How to grow mitragyna speciosa plants

Growing plants is one of the best things to do in leisure time, especially for people who love to be around nature. So when you are considering including kratom in your diet, growing the subtropical plants rather than buying the strains is more feasible. After all, you will have your hand over the original strains and there will be no episodes of contamination or something like that. 

However, growing kratom is not an easy fact. Being a tropical plant, it does need extra care. Before going into the details of the planting, let us first see what kratom is actually.

Major information about Mitragyna speciosa

Knowing everything about the plant before growing it at your home is a wise act. After all, knowing the plant will tell you about the living conditions which it needs to grow and also the nutrition which it needs while developing. This will further reduce the chances of the plant becoming wilted or dying. 

So, here are some of the necessary information about kratom that you need to know. 

  • Kratom is native to Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. 
  • The plants can grow up to a height of hundred meters, with large leaves having reticulate venation. 
  • The native tribes of Southeast Asia have used the leaves of the kratom plant for a long time. They used the leaves, which is the hub of alkaloids to treat many diseases. 
  • Being native to the tropical regions, the plant needs right climatic conditions to grow.
  • However, for places which do not fall under the tropical belt, people need to grow the kratom plant in containers which act as greenhouse chambers. The main disadvantage of the following is that the kratom plant does not grow to its full height. 
  • Kratom is a very relaxing plant, which loves to spend the spring season outside in the sunny weather while the colder seasons are spent inside the comfort of the home. 

How to propagate the kratom seeds or cuttings?

For growing the kratom plant, you will either need the seeds or the cuttings of the same. Generally, planters used the method of vegetative propagation for the growth of kratom plants from a vegetative part of itself. This is why cuttings of seeds must be handled with care.  You can find both the seeds and the cuttings at kratom crazy, a trusted online platform where quality kratom product has sold.

Growing Kratom plants from seeds

Starting with kratom seeds, they are quite small in size, even smaller than a little pearl. This seeds generally germinate in a well-potted container. However, the success rate of the germination of the seeds varies from place to place, with being highest in the tropical regions and lowest in the cold areas. This is because Kratom is originally native to the tropical climate, and Frost and cold can significantly affect the overall growth rate. 

The seeds remain viable for germination only till two days after being shed from the plant. Once the period is over, the seeds will not germinate, no matter how amiable the conditions are. As germination rate is very much low in case of kratom seeds, a large group of seeds is planted together in a single pot. This ensures that at least one seed will germinate fully and will grow into a plant. While growing kratom plants from seeds make sure, the seeds are fresh and had been planted within the two days of its fall. Once it gets dried, the seed coat wants well up and imbibes the water, thus hindering the germination process. 

Growing Kratom plants from cuttings

As far as the cuttings are concerned, they are very prone to fungal infections. Make sure that the cuttings are not infected because if they are, then they won’t grow any roots. 

What are the climatic conditions required?

Considering the seeds as the primary growing medium, keep them inside a pot with moss or moistened growing medium. You need to cover the entire pot with plastic to keep the seeds away from direct sunlight. This will also ensure that the seeds are growing in a low humid condition, which is the required climate for the germination. Once the seed starts growing the roots, open the plastic and allowed the plant to breathe in fresh air and sunlight.

Make sure that the soil is very fertile and is nitrogen free. If there are too many leguminous bacteria in the soil, the roots might die. Also, make sure you are using natural fertilizers for providing the required nutrition to the plant.

The soil shouldn’t be dry, so keep watering them. Also, make sure that the water content of the soil does not go beyond the rated value. Again too much water will kill the roots. 

What is the temperature and ventilation requirement? 

Heat is vital for places where the temperature is low beyond the required temperature because that will help the plant to grow to its full potential. Again for the ventilation, make sure that the plant is kept in an area where there is a fan. The fan will dry off the warm air, does helping the leaves to produce alkaloids. Sometimes fresh air is also very much essential for the growth of freedom plants. 


Some might think that growing the kratom plants is difficult because of the growing conditions like climatic conditions, the humidity, the temperature, the soil condition, and even the ventilation. However, if proper care is given to all the factors that are required for the proper growth of the kratom plants, growing them will be as easy as throwing a rose in your house. 


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