7 Tips to Turn an Old Boat Into a New Garden

Boats are great vessels for traveling in the water and catching fish. Like every other piece of equipment, they too do get obsolete and unable to function further. If and when that happens, they inevitably have to be disposed of.

 Hopefully, this ought not necessarily to be the case. It is still possible to keep deriving some benefits from them well after they are retired. Our discussions below examine the tips which might guarantee a smooth transition the old boat from the water vessel to a new garden


Tip #1: Repurpose the old boat

Start off by repurposing the old boat into a garden. This simply means modifying its structure and composure accordingly. To do this, perforate the bottom of the boat to allow for the seepage of water and the unconstrained growth of the roots of plants thereafter.

Then, take the boat to a secluded area in your yard. This is important as it minimizes undue interferences which your household might impose on the plants.

Tip #2: Pour some soil and fertilizer

Next, pour some soil and fertilizer into the boat. The soil you choose should be the one that is relevant to the kind of plant or flower you wish to grow later. This also applies to the kind of fertilizer you opt for. We advise that you use organic manure.

They are healthier and less likely to burn your crops. If you choose the organic manure, the ratio of the soil to the manure has to be 1:1 for the best possible crop outcomes.

Tip #3: Cordon off the boat appropriately

Having prepared the boat for the subsequent task of planting, you should now cordon off the area completely. As hinted earlier, you want to minimize any direct contacts and with it, the possible interferences to the growing plants.

Use some wire netting fence to achieve this feat. Then again, you also have to clearly mark the area as being ‘out of bounds’ to any unauthorized persons. A Best spotlight for boat might be necessary to clearly behold the plants in pitch darkness.

Tip #4: Guarantee a constant supply of water

Plants require generous amounts of water to thrive and mature. That is why you also have to guarantee a constant supply of water to the boat garden. Drip irrigation is by far the most economical and useful way of watering the garden plants.

In the absence of the irrigation technique, you have to bring in the water cans. Either way, you have to guarantee some uninterrupted supply of water throughout the growing period from your municipal pipes.

Tip #5: Don’t forget the sunshine

Apart from water, plants also require abundant sunshine to thrive. This calls for the supply of the same. See to it that there is absolutely no overgrow trunks, stems, and leaves in the growing area. These have the tendency to block the sun and deprive the plants of this vital ingredient.

Instead, clear the area to see to it that there is no overgrowth that can potentially deny your plants the crucial growth factor.

Tip #6: Be Mindful of the season and soil

As you plant your crops and flowers, be mindful of the seasons and the soil. These two parameters have a bearing on the kind of plants that may do well at any given time. Failing to adhere to them might usually bring along losses and inconveniences.

In fact, you are advised to consult with those who have stayed in those areas for quite some time to know what plants might potentially do well there.

Tip #7: Keep off pests and pets

Lastly, you have to keep off pests and diseases. Study the characteristics of the plants you are interested in to know the kinds of pests and diseases they are vulnerable to. Then, make appropriate arrangements to furnish the pesticides which combat them. 

You also have to beware of the timing when these pests and diseases might spring forth. Such knowledge will give you the psychological preparedness you need to do a good job.


Kindly note that the tips we have discussed above are not all that may be useful for you. Due to the limitations of time and space, we inevitably had to leave out many others. Feel free to carry on from where we have left in case you find this list irrelevant to you.

Still, the tips we have touched on above are truly awesome. You definitely want to implement them as soon as you can. When do you plan to set out? Let us hear from you…

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/sb4773/south-island-outpost-ideas/

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