Landscaping Essentials: Using Sand in Landscaping

Sand is a material that has a beach and calming effect on those who encounter them. We all crave for that sand effect on our beach trips and even on our landscapes. Your landscapes will never look boring if sand materials are put into it—because they are versatile in these areas. With much creativity where to put it, these sand materials can transform your landscapes into something enticing and exciting—adding more to its functionality in the entire piece of yours. Here are some landscaping ideas you might want to consider before calling your sand suppliers in your landscaping activities:

Incorporating Sand into your landscapes:

1.    Make it as base and Fillers for Pavers

Yes, you read that right. Since sand materials can compact easily, many contractors consider using it as a base foundation for their landscaping projects involving walkways or patio pavers. In some cases, they are using this to create a chalk line and create a layout for the bricks they have to put on pavers. On the other hand, if you mix it with a polymeric additive, sand can be poured in the spaces and joints to keep it more stable. This will make it more sturdy and not easily breakable since you have to make a good foundation for these pavers. Using sand on these instances is a good thing to do so you have to make sure it is added to your listing.

2.    Get that sand talking at your Zen Garden!

Zen gardens are typically known to bring about this peaceful and calm atmosphere for people who need them. Zen gardens are used for recreational meditation so that people will find their time in these areas refreshing and calming. Most commonly, zen gardens are made up of sand, gravel, and larger stones to represent the water and the land. Zen gardens are Japanese style gardens that do not have plants all over the place but can still become your landscape’s main point. Since the zen garden is more focused on land and sea movement, using sand and gravel mixed or in coordination with water flow is a good idea. This will give that calming balance of water in the landscape that is necessary for the meditation per se. Boulders and rocks are good combinations too so you can also represent the earth formations—the perfect harmony in meditating. If you want to get a perfect sand for your Zen garden you may check Soil Yourself.

3.    You are never too old to PLAY!

Incorporating sand in a play area is never a bad idea. Here’s why. Sand has this soft texture that allows you to play on it—without too much hassle. You can recreate your landscapes by adding these sand materials on it so you can play volleyball on it like you were playing beach volleyball in your backyard. Most sand suppliers can give you a variety of sand to choose from. Depending on which can be non-toxic for the kids since these sands do not have silica on them. Adding sand on your play area also gives this beach a calming feeling while playing since you don’t have to worry about getting hurt with the stones and the base stones too much.

4.    Landscape Edging for the win!

Most landscape experts use flower beds to highlight their landscapes. However, maintaining its edges can be tricky since adding these flower beds might mean that you also need to water them from time to time—eroding its edges as time passes by. With this, many of the experts use sand to act as a boundary over these edges. That way, they can be assured that the edges are neatly arranged and blended. This also gives a defined structure to the landscape. However, you must not forget to choose the most appropriate sand to use since you will be using garden soil as well. You may not want to clog your landscape’s drainage by using the wrong type of sand for the edging.

5.    Hardscape features!

Fill sand can be coarse. That is why most experts use it underneath pavers. Aside from that, some experts also use it for other purposes not limited to pavers. It can be blended well with concrete to form hardscape features which are essential in the formation of strong pathways, stone steps, garden edging, and even seats for outdoor spaces.

You can never go wrong in using sand materials in your landscaping needs. With the right type of material, you can transform your landscape into something more enticing and creative—what we all want as a result. Sand as a stand alone or mixed with other landscape materials are sure to provide the same definite and creative results. That is why incorporating them on your landscape projects is a must. A variety of manufacturers are available to supply these for your landscapes. All you need to do is find the most trusted and those who can provide the quality that you need for your project.


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