Top Tips & Suggestions for Cutting Down a Tree

There are some rules to follow when it comes to the cutting down the trees. We will provide you with some suggestions and top tips here. India is comprised of 29 states in total. In the context of the Forest Research Institution of India, every state has its own rules. Each state has its own regulations to cut down the trees. And you will be surprised that to cut down the trees we need permission as well. But here we will give you some tips and suggestions for to cut down the tree. We will tell you some saftey measures and sugggestions to consider.

Safety measures

When we make a choice of cutting down a tree we must make a plan and then precautions for it too. Running the saw is not easy as well. the equipment we need to make sure is of good quality. safety gears are important in order to take the tasks of cutting down the trees though. Following are the important things:

Helmet: while you cut down the tree and helmet will help you from becoming injured. The helmet will prevent any injuries to head to brain. In case you fall from the tree, any logging injuries or anything can hit to the head. So Helmet is very important to carry out these tasks.

It is very important to protect the eyes and of course face and ears as well. the glass masks can be bought and wore while carrying out this task. The heavy noise can ruin the eardrums. So earmuff can be worn. Then while cutting down the tree, bits and pieces can go in the eyes and hit the face. SO a glass mask is important to use.

Kevlar chaps for you not to drop against the legs.

Gloves are important too. Right gloves will help to get a grip to hold the saw. Saw sometimes can bruise the hands.

We come across so many incidents when people are working in the wood s for cutting down the tree. It is very common people take their jobs in an easy way and think nothing will happen to them while they cut the tree. The tree is a big living thing. But when you cut them into logs it is a big job. It is important to us the precautions while you cut the tree in order to prevent any injury. People sometimes go through serious head injuries or sometimes they get fractures working cutting down the tree. some people get the ear or eye injuries too. It is definitely not an easy job.

Trees which we are allowed to cut down

Among hundreds or trees and their breeds, there are 7 potential trees that we can cut down. Tut, Guava, Ailanthus, Bakain and Bamboo trees can be cut down by normal people as well. You do not need government officials to come down and cut down the trees for you. But again safety is very important when you cut down a tree.

Suggestions when cutting a tree

It is very important to take the feeling of cutting down the tree. Before yous tart to cut the tree, it is important to analyze how you will cut and which side the tree will fall. You must take measures what if the tree falls in the wrong direction and how it will affect the surroundings. So taking a feel, making an estimate of the fall of the tree is very important before even cutting down the tree.

When you cut the tree it is important you know if the will fall at the right place and direction. You must have an alternate route for the tree to fall. there should be enough space.

Also, the branches of the tree need to be restored and cut down too. They should be cut off before or after in order to take the downfall of the tree. Depends if you want to take a tree as it is, then more room or space needs to be offered. Having a perfect notch is important. Then the cutting will start and you will have an idea where the tree will fall and in which direction.

Effects of Cutting down the trees:

    Increase in Pollution

    Global Warming

    Harmful and Toxic gasses in the air

    Acid rain


When we cut down the tree, we need to prepare ourselves. Apply the security and safety measures that will help not to get any serious injuries while cutting down the tree. a perfect hinge and notch are important as well which helps the tree to fall on the right place and spot. There should always be an alternative route in case the cutting down the tree and its directions went wrong. It is important to keep measures when we cut down the trees how it will affect its surroundings. Also, the person cutting the tree must make sure he/she uses safety precautions. Once the tree is cut down, the tree trunks can be used and cut down into firewood forms. That way when the tree is cut down it can be cut down into small pieces and can be used as firewood. That way a tree will be easy to transport and carry in a big truck. Canopy tree services are very famous for providing their services to cut down the tree. they have a great team and they are experts. Their workers take the job very seriously. So if you have any tree clocking your home or you do not need it around you. Canopy Tree services are good to call and ask for help. In the end, one can always follow the guide to follow how to cut down the tree and what measure to look for.


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