Is Hemp Oil Safe to Use to Treat Symptoms When Sick?

Getting sick is just a part of life, but it is never fun or pleasant when it happens. You have all kinds of plans, a full to-do list and a packed calendar and then all of a sudden you wake up with a cough and stuffy nose.

At this point, what you want and need is to start feeling better fast so you can get back to living your regularly scheduled life.

Can XO Hemp oil help you do this? Let's find out!

Is Hemp Oil Safe for Use During Sickness?

This is an important question to ask before starting to use hemp oil for the first time.

The answer depends on what type of hemp oil you take, how much you take and what else you are taking at the same time.

Let's look at each of these factors separately.

Type of hemp oil.

For the best and safest results, you always want to choose the purest natural hemp oil that is free from synthetics or fillers (the addition of a carrier oil is fine and beneficial).

When you choose a high grade hemp oil product, you know the only thing going into your body is the hemp itself.

Dosage of hemp oil.

Just as with any supplement or medicine, you need to choose an appropriate hemp oil dose for your age, weight, gender and medical issue.

Here, a higher dose isn't always better. What you want instead is the right dose to deliver the desired benefits. It is important to remember that some people are more sensitive to hemp oil's benefits than other people, so always start at the lowest recommended dose and work your way up if needed.

To date, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet issued any formal dosing guidelines for hemp oil. Instead, you can be guided by the manufacturer's own dosing range suggestions and information provided by your doctor or holistic practitioner.

Potential interactions.

Whenever you are ill, it is natural to want to just feel better as fast as possible. But if you are already taking any medications or supplements for your health, talk with your doctor or holistic provider before adding hemp oil.

You just want to rule out even the slightest possibility of any drug or supplement interactions before you start taking hemp oil.

CBD Hemp Oil Has Many Health-Promoting Natural Properties

While modern western medical research with cbd hemp oil is still in its infancy, the use of the Cannabis genus of plants and the hemp strain in particular is not new at all.

In fact, hemp varietals are known to have potentially hundreds of beneficial naturally-occurring compounds, of which CBD (Cannabidiol) is just one of the best known and most researched to date.

Here are just a few of the known beneficial properties of CBD and hemp oil:

Analgesic (pain relieving).

One of cbd hemp oil's most popular benefits is as an analgesic, or pain relieving agent.

Research studies have shown that cbd can aid in pain relief from injury, temporary illness and chronic illness.

Sedating (sleep promoting)

One of the hardest things about getting better after a bout of illness is that being sick can disrupt your sleep. Sleep is the time when the body does the majority of its repair work, so not getting enough high quality sleep can really set you back.

Cbd hemp oil has proven sedating properties that can last up to eight hours - plenty of time to get a good night's healing sleep.


Inflammation is part of the body's way of repelling invaders and promoting healing. But it can also lead to chronic illness, pain and discomfort in its own right, especially when the immune system itself is chronically stressed and overburdened.

CBD hemp oil can ease inflammation throughout the body to heal muscles, ligaments and tendons and calm an overly-sensitive immune response.

Anti-spasmodic (spasm relieving).

Muscle spasms can occur for all kinds of reasons, including an injury to the area as well as some chronic health conditions like restless leg syndrome.

Cbd hemp oil can help to relax muscle activity so your body can relax and heal.


Depression is a common by-product of illness, especially chronic illness. It can be hard to keep your chin up in the face of daily aches and pains, inflammation, medication reminders and restricted activities.

CBD hemp oil has demonstrated effectiveness at easing depression during illness and at other times in life.


Anxiety is so prevalent in today's all-go, no-stop, 24/7 modern society that it can actually be hard to find anyone who doesn't suffer!

But some people struggle more with anxiety's effects than others, especially when life hands you an unexpected curve ball like illness at the wrong moment.

Unfortunately, a spike in anxiety will result in decreased immune response, prolonging rather than healing your body of illness. Taking cbd hemp oil can ease anxiety and let your immune system get back to the business of getting you well.


CBD's known anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties make it a natural addition to your wellness toolkit.

In other words, cbd hemp oil can fight off bacterial and fungal infections, virus germs, toxic microbes and harmful pathogens.

CBD does this in part by repelling these toxins and in part by boosting immune system response in the presence of threats.

How to Start Taking Hemp Oil to Feel Better

Start by talking with your healthcare practitioner to identify the best dosage and rule out any interactions with other supplements or drugs.

Also be aware that hemp oil can have certain temporary side effects for some people, including sedation, dry mouth and low blood pressure.

Then start at the lowest recommended dose. Start in the evening just in case hemp oil has a temporary sedating effect. Monitor how you feel the next morning and adjust your dosage as needed.

By following these general guidelines you can safely use hemp oil when you are sick to start feeling better fast.


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