Some bugs that invade your garden can infest your house too

Garden pests—they invade your yard, nibble on your veggies, dig through your soil, and destroy your plants. Nobody likes harmful insects in their garden, which is why they take preventative measures such as putting up barriers and hiring pest control services.

What happens, however, when those pesky insects that are taking over your garden start to infest your house?

Yes, it is true. Certain insects will take over both your garden and house. Keep reading to learn some of the most common insects that you need to look out for and how you can prevent them from infesting your house.


Weevils are tiny brown or black beetles that don’t have wings.

It is easy to tell when you have weevils in your garden. If you look closely enough, you’ll see them on gathering on your plants, where they’ll nibble semi-circular-shaped notches on the leaves. If you suspect you have weevils in your garden, get rid of any infested plants before the weevils spread.

Weevils also like to gather on the sides of houses. If they find cracks or crevices, they’ll come inside. Then, they’ll start nibbling their way through your pantry. You’ll find cast skins and feces inside your food. Once they’re inside, you’ll need to get rid of all infested items to get rid of them. 


Cockroaches are large brown insects that are extremely difficult to kill.

They prefer living in decaying wood or under woodpiles. You might not even realize they’re there until you see them scurrying across your yard. The best way to prevent them is to eliminate their outdoor habitats. Of course, if you have a wood stove, you probably won’t be able to get rid of your woodpile. If so, you might accidentally bring those pesky roaches into your house.

Cockroaches also enter homes in search of food. Once they’re in your home, they multiply rapidly. Cleaning your home, getting rid of hiding spots, and calling an exterminator can help keep them from completely infesting your home.

Brown marmorated stink bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) are a brown insect with a heraldic shield shape. These insects also have the ability to produce awful odors when they feel threatened.

If you have them in your garden, you’ll easily be able to spot them. Adult BMSB typically feed on the fruiting parts of plants, while their nymphs eat the leaves. Natural repellants, such as a kaolin spray, can deter them from attacking your garden.

BMSB are also known for seeking shelter inside houses and garages when it gets cold. While they won’t damage your house, they aren’t very pleasant to look at. You can get rid of them by vacuuming them up or by flushing them down the toilet.


Ants are social insects. If you spot one ant in your garden or house, there is sure to be a colony lurking about.

If you have ants in your garden, you’ll be able to see them. Black ants can actually be beneficial to your garden. The tunnels they create can help aerate your soil and they’ll also kill off other pests (such as caterpillars). Fire ants, however, are problematic because they can damage plants.

What is even more problematic is if you spot black ants or fire ants inside. Sometimes ants will invade your home in search of food. And once they find it, they’ll keep coming back. Spraying with a water-vinegar mixture can help repel them.

Asian lady beetles

Many people confuse Asian lady beetles with ladybugs, but Asian lady beetles are larger and more invasive. They are also more orangish instead of reddish.

Similar to ants, Asian lady beetles aren’t necessarily bad for gardens. Instead of nibbling on your plants, they nibble on other garden pests, such as aphids. They do leave behind a smelly, yellow fluid, but this liquid isn’t harmful to humans.

However, Asian lady beetles are also known for invading houses. They look for dark places where they can hide and congregate. And while they’re not harmful, it can still be unnerving to find tiny orange beetles all of your house. Laying small pouches of clove around your house can repel them.

Final thoughts

Don’t let your perfect garden and home get infested with bugs! Whenever you suspect a garden infestation, it is better to find a way to get rid of the insects before the infestation spreads into your home. Knowing how to identify different types of insects and knowing how to get rid of them can help keep your garden and your home free from any pesky bugs.


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