Tips You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Grill Cover

Do you really think it is necessary to buy a cover for your barbecue grill? Well, if you are one of those who regularly use it for an outdoor lunch or a delish dinner night, then you’ll probably think so. There are these barbecue grills that are too big and not convenient enough to take inside the house after use so, some just leave it outside.

However, keeping the grill outdoors will make it prone to some harsh elements that might damage your grill eventually. That’s when you need to find the best grill cover on the market.


To help you find the best grill cover, here are some tips you need to know.





Even those grill covers with the best quality can still get damaged if not maintained properly. They may look like a simple cloth but it needs more than just a quick wipe. They are designed for outdoor use so they are exposed to different types of harsh elements or weather that might ruin its quality.​

Here are some ways to maintain the quality of your grill cover.​

  • Wash it every now and then to scrub off all the grease, dust, dirt, mold, mildew and any other damaging elements. But don’t scrub too harshly.
  • If your barbecue grill is clean and so is your grill cover. Dirty utensils and leftovers might attract pests that can contaminate both your grill and cover. You should make sure to keep your equipment clean at all times to avoid these damages
  • You should use the right and mild cleaning products. Harsh chemical sprayers might damage the quality of your cover.
  • It is much better to wash your cover by hand and not in a washing machine. Machine washing might destroy your grill cover.



The Ravenna Patio Barbecue Grill Cover sure is loaded with features such as padded handles, air vents, buckles and zippered pocket. The padded handles allows you to remove the cover from the grill. The seams are also double-stitched to make sure its durability. The air vents prevent moisture which can be a cause of molds and mildew. It also keeps your grill dry during rainy season as it is water-resistant.

The 4 custom-colored buckles keep the cover secured in any type of weather. And if you want to store your grill accessories, a zippered pocket is available.

The Ravenna Patio Barbecue Grill Cover is available in different sizes – medium (58"L x 24"D x 48"H*), large (64"L x 24"D x 48"H*), extra-large (70"L x 24"D x 48"H*) and double extra-large (72"L x 26"D x 51"H*). This assures a perfect fit for your grill.

What we like:

  • Features padded handles for easy removal
  • Has air vents to avoid moisture that cause molds and mildew
  • Sturdy and quality fabric– double-stitched seams
  • Water-resistant
  • Zippered pockets for storing grill accessories

    What we don't like:

    • A bit expensive
    • The color fades easily
    • The available sizes do not fit perfectly on some barbecue grills

    The fabric is sturdy and high-quality which makes it reliable of protecting your grill. I find it even more impressive with the additional features – the zippered pocket, the air vents and the padded handles. They make the cover much easier to use. I also like how it is water-resistant since it will be used outdoors most of the time. However, there have been complaints about the sizes and some found the fit a little sloppy. Though they provided the measurements for each size, I think they should be more accurate with it on their next production. The price is also a little expensive, so I think this would be preferable for those who don’t have a tight budget.


    This grill cover from Garden Home Outdoor provides a heavy-duty protective grill cover that is flame-resistant, weather-resistant and rip-resistant. It features splash-guard skirt and click-close straps for secure placement. The elastic hem cord with toggle is also adjustable. So if you’re looking for a grill cover that can withstand different types of weather, this might be the one for you.

    The handles are also padded to make it easier to remove. The air vents keep it protected from molds and mildew. There is also a large zippered pocket in front where you can store your grill accessories or utensils. The manufacturer also makes sure it is durable with its interlocking seams. It avoids the cover to tear or get ripped over time.

    What we like:

    • Flame-resistant and weather-resistant
    • Cheap in price
    • Features zippered pocket, air vents and padded handles
    • Features interlocking seams for durability

      What we don't like:

      • The color fades easily due to long exposure to sunlight
      • Not true to size.
      • Some sizes are too small for the grills

      What I actually love about this is its resistance to flame and to different types of weather wherein according to the reviews, it is proven true. It is indeed commendable as it is rare to have such feature for a grill cover but in an affordable price. Yes, it is cheaper than the other brands. The zippered pocket, air vents and padded handles make it even more much worthy with its price. The interlocking seams also make it even more durable and free from tearing and ripping. However, some users noticed that the color fades easily over time after long exposure from sunlight. Some of the sizes are also too small for their grill. But with this matter, I think it could be fixed by getting the next larger size.


      The Char-Broil 2-3 burner all season cover wraps up the list and actually, the cheapest in price. It is designed to cover 2 to 3 burners and up to 53 inches wide. It is sturdy enough to protect your grill from harsh elements that may damage your grill. It is made with a polyester material with PVC inner coating which makes it water and weather-resistant. Hence, keeps your grill clean and dry. It is also lightweight.

      What we like:

      • Covers 2-3 burner grill
      • Made of polyester material and PVC inner coating; lightweight
      • Cheap in price
      • Keeps the grill dry
      • Weather and water-resistant

        What we don't like:

        • Does not feature pockets or padded handles
        • Does not have air vents
        • Could’ve been more durable; the seams are not double-stitched

        If you are looking for an affordable grill cover that does not have much features, you can go with this product. It is designed for bigger grills with 2-3 burners. I also like its resistance to weather and water which keeps your grill dry and protected. The price is also incredibly cheap. However, I think the price is just enough with its quality and features. It doesn’t have air vents, pockets or padded handles.



        Grill Cover from Garden Home Outdoor

        It is not that really difficult to find the best grill cover for your barbecue grill as long as the factors and tips mentioned are carefully noted. All these grill covers have their own impressive features but our favorite is the Grill Cover from Garden Home Outdoor. Its resistance to flame is what we found striking above all its features. This kind of feature is often found in expensive grill covers but this one’s affordable in price. It is also weather-resistant and has all the other features that make it more convenient to use – padded handles, zippered pocket and air vents. The interlocking seams make it very durable. It is loaded up with awesome features but just right in the price!

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