoes are known to combat cardiovascular diseases and normalize blood pressure. In addition to this, it is recognized that this fruit can prevent cataract formations and can reduce exercise-induced asthma attacks.​

Application of tomato juice in our skin can make our pores smaller, produce a glowing skin, can serve as an astringent, and can make us look young. Studies also attest to the fact that it can act as a natural sunscreen and can fight signs of stress in our skin. In the same light, it can also make our hair healthier.​

Tips from the experts​

Upon discovering the different advantages of tomato intake, you might now be interested in how to grow and care for this plant. You can use it for your household needs or you can sell them!

Importance of planting tomatoes apart

You should provide a natural environment that can give the plant adequate air and circulation. Check the moisture of the plant from time to time. Make sure that you also expose your tomatoes under the sun. Try to avoid giving strains to the plants. No stress means healthier fruits.

All tomato plants (whether determinate or indeterminate) need to be properly spaced for the following reason to give the roots adequate breadth to grow deeper and become stronger. On top of that, correct placement can provide good circulating air that can prevent disease and contamination from infected plants. Spacing would also allow vining types of tomatoes to take full advantage of its growing and fruit-bearing potential.

How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes

The distance between tomato plants is reliant on the type of tomato but as a rule of the thumb; provide an interval of 26 to 36 inches between each plant.

Bigger vines should be planted 36 inches apart. Do not forget that there should also be 48 to 60 inches between each row to accommodate light as it should be.

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Additional Professional Advice

  • Focus on the quality of seed. Healthy seeds can definitely produce great tomatoes. Take into consideration building a solid base for your houseplant. It is important to give your tomato plant a very good foundation through its roots.
  • Plant seeds in warm weather and soil to maximize its growth.
  • Use compost and green manure to further supply needed nutrients naturally.
  • Prohibit contamination from soil. Do not allow the leaves to touch the land. This will serve as a barrier between soil diseases and your succulent fruits.
  • Reduce the effort of your plant by focusing on what’s healthy and what’s needed. Remove all unwanted suckers from your tomato bush. When removing suckers, make sure you create clean cuts so they will not be too exposed to plant diseases.


The surreptitious idea is this: producing high-quality tomatoes is dependent on the way you plant them. Proper hydration, ensuring that your bush or vine will never be nutrient deficient, proper airing and spacing are immutable vital components.

I hope you learned something today. If you have other techniques on planting and spacing tomatoes, kindly share it with us through the comment box below.​

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