Easy Home Improvement Ideas To Spruce Up Your Garden

More often than not, home improvements for our gardens are disregarded – just an additional expense to deal with after the majority of the house has been finished. However, your garden is an extension of the appearance of your house, no matter how big or small it is. Well-tended plants can help focus our eyes on the entrance and façade.

You take pride in the curb appeal of your home, whether it’s an old house or you’ve hired Delaware new home builders to create your dream home. Take your pick from the following lists of popular garden home improvements and make your house a head-turner.

Start Clean

There is nothing compared to a good scrubbing to get rid of all the mud, dirt and debris left from the rain and snow. Trimming the bushes and trees, clearing the fallen leaves and a thorough weeding session is all you need to make your garden look fresh and alive. For a more in-depth cleaning of decks, patios, walkways and walls, consider getting a pressure washer to get more of the grime. Some hardware stores allow you to rent one for the day, if you’re short on storage space.

Vegetable Garden With Raised Beds

Want to plant a vegetable garden but not sure of your soil composition? Would you love to install flower beds but you’re not thrilled by the thought of all that digging? Never worry about these again. You can simply make a raised garden box and place your own mix of fertilizer, soil and natural conditioners. By doing this, you can focus on what is more essential: watching your garden bloom!

Adding Extra Features

The garden is a very visible part of your home, so you might want to keep it in outstanding shape the whole year round. An impressive garden is a perfect extension of a home and can ideally be a place to relax after a difficult day at work. One of the most efficient ways to make your garden more alluring is to add features such as outdoor fountains, pergolas and arbors. These additional features can make for a magnificent environment in which to waste some time watching the world drift by. If you love holding parties, installing a gazebo might be a good idea so you can have a place to entertain your guests.

Set Up A Zen Garden

Installing a Zen garden can be an ambitious project but you can always create a simplified version in your own yard by landscaping the area with bricks and stones. Pour some gravel and pebbles and add a few ornamental plants such as dwarf bamboo and bonsai. Complete the design with great looking mini boulders. If this is too much for your schedule, you can always hire a professional landscaping company and watch your garden sprout before your very eyes. They might also have unique ideas that can add value to your garden.

Highlight Your New Installations With Lighting

Once you have done improvements on your garden, you must make sure that it looks good not only during the day but also when the sun has set. Solar-powered lights prevent you from the hassle and messy look of wires. In addition, it also allows you to highlight the best parts of your patio and garden. Energy-saving outdoor lights can be easily installed and can be utilized in various ways such as lighting up pathways and adding more ambience to the deck or patio. All these lighting ideas help in making sure that you have a garden that shines at all hours of the day.

With patience, a bit of imagination and a little elbow grease, you can have an exciting and eye-catching garden in no time. Follow these simple home renovation tips and watch your garden come to life.


Amelia Robinson is a lover of plants and gardens, as well as an educator on this topic. It’s her goal to make sure that you get the chance to learn what you need to about gardening to succeed with your own home garden at the blog RobinsonLovePlants.com. You’re not going to find just a collection of basic articles about gardening here. Instead, she wants to answer the difficult questions for you. She tweets at @robinsonplants

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