Best Koi Pond Filter System Reviews that will Make You Buy One Now

The cleanliness of your fish pond should be maintained at all times. The use of best chlorine tablets may be good for sterilizing your pools but it is highly controversial for koi ponds. Today we are going to compare and contrast three products to identify which is the best koi pond filter system should you buy for your water garden.


Best Koi Pond Filter System Reviews that will Make You Buy One Now

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#1 - Fish Mate 2000PUV Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filter

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For fishes to be happy and healthy, the water should be conducive to live in. If that is your goal, then this Fish Mate Filtration system is perfect for you.

It makes use of a combination of Ultra Violet and biological filtration system to make your waters sanitized. It has this specialized feature called the Powerclenz which automatically cleans the system in just a twist of a knob.

It can clean ponds from 500 gallons to as much as 2000 gallons. You would not have problems about inlets and outlets as they provide adapters that have different sizes.

What we like:

  • Patented Powerclenz Cleaning system
  • Uses a combination of UV and biological filtration system
  • Contains multi-sized inlets and outlets

    What we don't like:

    • Hoses and clamps are not included
    • Can break

    #2 - Flexzion Pond Pressure Bio Filter with Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Light Bulb System Koi Fish Aquarium Tank Water Cleaning Supply Equipment

    A good filtration system will not only make your pond look decent, it will also protect the lives of your precious koi. Whatever size of pond you may have from 800 gallons to as much as 8000 gallons, Flexzion has the perfect Pond Pressure Bio Filter System for you.

    It filters water through the biological and mechanical chambers installed to it. It removes both dissolved and solid wastes to keep your pond water healthy. It has a very good irrigating system that can get rid of algae and numbers of bacteria that can cause diseases to the marine lives in the pond.

    It does not only have a filter, it has a UV bulb system, UV clarifier purifier, and UV lamp indicator. It can clean sponges that filter the dirt. What I love about this is that it is very user-friendly and that it comes with hose adapters and valves that can clean in any direction.

    What we like:

    • Easy to install
    • Cleaning is stress-freeHas bioballs
    • Has multi-directional cleaning valves
    • Uses Ultra Violet irradiation to clean

      What we don't like:

      • None

      #3 - Goplus Pond Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL W/ 13W UV Sterilizer Light 10000L Koi Water

      Last update on 2020-03-19 at 16:44 PST - Details

      If you are worried about your budget that could buy an effective filtration system, here’s the answer! This Goplus Pond Pressure Bio Filter can match other expensive products when it comes to functionality. It makes use of UV system and can tolerate ponds with heavy fish loads.

      It comes with pressure filter with integrated UVC and a number of hose adapters.

      What we like:

      • Can be used in old ponds.
      • Suitable for ponds with normal to heavy fish load
      • Built-in UV bulb system

        What we don't like:

        • Manual is hard to understandone


        Fish Mate 2000PUV Pressurized UV

        Flexzion Pond Pressure Bio Filter

        Goplus Pond Pressure Bio Filter 

        Available sizes

        500 to 2000 gallon max

        800-1600 gallons

        1100-2200 gallons

        1400-2600 gallons

        2700-8000 gallons

        Normal fish load: 2500 gallons

        Heavy fish load: 1500 gallons


        UV and biofiltration

        Integrated UV clarifier purifier

        UV lamp indicator

        UV bulb systems

        Flow indicator

        Hose adapters


        UVC ultraviolet purifier

        Pressure filter with integrated UVC

        Hose adapters


        Patented Powerclenz cleaning system

        Easy to clean and installMulti Directional valve

        Built-in UV bulb system

        Bulb Wattage

        9 watts

        13 watts

        13 watts





        Get Started

        Koi 101

        Koi fishes are the ones we commonly see in garden ponds. Did you know that more and more people are starting to take good care and even breed them not only because of their certain beauty but because they believe that it can actually give them luck?

        For example, if you want success in business, the metallic koi is for you. If you want wealth and prosperity, go for the gold one. If you like serenity, take care of a blue koi

        Koi Pond Maintenance

        The first thing that you must always make sure of when you have a koi pond is preventing it from getting overstocked with fishes. To calculate, there should be only 1 koi fish for every 10 square feet of surface area.

        The most important element to focus on is actually the quality of water. It can either make your fishes healthy or it can kill them. Water pollution and abnormal acidity can lead to different adverse effects. This is where your koi pond filter system will come handy.

        Things to Consider when Buying the Best Koi Pond Filter System

        A filtration system will be your initial step to sanitize your pond. There are plants and other marine lives that naturally filter your water but a filtration system makes the work faster.

        Filtration configuration

        There are three types of configurations in where pond designs are based. There is an external pond filtration which is used in koi ponds. This is specially made for fish ponds. This is the most flexible type as well. The water is drawn by a pump through an elevated chambered filter to a waterfall. This will then pour the water back down to your pond.

        The other two types are submersible pond filtration and the skimmer or waterfall external pond filtration. The latter is ideal for medium to large fish ponds as well. The next time you see a beautiful landscaping with waterfall effects, you now relate it to this kind of configuration.​


        Koi ponds are so fun and relaxing. It entertains people from all ages but if it is dirty, it will definitely make the spectators feel disgusted. We are so lucky because we now have tools to help us maintain the cleanliness of our water gardens.

        The best koi pond system I would recommend is Goplus Pond Pressure Bio Filter. It has a superb quality but you do not have to shell out too much money. It can tolerate old fish ponds and ponds with normal to heavy fish load without any trouble. It makes use of built-in bulb systems, pressure filters, and UVC ultraviolet purifier that makes your cleaning more efficient.

        The handle is ergonomically designed and the unit is also very easy to install. Many users have vouched for visible improvement in their pond water within days! You would not also look for additional hoses because it comes with adapters that can fit in different sizes.

        I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have written it. Please comment below and share this article.

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