Why Potatoe and tobacco are making the move into Hemp growing

Those who are not aware of Hemp farming is now legalized in the majority of the countries in the world. Countries like the USA, Canada, EU- Italy and France, North Kores, Chilli, and China. India has a history with the cannabis plant and its use. The Cannabis Sativa plant resins, leaves, and flowers have been used in India in different forms such as drinking, cooking and smoking. It has great benefits to those who want to treat their health issues as well such as anxiety, depression, pains, inflammation, skin disorders, etc. Cultivation in India is coming up in a legalized form. We will discuss how farmers are moving their farming and production to the next level using Hemp cropping and leaving behind potatoes and tobacco behind.

Hemp Cropping

Hemp cropping is now legalized in the majority of the countries in the world. Farmers have become rich and profitable since they have opted to do hemp, CBD farming. The results and numbers are magnificent. By law as far as the cultivation of hemp is producing less than or up to only 0.2% of THC content in the hemp, they are allowed to do farming and thus import the product. Cannabis strain Hemp has been abused in the past and it took nearly 60 years for the cannabis plant to get permission to be legalized because of its use to mankind. The compound THC in the Cannabis plant is responsible to make you high because of which it can cause dependency. But hemp cropping comes where the THC levels are reduced and the crop can be done using various methods.

I can elaborate more by giving an example of how Hemp cropping helped farmers in Italy and France. The farmers were using potatoes and Tobacco to grow and per hectare, they use to make between 200-350$. But that was a very low amount for industrial use. Hence, The farmers were struggling big time and have been rejected to get loans as well to further their cropping and handling their lands. The farmers were not happy and have been starved to death. Some of the farmers started looking for other options like selling their land for less, they started working extra odd jobs. The families got effected big time as well. Thus, the results of crop production for farmers were terrible. Then in 2016, the hemp production has been legalized and the farmer’s unity decided to do Hemp cropping. I can give you the number and let the number speaks for the farmer’s crop situation. They were making $2500 per hectare doing hemp cropping. 5 times more than they were making growing Potatoes or Tobacco.

Regional parts of India Bann’s Cannabis Cropping

In 2015 there was a board meeting for the cannabis plant and hemp plant cropping for the farmers in India. Indian farmers struggling big time and more affected than France or Italy farmers. NDPS corporation allows people to consume various cannabis-related products such as bhang. But many states have been restricting the use of it. Only those who have permission are allowed to sell the Bhang. Those who found guilty selling out of order or illegally they can be outside in various ways but prison is for sure. In the state of Asam, since 1958 the consumption of Hemp is restricted. No authority can buy or sell Cannabis products. Since 1949 the ban applies to the state of Maharashtra as well. Nobody can grow, supply the cannabis crop. Farmers will be seen growing potatoes and tobacco in the market.

In 2017 Gujarat has legalized the hemp production. It is thus advised that it is intoxication product which has a lower content of the THC compound. The government got reports for the abuse of the product and they need a few products cropping of Cannabis plant. In simple words in India, it is a struggle to grow or crop cannabis plants. 60 Million population is dependent on Cannabis plant products which can keep you high. This created massive disruption.

The fact is growing Potatoe and Tobacco cropping does not generate enough funds to the farmers which can help them to survive. In India, you can get 1 gram of Cannabis product under 10 dollars which is the lowest price in comparison to any place in the world. The demand is so high for the cannabis cropping. Farmers have now started doing hemp cropping without licenses or without the permission of the authority. The demand for industrial use is high and the production is less. those farmers who have started doing hemp cropping have seen huge numbers in their income which motivated them to do more of the cropping.

In the past, the death rate for farmers is a lot and has been growing every year. Now cannabis plant as far as it low in THC and nota phytoactive product can be used for cropping and export. The demand is growing with time. IHF LLC is one such company known for its quality products and distribution online. Thus, there is no stopping for cannabis and its strain cropping now. Farmers are happy and death rate number has declined.

Hemp Crop Benefits

  • Farmers have become rich and low death rates
  • Online business is booming
  • International platform for selling hemp products
  • Cheap to grow and expensive to sell
  • Low in THC percentage which causes no dependency


Potatoe cropping and tobacco cropping are still in demand and always be there but it is not as profitable for the farmers as the cropping of Cannabis hemp plant. Those farmers have acres of land are doing multiple-cropping where they grow a various variety of crops including cannabis plants. The hemp crops include low THC levels because of which it makes it less phytoactive compound and safe to treat many health problems. Anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and inflammation can be treated using hemp products.


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