Keeping Plants Alive in Your Dorm Room

Home plants create comfort, add calm and also clean the air. In the hostel, indoor plants will resemble the atmosphere of a home and soothe in the rhythm of crazy student life and an endless stream of homework. Although online writing help will assist you with homework, home plants will also not be superfluous. The most important thing is to know how to care for the plants so that they do not wilt and continue to delight you. That is why in this article, we have prepared for you the basic rules for caring for indoor plants.

1. The Plant Must Match the Size of the Room

When choosing a flower, pay attention to its size. Big plants usually inappropriate for in a little room. Small flowers can be arranged on a windowsill or on a shelf. And you may place the green giants in a spacious living room, where they will be comfortable.

2. The Plant Needs Light

Sunlight is necessary for all living things on earth, and indoor plants are no exception. But too bright rays can harm your plants, so everything is good in moderation. And also take into account the wishes of the flowers themselves. Shade-loving plants will feel great in the gloom, and for light-loving plants, prepare a window sill facing south.

3. The Correct Temperature Regime is the Key to Health

Not only do we shrink from the cold but it is also vital for our flowers to get enough heat, especially since most plants came to us from other, milder climatic conditions. Therefore, try not to allow freezing of the air, and in winter, keep the temperature within reasonable limits, because heat from the battery is also dangerous for plants.

4. Moisture is the Basis of Plant Life

Proper watering is no less important for indoor flowers than light. Water the plants with settled water - not too warm and not cold. Excess fluid should flow freely out of the drainage hole in the pot. Do not allow overdrying and waterlogging of a plant ground.

5. Do Not Forget to Spray the Leaves

Not only the roots of the flowers need water, but also the green part of the plant. Spray the water on flower leaves as needed. In winter, you need to carry out the procedure more often, because the air in the apartment is dry. And you can arrange real bathing for flower, dousing it with a stream from the shower. The plant after such water procedures will be transformed literally before our eyes!

6. Choose the Right Soil

The composition of the soil should be selected individually for each type of flower. A suitable earthen mixture can be made independently or purchased ready-made. The soil may be alkaline, neutral or acidic. The soil must allow water and oxygen to pass through and absorb moisture well.

7. Transplant Flowers as Needed

With good care, plants grow and develop. Their root system also increases, so it is necessary to transplant flowers in a larger container in a timely manner. Sometimes an incomplete transplant is used (so as not to disturb the root system). In this case, the plant is taken out of the pot together with an earthen lump and placed in a larger container.

8. Protect Plants from Pests

Even if you regularly take care of your green friend, there is a risk of pests on its leaves. If you notice that your flower was attacked by unwanted guests, you should get rid of all the affected areas of the plant, and then remove the insects using a sponge moistened with alcohol.

9. Loosening the Soil is a Mandatory Point of Care

Not all plant owners remember that plants need to have regularly loosened the soil in the pot. This facilitates the process of getting moisture and oxygen into the soil. If you constantly forget about it, try inserting a wooden stick in each pot, which will remind you of the importance of loosening.

10. Love and Attention are Needed by All

Green friends need your attention and care. It is necessary not only to water them but also to remove dry flowers and leaves, to loosen the earth, to arrange sunbaths for the plant. Make sure to wipe the dust with a damp cloth. And if the plant falls, provide reliable support for it.

Summing up

It is impossible to imagine a cozy house without indoor flowers; they enliven the interior and delight the eye. No wonder plants are called "our green friends." Caring for them will not take you much time, especially if you follow the suggested recommendations. There are many secrets to caring for flowers, but they all start with the basics! And only 10 basic rules are enough to make your plants happy. Good luck with gardening!


Amelia Robinson is a lover of plants and gardens, as well as an educator on this topic. It’s her goal to make sure that you get the chance to learn what you need to about gardening to succeed with your own home garden at the blog You’re not going to find just a collection of basic articles about gardening here. Instead, she wants to answer the difficult questions for you. She tweets at @robinsonplants

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