How to Choose the Best Hose Reel for Your Garden

When you have a garden in a lovely backyard, or with a scenic landscape, you want to keep everything tidy and organized, including your hose. Many homeowners recommend a hose reel to properly store a hose. A hose reel is commonly used to coil the hose in order to prevent it from kinks and twirls. So, how do you choose the best hose reel for your gardening needs?


Hose Reel Cart

When you prefer a hose reel with high mobility, a hose reel cart might be a good option. This type is designed with wheels that makes it easier for you to take the hose whenever you need to. It is a portable and reliable tool for landscaping for private or commercial use.

Hideaway Hose Reel

A hideaway hose reel is typically designed like a box or pot where the hose is coiled up and stored inside. Its mechanism is equipped with a hand crank to rewind and retract the hose, whenever you need to use it or keep it away. If you want your hose hidden and out of the way,, this might be a good option for you.

Stationary Hose Reel

If you don’t require mobility or prefer to have your hose reel fixed in one spot, you might also consider a stationary hose reel. It is one of the simplest designs of hose reels in which the mechanism is also operated with a hand crank. It can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Retractable Hose Reel

A retractable hose reel, also known as spring-loaded hose reel, offers an automatic retraction for faster and easier rewinding and retracting of the hose. It is usually wall-mounted.

Decorative Hose Reel

Decorative hose reels are available in different designs and colors. They are usually selected by users who want to the equipment to complement the landscape. With this type, the design or the creative structure is prioritized over the function.

Buying Guideline: How to Choose a Hose Reel

To help you choose the right hose reel for your garden, here are some factors you need to consider first.​

  1. HOSE LENGTH ​- Each hose reel is equipped with a certain length of hose which can also vary according to the type. Usually when it is for private use, a longer hose may not be needed. However, heavy duty or extended hose lengths are recommended for larger services.
  2. MECHANISM – A hose reel can either be automatically operated through a system or manually operated by a hand crank. If you prefer automatic, retractable or spring-loaded hose reels usually have this mechanism. The other types such as decorative and hideaway hose reels are manually operated by a hand crank.
  3. TYPE OF HOSE REEL – As mentioned above, there are different types of hose reels and you can check this list before you purchase one for your garden. You can select one according to the mechanism, the design, how you would use, or how you want to place it in your garden or yard.
  4. BUDGET – The material, the design, and function are significant factors why a hose reel might be costly or cheap. If you have only limited budget, you carefully research the best option for you. There are hose reels that are affordable, yet of fine quality. You can also research consumer reviews to help you decide what product you should choose – if it’s worth it or not.

Top 3 Best Hose Reel Reviews

#1.  Suncast CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose Hideaway, 175-Feet, Mocha Brown


If you prefer more discreet and more convenient storage for your hose, the Suncast Slide Trak hideaway hose reel might be the best hose reel for you. It comes as a storage box with contemporary design which conceals the hose and reel. It also includes a 175 feet of 5/8 inch standard vinyl hose with a Slide Trak guide for easier and faster winding and unwinding. You can operate this manually with a hand crank.

The earth color also complements with the natural greens in your garden and the landscape. The simple yet elegant design can also match your exteriors or furniture outdoors. This hose reel is also lightweight which allows you to move it wherever you prefer.

What we like:

  • Affordable price
  • Simple and elegant design that matches the exteriors and furniture outdoors
  • Conceals the hose and reel very well
  • Includes a Slide Trak guide for easier and faster winding and rewinding

    What we don't like:

    • The quality is not very sturdy
    • The size seems too small for longer lengths of hose

    #2.  Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 300 - 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart – Tan


    A four-wheel hose reel cart would be practical for cleaning up the lawn. Just like the Liberty Garden 870 hose reel cart, it holds up to 300 feet of 5/8 inch of garden hose, which you can use to clean up the whole yard or garden without any hassle. The 8-inch pneumatic tires provide smooth and easy transport whenever you need to move the hose read, even in the roughest terrain. It also features a low center of gravity which prevents the cart from tipping. It also makes the cart durable and reliable. The handle is also non-grip.

    This hose reel cart also features 13 gauge steel construction for durability. It reels easily and pulls the hose off effortlessly. The patented 90-degree swivel connector prevents the holes from kinking or getting damaged. All the fittings are brass and galvanized, which prevents rust and wear and tear. The hose reel cart also keeps the hose neat and ready-to-use.

    Since it can hold up to 300 feet hose, it can be used for larger services and recommended as one of the best hose reel with wheels. It can also be used for professional, commercial garden and landscaping needs.​

    What we like:

    • Holds up to 300 feet of hose
    • Designed with four wheels which makes the hose reel cart easy to use and transport
    • Portable and easy to store
    • Durable with its 13 gauge steel construction

      What we don't like:

      • The tires are not preferable for heavy duty service

      #3.  RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel with 8 Spray Pattern Nozzle, 65-Foot


      The best automatic hose reel might be a little hard to find, but this RL Flo-master retractable hose reel might be your best options. It features easy and quick reeling with its automatic mechanism. It is slow and spring-loaded with a stopper. The stopper or guide prevents the hose from overlapping while recoiling the hose. It includes 65-feet of reinforced 5/8-inch hose with an 8-pattern nozzle to control the jet of water while you’re using it on your garden. It is also convenient to use with is mounting features. The mounting brackets allow the hose reel for 180 degree swivel. If ever you need to use or move it to another spot, the hose reel is detachable and can be carried with a handle.

      Having this installed in your yard or garden would definitely make your outdoor cleaning routines easier and more convenient. Some users have had the product for more than 3 or 4 years, which makes it a quality and durable product.

      What we like:

      • Includes a 65-feet hose with an 8-pattern nozzle
      • Detachable unit – portable and easy to store
      • Features an automatic mechanism18-degree swivel mounting bracket

        What we don't like:

        • Cannot hold longer hose lengths
        • Reeling gets jammed if not extra careful while using



        Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 300 - 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart – Tan

        The best hose reel for your personal garden is out there in the market, and you can find it with a little research. The aforementioned are some of the most recommended. As per our personal opinion, the Liberty Garden four-wheel hose reel cart is the best option. Considering the reviews, it is indeed one of the best hose reel carts due to its quality and mobility. It is ready-to-use, less complicated and more practical to use as you can transport it easily throughout the garden, yard or even on the roughest terrain. Also, you won’t have to worry about the length of hose to be used as it can hold up to 300 feet. Moreover, if any problem occurs, they provide a lifetime warranty.

        Using hose reels is one of the best ways to keep your garden clean and organized.

        Using hose reels is one of the best ways to keep your garden clean and organized.
        Did you know that
        retractable air hose reels are also invented and that they can be a good addition to your garage


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