5 Ways Weed Fits into Your Workout and Post-Workout Recovery

Consuming weed after a workout does more than calming your body. Weed has several medicinal properties that will help in recovery.

Having a post-workout routine is essential as the workout itself. The body needs to heal from the injuries sustained during the workout. Adding weed to your workout and post-workout program eases muscle pain and soreness.

Weed is now easily accessible. You can buy hash online canada products that allow you to enjoy the medicinal value of weed.

The fast-rising popularity of weed is due to the less strict government regulations. Athletes now perceive weed as one of the best supplements due to its several health benefits.

Benefits of Using Weed in Your Fitness Routine

1. Weed Can Ease Pain

Continuous exercise often results in aches and pains. Inflammation is the main cause of the post-workout pain. Weed is a popular pain killer that is effective in treating chronic pain. It is also famous for its anti-inflammatory properties which athletes can enjoy.

Weed helps to reduce pain resulting from inflammation and nerve damage. Several studies suggest that weed or its compounds help in easing pain. The cannabinoids in weed can stop the pain signals in your body making the pain bearable.

2. Weed Boosts Focus

Many athletes use weed during the workout because it enables them to focus more. Weeds make doing repetitive activities enjoyable. Working out when alone requires some motivation to power you throughout the exercise.

A study looked at the performance of athletes who used weed. The results show that high sensation drives them to enjoy training sessions more. Making training more appealing allows you to spend more time working out. Ultimately, you will enjoy better performance.Alternatively, you can grow Cannabis at the comfort of your home and as everyone loves these seeds you would have no problem growing a top quality product.

3. Weed May Soothe Sore Muscles

Post-workout is characterized by aching, stiff, cramping and sore muscles. The situation can be worse and may discourage you from exercising.

Luckily, weed can help in fighting the soreness faster. Weed is effective for healing inflammation that occurs after a workout session. This enables you to gain flexibility and fitness for the next day.

Weed contains cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that helps in fighting inflammation. In a study, researchers investigated the effects of weed on mice with inflammation. They observed a 70% reduction of inflammation upon using weed in the treatment. The study suggests that weed indeed helps in treating inflammation.

4. Weed Improves Sleep

It turns out that a good rest is important for faster muscle repair. Having inadequate sleep translates to slow recovery. As a result, your body may not be able to develop optimum muscle strength.

Using weed reduces your stress levels. This improves your sleep pattern. Adequate sleep ensures the body gets enough time to heal.

A study found out that blending CBD and THC leads to a lower chance of suffering from sleep disorders. Improved sleep quality translates to better performance on different activities.

5. Weed May Boost Metabolism

Your weight directly relates to your performance. And it all depends on your food choices after workouts. The foods you take influences metabolism. Metabolism refers to the rate at which the body burns calories.

Most athletes have difficulties in keeping their weight balanced. It’s easy to find yourself gaining weight the more you exercise. But using weed can help you to better control weight. Weed has CBD and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) compounds that help boost metabolism.

A 2011 study shows that athletes using weed had fewer chances of becoming overweight. using cannabis enabled them to shed weight than non-consumers. Weed also helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

Can Weed Make Me High?

Whether you get a high or not depends on the type of weed and your dosage. Typical cannabis contains more than 100 compounds. CBD and THC are two of the compounds known for their health benefits.

CBD is non-psychoactive and does not give you a high, so using it should not trouble you. The THC compound is psychoactive with the potential of making you high.


Weed is gaining acceptance in sports. The challenge weed is facing is the huge amounts of misconceptions. Many people can’t tell the difference between myths and facts.

But, the trend is now shifting with many people beginning to realize the benefits of weed. Its use in the fitness industry will go a long way in enabling athletes to recover better after workouts. Weed also delivers other medicinal values without exposing users to harmful effects. This makes it better than most supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Weed is an effective option that can help you perform better in various activities. But there is a need for more research on the role of weed in boosting workout performance and recovery.  So, make sure to consult an expert before adding weed to your exercise routine.


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