Know These 5 Friendly Dog Plants for your Yard

Your dog is part of your family and therefore it deserves a yard with friendly plants. Not all plants are good for your dog. Given the propensity of dogs to munch on leaves, some plants could be potentially harmful. Note that not all plants that are good for humans are good to dogs. Some are extremely opposite. So, you want plants that will beautify your yard and at the same time be appropriate for your dog? has the answer for you. At first note that, in order to stop your dog from digging out the plants, make it accustomed to the command ‘leave it’ when trying such or related behavior. Having said that, the following five plants will serve a friendly purpose to your dog:

Spider Plant

The good thing about this plant is that it is an outdoor plant and can be grown any time of the year. Its lush, green foliage with white stripes will be both appealing for your yard and friendly to your canine. Research has proven that this plant is non-toxic to dogs. So if your dog happens to chew on it while playing, there will be no harmful effects. Make sure that you prevent your canine from peeing on this plant. This is because dog’s urine contains concentrated nitrogen that could burn its leaves. Ensure you train the dog on the command ‘leave it’ when peeping so that it does not cause the damage.

Thyme Plant

This is a perennial plant which belongs to the mint group of plants. It can spread and rise to a height of 18 inches. The advantage of this plant is that it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is perennial and requires minimum attention. Just a little water sprinkle and sunshine are enough. The advantage with it is a herb that can solve digestive problems for you canine once it chews it.

Parlor Palm

This is low maintenance and air purifier plant that will serve a friendly deal for your dog. Also, its dark green fronds provides a bushy and lush plant that will be appealing in your yard. It is an adaptable plant that requires moderate watering and grows in different light situations. You can use it to form a canopy for your dog shelter once it is grown.


Apart from being friendly to your dog, this plant will bring an astounding and magnificence look to your yard. It does have a non-stop bloom and easy to maintain. This plant has many resemblances that are toxic therefore it is advisable that when buying its seeds, you buy from a recognized store. Its scientific name is Xanthorrhoeaceae. It is completely friendly to canines but not cats.


Snapdragon plant is undemanding in terms of maintenance and friendly to dogs. It grows in wide selection of colors and heights and it blooms profusely throughout as long as it is moderately watered. In some parts of the world like India, it is also known as dog plant. This is because it resembles the face of a dragon and opens up and closes like mouth of a dog once it is squeezed. Children like to play with it by opening up its jaws and watching it snap shut. So if you are looking for dog a friendly plant, great cut of flowers arrangement for your yard, and children relatable plant, go for this plant.

Closing remarks

All the above plants are proven by research to be non-toxic and friendly to dogs. They will cause no harm to your canine. More so, they will add a flavor to your yard by making it look more attractive and appealing.


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