How To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms: 7 Simple Steps

For countless centuries, probably even millennia, humans have engaged in mystic rituals in one form or another. The goal – open the mind to the fascinating unity of nature and its underlying secrets. The method – ingesting psychoactive substances carefully prepared by the local shaman and following his lead in the ritual.

Of the many naturally occurring substances, psilocybin mushrooms, used by the indigenous peoples of Central and South America, have proven to be some of the most potent. But how does an eager mind experience the magical journey in their own home, or share it with their friends?

Well, psilocybe cubensis grow kits are available for anyone ready to try, there are just a few simple steps to growing them that you have to learn.

Inspect the kit and ensure a sterile environment

Once you’ve placed an order for your grow kit, it should arrive in a few business days, maybe a bit more depending on your location. The first thing to do is to inspect the package. There should be a clear box of the substrate, a bag with an air filter, and some paper clips.

Then go thoroughly wash your hands down to the elbows. Wear sterilized rubber gloves (you can use a 70% alcohol solution), clean clothes (preferably a raincoat), and cover your hair with a shower cap or something similar. Find a flat surface (a small table or shelf) close to a window, but under direct sunlight, and sterilize it, as well as the whole area around it.

Soak your grow kit in water

You now have a sterile spot and are dressed for the occasion, so it’s time to start your kit. Break open the tab, and then grab one corner of the lid and pull it back slightly. Now pour some cold sterilized water into that opening (you can just boil some water for 5 minutes and leave it to cool down). You want the substrate to be fully covered, but don’t fill it to the brim because it can leak out.

Leave it for 12 hours.

Pour out all the water

After the kit has been soaking for 12 hours, it’s time to drain it and prepare it for the next step. Open the corner of the lid again and start draining it slowly. It’s important that you are wearing the gear we mentioned in step 1 and that you’ve again sterilized it with 70% alcohol or another sterilizing agent.

Make sure that all the water dries out to avoid contamination. You might have to wait a  minute while the last few drops drip out.

Move the grow kit into the plastic bag

Take off the lid, wash it and sterilize it, then set it down somewhere on your sterile table or shelf – you’ll need it for later batches. Now put the kit inside the bag, then fold over the top of the bag and secure it with paperclips (you can use clothespins if you lost the paper clips).

Place the bag on the surface you’ve sterilized and make sure that it’s not in direct sunlight and that the room temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Leave it alone for about 7-10 days, until the first mushrooms appear. They will then take another 6-7 days to mature.

If a mushroom or two mature a bit sooner than the rest, pick them

The mushrooms will grow fairly evenly in clusters, called flashes, and you want to harvest them all at the same time to get the best yield. However, often a single mushroom, or a couple, matures a bit quicker, and you can pick these so that they don’t get to release their spores and contaminate the rest of the batch.

If there are any mushrooms growing beneath the surface, pressed against the walls of the box, leave them alone, don’t dig around.

Pick the flash when it is ripe, right before the caps open up

As you can see in the picture above, the Psilocybin mushrooms are ready when the golden-brown caps are completely open and round, but before they release spores and turn black under the cap. Once the biggest ones have nice full caps, you want to harvest them all at once, even the smaller ones. And, of course, sterilize the environment, wear the kit mentioned in step 1 and sterilize it.

If the box turns green, black or purplish, you have a contamination issue and should throw it out. If everything looks good, and you’ve picked all the mushrooms out, you can move to the final step.

Flush the substrate again immediately after harvesting

If everything went well, you can fill the box up with water again, cover it, leave it for 12 hours, then place it in the plastic bag for another 9-10 days. That’s how much time you’ll need between harvest, and you can get a few harvests out of a grow kit.

These are the essential steps to growing a few batches of Psilocybin mushrooms from a grow kit. Throw away the kit once it has turned a dark color, or the mushrooms simply won’t grow anymore. 


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