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How to Get Rid of Russet Mites? Discover Surprising Effective Ways!

How depressing it is to see your favorite plants deteriorating despite all the upkeeps and nourishment it receives. Plant leaves are supposed to be green and flowers are supposed to be fresh and blooming, however, that is not always the case as you will sometimes discover that their leaves have suddenly dried up and curled from the edges.

Even my friends are already verbalizing their concerns about it. I understand what they’re going through. There was even one time wherein I thought that I am just giving inadequate care to my garden at it’s starting to wilt and die only to find out that some microscopic pests are eating my plants! This battle hence became personal to me and I that is why I would like to share with you, my readers, the different strategies I have learned from other pros who taught me how to get rid of russet mites.​

Do you want to get to know russet mites even more? Do you want to understand its detrimental effects on plants? Do you want to know their habitats? What about finding out how to exterminate them and preventing them from coming back? Well, if the answer to these is yes. You came to the right place.​

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Learn When to Cut Back Mums (+Astonishing Tips How to Do It!)

Flowers are very pleasing to the eyes. However, only those who are really passionate about them can appreciate everything – including the grooming part like knowing when to cut back mums, scarifying, deadheading or disbudding. The tasks themselves seem so tedious and that’s why we say cultivating plants is not for everyone. I know this for a fact because I have so many friends wondering why I love plants even when it takes a lot of my time and energy.

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What Does Sage Smell Like? Shocking, Fascinating & Wonderful Facts

Many times, people would ask me things such as “what does Sage smell like”, or how to describe scents of a particular plant such as monkey grass. As a naturally-born plant enthusiast, I get to enjoy their aromas unsurprisingly. The fact that I am able to identify different kinds of plants with my eyes closed makes me feel really delighted and proud. For people who are curious about Sage’s distinctive incense, this article is dedicated to you!

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Can I Save Money By Planting a Garden?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. After having watched your neighbor relentlessly keep up her gardening routine, you may wonder what is behind her motivation. How about saving money on your food budget? Here are a few ways you can use gardening to keep a lid on the grocery bills.

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How Long Do Carrots Last in and Out of the Fridge?

Fresh vegetables are a delicious addition to your diet, but they do take a little bit of understanding if you want to eat them when they’re best and avoid bad produce. When it comes to carrots, a lot of people think that these veggies are practically invincible, although it’s not exactly true. They have a longer shelf life than many other vegetables, but how long do carrots last before going bad?

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The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Plants

Taking care of plants comes with the territory of gardening, whether for subsistence or commercial use. Landscaping your front or backyard requires properly maintained crops that enhance the outlook of your home.

In this article, we discuss techniques for protecting your plants so they can thrive from planting stage through maturity and harvest.

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How To Kill Monkey Grass With 3 Simpler Ways

Is monkey grass invading on your garden and lawn? Do you find it difficult in getting rid? Many homeowners share these concerns; you don’t have to worry anymore.

Ideally, there are ways that you can do to get rid of monkey grass from your landscape. And removing monkey grass at times can be difficult but not that impossible.

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