Advantages of Using A Mini Digger

Excavators play a significant role in any construction site. The machines are not only used to dig but they are also efficient in moving heavy objects. Excavators can be quite expensive; thus, many construction companies prefer hiring than buying.

Conveniently small-sized, mini excavators have become favoured equipment among constructors over the years. Beginner contractors might doubt the machinery for its small size, but mini excavators get the work done! Plus, they come with many other advantages.

Using mini excavators comes with plenty of benefits any construction site could use. Here are some of its benefits.

Easy to use

Learning how to operate a mini excavator is straight-forward. The machine is relatively simple-to-use and any novice can begin operating it in just a few minutes.

Mini excavators are stable and can be easily manoeuvred. If you’re new to operating excavators, begin on level ground. Resist moving over rough terrains as a novice and always follow the standard procedures laid out for operating construction machines.

No wonder mini diggers are excellent choices for excavation. Especially, if you’re working in a limited space.

They are versatile

Mini excavators are built to perform several tasks, increase productivity and ensure efficiency. The machinery comes loaded with a wide range of tools to make your construction work easier.

You can use mini excavators in small-scale areas for digging, demolition and landscaping. You can also apply them to large-scale tasks. Since they can swing 360 degrees, you can change move the excavator without having to re-position the dump trucks.


The compact and small size of mini excavators means they can easily move through limited spaces. Their intricate features make them the perfect machinery for both indoor and large-scale tasks. They are good enough to work on landscaped grounds or even inclined levels.

Most mini excavators have a reduced tail swing which reduces damage, making them fit for small spaces. Mini excavators might be tiny but are very powerful machines.

They produce less noise

Mini excavators are at a high demand in the construction industry because they are quieter. These machines are built to improve efficiency, deliver power and reduce noise emissions.

Getting a mini digger means fewer noise complaints throughout the entire construction period. Whether you are crossing rough surfaces or cement, the noise will be minimal.

They are less damaging

Due to their small structure and excellent features, mini diggers offer smooth operation. Most of them are equipped with zero tail swing that reduces damage during construction. This means minimum scraping and grating of surfaces during operation.

Mini excavators can be easily moved in tight spaces. Therefore, you will rarely have to tear anything down to accommodate the excavator.

Easier transportation

Transporting hired mini-excavators can be a hassle. A major benefit of mini excavators is that they can fit at the back of a pickup. You will find it costs less to move mini excavators as compared to other machines.

Although the mini-excavator has its risks, transporting it is easier than other excavators. They are fitted with rubber tracks that reduce the chances of slipping. They can also be comfortably fitted into a trailer because of their compact nature.

Safe space must be established before transporting any construction machinery. A perfect example is when moving a standard excavator. Everything must be carefully operated to avoid accidents.

They are cheaper

Mini diggers are cheaper to hire or buy compared to the standard excavator. Reducing costs on licenses and special permits is a major score for every contractor. Special permits are usually required when transporting heavy construction equipment, resulting in more costs.

However, mini excavators don’t often require any special permit for transportation because of their small size. There is also no need for operators of a mini digger to get a commercial driver’s license.

Construction precautions

Just like in any other machinery, you must practice caution when handling mini excavators. Make sure people are not around the vicinity of the equipment. Also, ensure to develop a clearance range for tail swing and use a vehicle marshal to direct operations.

Finally, make sure the drivers are qualified to operate the excavator. With this in mind, you can go ahead and hire a mini excavator for your home renovations or building project. Mini digger hire company Miles Hire, explain the added costs of buying a mini digger outright, such as maintenance costs, insurance and operating costs, this is why hiring is much more cost effective.


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