What is Lightweight Chainsaw and Why You Need a Lightweight Chain Saw?

There is wide range of saws and each comes in different forms and designs and with different utility purposes specially and characteristically assigned.

This has immense impact on the varied range of saws and while taking a chainsaw into consideration it is worth discussing its characteristics and several other variations of utility and functionality.

A chainsaw is the one that comes with the design of chained blade that has the specification of ripping teeth assigned in the chain. This has been implied for the purpose of ripping materials, especially trees that require a high intensity of cutting with power.

 Most of the tools manufacturing companies are involved in the manufacturing of many varied technologically sophisticated and updated versions of chainsaw of different models and designs but of equal level of power that has the high efficiency of cutting trees of varied thickness and depth.

Categorically the chainsaw falls into the category of band saws but it differs in its subtle specifications and it has its own specific ideals of delivering tasks of uniqueness and authenticity.

Let us go deep into the chain saw and learn more about it.


What is Lightweight Chainsaw?

The chainsaws come in different weight variations and each has its own specific uses and qualities. It is known that a light weighing tool is anyway a preferable option for anyone but sometimes the average weighing and the high weighing ones too have their own specific qualities and characteristics.

A light weight chainsaw is the one that has its first and foremost requirement of its light weighing attribute that ranges maximum to 7.5 pounds.

 It has its own genre specific quality of being a chain saw that has the orientation of a blade that is actually a chain that has ripped teeth for better ripping of the materials that has the deliverance of satisfaction to the users.

Some of its features that define the chain saw of light weight are

1. Weight specification

While considering the matter of a light weight chain saw one has to look for the weight. This is the basic of looking for the best light weighing chainsaw.

The light weighing chainsaw is specific of its weight not exceeding more than 8.5 pounds. So every time one steps out to look for or to buy a chain saw it is beneficial to check the weight whether it remains within 8.5 pounds.

2. Blade specification

The blade that is attached to the chain saw is another specificity of the saw that is important to define it as a chain saw.

The blade as been discussed above is required to be characterized of ripped teeth that come with the high capacity of ripping the materials with fluidity of tasking.

A light weight chainsaw if characterized with the excellence of a good set of ripping teeth can indeed lead on to deliver the best of the ripping with  the additional feature of being a light weighted one that can make cutting easy for the users

3. Power source

The power source of the chain saw is one of the important qualifications to be concerned of and a very important aspect that contributes to the light weighing feature of a chain saw. The chain saw can come in various power orientations.

 It can be of electricity and for some different models can be of battery orientation and for several other variants can be fuel oriented too.

As per the research it has been perceived that most of the prominent light weighing chain saws have the power orientation of batteries and not any other sources of fuel and electric cord.

The fuel oriented one is the oldest version of chain saw but it comes with heavy weight due to its containing of fuel in its body itself.

While on the other hand the battery powered ones are the lightest weighted ones that come mostly with weight that remains within 3 to 8 pounds and not more than that.

Why Do You Need a Light Weight Chainsaw?

The chain saw is the one that has the power of defining itself as a saw that can contribute to a great extent in relieving the users from the bulk of manual wood working.

It can perform ripping on varied materials that are mostly tree branches and logs which makes it a good friend to the home owners with a large backyard full of trees.

Here are some of the basic reasons regarding the need of a chain saw

1. Maintaining large backyard

The chainsaw, especially a lighter one is an essential tool that is of great importance when it comes to the maintenance of a large backyard with a good amount of trees that needs to be maintained with the spreading branches.

A light weight chain saw is an extremely easy handling tool to do such cutting of tree branches comfortably without any fatigue of a heavy tool. With a light weighing chainsaw the user would feel the ease of cutting down the loaded branches.

2. Clearing debris

The debris left after heavy storms are usually hard to clear. A chain saw is specifically designed to serve this purpose of clearing out the after storm debris of logs and branches and stems that fall off the trees.

In this case a light weighing chain saw is the basic requirement. It is so because it is already too difficult to clean the huge bulk of after storm debris and therefore a chainsaw that is light enough with pounds between 3 to 6 is the best suited one to the purpose to carry out the clearing of the debris at great ease.


The chainsaw is considered to be one of the most popular versions of saws that can give the users an everlasting feel of cutting that is characteristic of easiness comfort. The above discussed pointers would definitely add a good bulk of likes to the existing popularity of the light weighing chain saws.  


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