Amazing Value for Money! 5 Best Electric Log Splitter

My search for the best electric log splitter gave solutions for my numerous concerns. I fell in love with plants and woods at an early age. I envisioned myself enjoying quiet time alone, in a hammock chair, getting cozy on a couch beside a beautiful fireplace in a house full of wooden furniture. However, in order to enjoy that serenity, I have to exert an enormous amount of labor first.


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Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton



Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter



WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter – LS56-1



WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter



Cell contentPowerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton



Amazing Value for Money! 5 Best Electric Log SplitterLife without a log splitterUnderstanding Log SplittersWhat are log splitters?Why choose electric log splitter?Things to consider when looking for an electric log splitterThings to remember before using your electric log splitterProduct Reviews.#1. Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter (ES7T20), 7-Ton#2.  Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter#3. WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter – LS56-1#4. WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter#5. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-TonConclusion


Life without a log splitter

This makes the process the opposite of pleasurable. Warming up the room became a tedious task. I’m not that old yet I am already complaining about the course of action I had to go through. Can you imagine how would a senior citizen feel? Thankfully, owning an electric log splitter did not only make that simpler, it also made it possible for me to make ideas of wooden projects I got from Pinterest a reality.

In this blog post, I would like to share my recommendations about which cutters will definitely bring value to your money.​

Understanding Log Splitters

What are log splitters?

These are tools that tear up larger chunks of wood. There are different types of log splitters 

Maul/ax – This tool used in a classic method of cutting wood is only interesting to a small number of the populace. Yes, using this can be a good cardiac workout but it will take a remarkable amount of labor before you can finish a pile of wood. Plus, in this day of age, do you really believe that millennials will enjoy utilizing this?

Manual – compared to the previous device, you can cut larger pieces of wood in a shorter fraction of the time. Its power is backed up by an effective manual hydraulic machine that compresses the log between a ram and a wedge and in due course splitting it into two. This would also require effort as you will be asked to pump the machine to carry out its goal – this may be done through hand or foot pedals.​

Gas powered – You will be able to split woods in a faster rate and lesser effort because it has a gargantuan cutting power. You no longer need to exert much muscle work because all that is required is for you to push (or pull) a lever. As its negative side, you have to prepare for continual gasoline expenses.​

Electric Log Splitters – These are undoubtedly the most popular classification of splitters. Matched side by side by other types, this is considered by numerous buyers and reviewers to be very practical for its lightness, user-friendly features, and reasonable price.​

Why choose electric log splitter?

Electric log splitter spares you from the noise and gas operating expenses! I remember bragging this part with my cousin who brought along a splitter powered by gas one time and he got really envious. This is also the reason why I would like to focus on this kind today.

Things to consider when looking for an electric log splitter

In this day and time, no one wants to put their hard-earned money to waste. We have to evaluate the things that we buy several times before making the purchase. It is important to conduct researches first and understand the product features to know whether it will satisfy your needs.​

  • Price
  • Weight capacity
  • Log type
  • Your location
  • Your age

Most people would correlate the price of the product to its quality. They believe that if the log splitter is more expensive, it is automatically excellent. This should not be the only case when selecting your electric log splitter. Some items on the market have lower cost but it can still provide superior outcomes. In the same light, it does not mean that when something is cheap it will indubitably be easily disposed of.

Answering the question “What will I be chopping with this electric log splitter?” will give you clues as to how much tons of wood you foresee to chop. If you will just use it for personal or household purposes, just like me, you may opt to choose less than 7 tons. On the other hand, go for the one with bigger capacity if you want speedy cutting of massive quantities of logs and/or if you will be using it for business.

In line with the above-mentioned concern, it is also necessary to assess the type of logs you wish to cut. This may vary from one locality to the other; the kinds of trees cannot be totally similar in two different places. Moreover, it has been proven that some electric log splitters cannot function very well when cutting moist logs.

Additionally, the diameter that an electric log splitter can handle varies too. Double check the capacity of its breadth with the logs that you eye to tear down.​

Take the place you are currently residing into consideration when looking for an electric splitter. Some products are not as effective as they are when operated in a colder climate. That is, you have to purchase additional oils or to tweak some nuts and bolts before it can do its job properly.

Who will use the splitter? This is an important question to answer since certain features will affect the comfort of its use. There are electric log splitters that need to be assembled before you can use but others are already hooked-up. Some have foolproof features and some have manuals which are not easy to comprehend. The height of the deck can either be too low or too high. This must be addressed because it can cause muscle strains and back ache in the long run.

Things to remember before using your electric log splitter

Your safety is always the top priority. Make sure that you read the manual before putting the parts together. If you’re unsure, please contact the manufacturer or ask guidance from an experienced mechanic. We do not want chopped woods and wounded chopper!

On top of concerns for your well-being, you always have to be guided with the instructions properly. Get to know the parts of the machine: the cords, holes, and the likes. Make sure you identify the voltage of your machine or else you won’t be able to use it if it gets plugged to the wrong electrical outlet. Following the manufacturer’s direction can also lengthen the lifespan of your splitter.​

Product Reviews.

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. These electric log splitters are less than 7 tons, perfect for all of us who needs ample quantity of wood logs for our fireplaces and crafts.

#1. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton


This powerful 2 horsepower motor has an automatic ram return, one of my favorite features. Its accessories are available on the market, another plus factor for me because you would not exert too much effort finding a replacement for its parts in case you need to. It also comes with a 2 year residential and 6 months commercial warranty! This splitter is famous for its functionality as it is easy to use. Conversely, its tendency to perform slowly has gained some negative remarks from other users.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy push button start
  • One-hand operation
  • Automatic ram return
  • Splits 10” diameter and 20.5” length logs
  • With residential and commercial warranty

    What we don’t like:

    • Assembly is complicated manual hard to understand
    • Slow worker
    • Expensive

    Check the price on Amazon >

    #2.  Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter


    I really love Pow’R’kraft’s very catchy tag line “Do-it Fast, Do-it Easy!” because it meets my expectations with their products. I have tried using their 65556 Electric log splitter and was fascinated with the outcome. I appreciate the idea of using two hands when you operate the splitter because it safeguards you from any untoward accident. Wheels that would rotate in all directions would make this tool perfect because driving it is slightly tricky. Although I appreciate its ram’s auto-return after releasing the controls, it retracts entirely. This causes delays in betweens splits.

    What we like:

    • Two-hand operation
    • It is made up of heavy duty steel
    • Full 2-year warranty
    • Splits 20” inches long and 10” diameter logs
    • Handles tough logs
    • Quiet
    • Has built in GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt)Protection

      What we don’t like:

      • The machine is somehow difficult to maneuver
      • Delays caused by full retraction

      Check the price on Amazon >

      #3. WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter – LS56-1


      WoodEze Electric Log Splitter was delivered in the ready-to-use state. I love the fact that I no longer need to read manuals to assemble the machine. This powerful 15 amp machine comes with a ground fault breaker; episodes of circuit overloading are hence avoided. This log splitter is perfect even when you’re away from an outlet because any generators can provide power to it. Another thing that I like about this splitter is that the unit is so close to the ground I no longer have to lift the logs because I can easily roll them into it.

      What we like:

      • Quiet compared to others
      • Compact, easy to store
      • Automatic return
      • 2-speed settings
      • Unit closed to the ground
      • Can split 20.5” long woods with 9.75” diameter

        What we don’t like:

        • Hard to move from one place to another because of wheels
        • Difficult to stabilize; needs custom platform

        Check the price on Amazon >

        #4. WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter


        The best characteristics of this splitter would include its 2 horsepower machine, plug-and-go feature, fume free electric power, and comfort grip handles. One specific thing that I noticed with this WEN electric log splitter is that it necessitates the use of an auto transmission fluid during the colder season. We all know how important instructional manuals are; however the handbook of this cutter does not practically serve its purpose as the guidelines were hard to identify with. If you also have back problems, this chopper will not be a perfect fit for you because you have to constantly bend or kneel when replacing or removing woods.

        What we like:

        • Compact and user-friendly
        • 6” Wheels for easy transport
        • Built-in log cradle
        • Splits woods that are 20” long
        • Warranty: 2 years

          What we don’t like:

          • Manual was observed to have vague instructions
          • 8-10” diameter limit
          • Can’t split very hard wood (oak, pitchy pine or seasoned eucalyptus) good only for dry wood
          • The height of the deck requires kneeling

          Check the price on Amazon >

          #5. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton


          Another high-quality electric log splitter I would like to recommend would be the Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter. It has the highest power (3 hp) compared to the others allowing it to work the strongest and fastest in a span of 6 seconds! The trick in enjoying this feature is to find the best position for your logs. Reviews would agree that one of the best features of this splitter is that it has the largest diameter limit.

          What we like:

          • Fast and consistent cutting
          • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20.5” in Length and 22” in diameter
          • 2 hand-operated operation

            What we don’t like:

            • Short power cord
            • Wheels are so close together

            Check the price on Amazon >


            Our Pick


            Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter (XM-380), 7-Ton

            Finally, we have reached the time when we have to give our verdict. It was a hard time for me because I was really contemplating between the Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter (XM-380), 7-Ton and the Pow’ R’ Kraft Electric Log Splitter (65556) 4-Ton. I really like them both but a decision has to be made. I cannot easily let go of the latter because of its practicality and performance.

            Nevertheless, the Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter (XM-380), 7-Ton with its 3 horsepower machine, wide diameter limit and 6 second cutting time qualifies itself perfectly for our Value for Money recognition.

            Be cautious however for the reason that there are a number of clients who are claiming that they have ordered and received units that are totally not functional. Make sure that you only buy from trusted sources.

            Have you tried using any of the abovementioned electric log splitters? Share your experience with us! We would love to hear from you.

            Check the price >

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