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4 Lawn Care Habits for Leaf Blower Maintenance

If you are the one who owns a huge lawn at your home, but, it becomes quite difficult to manage it, then it’s high time to acquire leaf blower maintenance for your lawn because it plays a very vital role. This high tech machine is used most of the time to clean and remove fallen leaves, wreckage from the driveway and pathway. In winter, you can even clean snow by a leaf blower. But there are many people concerned about only one thing and that is its maintenance. Yes, much time it has been noticed that people buy it, but forget to keep it safe in the future. 

Well, if you are taking this machine lightly then it is important for you to know, it is very much costly and not everyone manages to buy it, but still if you want to place order the leaf blower for your lawn then here are top of the line best backpack leaf blowers you can purchase online. 

To achieve its most favorable efficiency, reassure and performance, make sure you follow all these tips below which will definitely help to keep your leaf blower in great shape and ready for the long cleanup season.

It has also seen many times that people generally skip reading the manufacturers guidelines before they use the machine still, it’s essential to read the manuals for the greater good. Every blower doesn’t work in the same method. So, before operating or maintaining your leaf blower, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines with awareness. It will give you complete knowledge of the machine.

Use the Right Fuel


Using old fuel or mix fuel with a high quantity of ethanol can impede your equipment’s working effectiveness. While mixing fuel for a backpack leaf blower, make sure you use gas with an 89 percent octane rating and use less than 10 percent ethanol content. Always mixed fuel in an approval fuel container and don’t it stock up for more than 30 days. If you store it for longer than 30 days, ethanol can start to separate and make a gum-like residue in your backpack leaf blower. So, be sure about what quantity of fuels you are poring.

Keep the blower Clean

It is very important for you, to keep your blower clean all the time. A little bit of carelessness in your blower can put you to major consequences. To make sure your gas or electric powered leaf blowers working good effectiveness, you have to keep your blower clean from dirt and buildup. If you have an electric blower, wipe off the outside of the blower softly and check if you’re blower for any cracked or scratched areas. In case, if you own a gas-powered leaf blower, make certain to keep the air filter and spark plug clean. Don’t let any filth buildup in it. If you found any dust, make sure to wipe it off as soon as possible. If you found any split in gas lines or any electrical problem, make sure to get in touch with your local service center.

Check the filters

If you see any issues with your air filter or fuel filter, then make sure that you look after right away. To keep the air filter clean, eliminate the air filter cover first and then check it. Then clean the filter lightly. You have to alter or replace the air filter if you don’t see the lights in the filter. To check fuel filter first it is important to pull the fuel line from the fuel tank and take away old filter from the line. Then replace a new one with it. Remember this, to find the right replacement of your blowers filter, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s handbook first.

Check the wear and tear

It’s common for tool parts to wear out if it is in continuous use. If you found to wear out of your tools make certain to change it over time. If you don’t do so, it can lead to your leaf blower to break down. So, be sure to check the wear first. Mechanism likes the blower throttle or lock trigger can become slack or wear out from a long term use you’re your responsibility to check those parts and replace the parts whenever it in need.  Be sure to check gas leaks and every time check that the starter rope is well-built and not tattered, tubes is tight and well-linked to each other. Also, don’t forget to check that switches are working smoothly and buttons don’t stick. 

So, here are some of the major and important tips regarding keeping the maintenance of leaf blower. If you follow them correctly there is no chance you will get disappointed with anything else.

Why Potatoe and tobacco are making the move into Hemp growing

Those who are not aware of Hemp farming is now legalized in the majority of the countries in the world. Countries like the USA, Canada, EU- Italy and France, North Kores, Chilli, and China. India has a history with the cannabis plant and its use. The Cannabis Sativa plant resins, leaves, and flowers have been used in India in different forms such as drinking, cooking and smoking. It has great benefits to those who want to treat their health issues as well such as anxiety, depression, pains, inflammation, skin disorders, etc. Cultivation in India is coming up in a legalized form. We will discuss how farmers are moving their farming and production to the next level using Hemp cropping and leaving behind potatoes and tobacco behind.

Hemp Cropping

Hemp cropping is now legalized in the majority of the countries in the world. Farmers have become rich and profitable since they have opted to do hemp, CBD farming. The results and numbers are magnificent. By law as far as the cultivation of hemp is producing less than or up to only 0.2% of THC content in the hemp, they are allowed to do farming and thus import the product. Cannabis strain Hemp has been abused in the past and it took nearly 60 years for the cannabis plant to get permission to be legalized because of its use to mankind. The compound THC in the Cannabis plant is responsible to make you high because of which it can cause dependency. But hemp cropping comes where the THC levels are reduced and the crop can be done using various methods.

I can elaborate more by giving an example of how Hemp cropping helped farmers in Italy and France. The farmers were using potatoes and Tobacco to grow and per hectare, they use to make between 200-350$. But that was a very low amount for industrial use. Hence, The farmers were struggling big time and have been rejected to get loans as well to further their cropping and handling their lands. The farmers were not happy and have been starved to death. Some of the farmers started looking for other options like selling their land for less, they started working extra odd jobs. The families got effected big time as well. Thus, the results of crop production for farmers were terrible. Then in 2016, the hemp production has been legalized and the farmer’s unity decided to do Hemp cropping. I can give you the number and let the number speaks for the farmer’s crop situation. They were making $2500 per hectare doing hemp cropping. 5 times more than they were making growing Potatoes or Tobacco.

Regional parts of India Bann’s Cannabis Cropping

In 2015 there was a board meeting for the cannabis plant and hemp plant cropping for the farmers in India. Indian farmers struggling big time and more affected than France or Italy farmers. NDPS corporation allows people to consume various cannabis-related products such as bhang. But many states have been restricting the use of it. Only those who have permission are allowed to sell the Bhang. Those who found guilty selling out of order or illegally they can be outside in various ways but prison is for sure. In the state of Asam, since 1958 the consumption of Hemp is restricted. No authority can buy or sell Cannabis products. Since 1949 the ban applies to the state of Maharashtra as well. Nobody can grow, supply the cannabis crop. Farmers will be seen growing potatoes and tobacco in the market.

In 2017 Gujarat has legalized the hemp production. It is thus advised that it is intoxication product which has a lower content of the THC compound. The government got reports for the abuse of the product and they need a few products cropping of Cannabis plant. In simple words in India, it is a struggle to grow or crop cannabis plants. 60 Million population is dependent on Cannabis plant products which can keep you high. This created massive disruption.

The fact is growing Potatoe and Tobacco cropping does not generate enough funds to the farmers which can help them to survive. In India, you can get 1 gram of Cannabis product under 10 dollars which is the lowest price in comparison to any place in the world. The demand is so high for the cannabis cropping. Farmers have now started doing hemp cropping without licenses or without the permission of the authority. The demand for industrial use is high and the production is less. those farmers who have started doing hemp cropping have seen huge numbers in their income which motivated them to do more of the cropping.

In the past, the death rate for farmers is a lot and has been growing every year. Now cannabis plant as far as it low in THC and nota phytoactive product can be used for cropping and export. The demand is growing with time. IHF LLC is one such company known for its quality products and distribution online. Thus, there is no stopping for cannabis and its strain cropping now. Farmers are happy and death rate number has declined.

Hemp Crop Benefits

  • Farmers have become rich and low death rates
  • Online business is booming
  • International platform for selling hemp products
  • Cheap to grow and expensive to sell
  • Low in THC percentage which causes no dependency


Potatoe cropping and tobacco cropping are still in demand and always be there but it is not as profitable for the farmers as the cropping of Cannabis hemp plant. Those farmers have acres of land are doing multiple-cropping where they grow a various variety of crops including cannabis plants. The hemp crops include low THC levels because of which it makes it less phytoactive compound and safe to treat many health problems. Anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and inflammation can be treated using hemp products.

How to grow mitragyna speciosa plants

Growing plants is one of the best things to do in leisure time, especially for people who love to be around nature. So when you are considering including kratom in your diet, growing the subtropical plants rather than buying the strains is more feasible. After all, you will have your hand over the original strains and there will be no episodes of contamination or something like that. 

However, growing kratom is not an easy fact. Being a tropical plant, it does need extra care. Before going into the details of the planting, let us first see what kratom is actually.

Major information about Mitragyna speciosa

Knowing everything about the plant before growing it at your home is a wise act. After all, knowing the plant will tell you about the living conditions which it needs to grow and also the nutrition which it needs while developing. This will further reduce the chances of the plant becoming wilted or dying. 

So, here are some of the necessary information about kratom that you need to know. 

  • Kratom is native to Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. 
  • The plants can grow up to a height of hundred meters, with large leaves having reticulate venation. 
  • The native tribes of Southeast Asia have used the leaves of the kratom plant for a long time. They used the leaves, which is the hub of alkaloids to treat many diseases. 
  • Being native to the tropical regions, the plant needs right climatic conditions to grow.
  • However, for places which do not fall under the tropical belt, people need to grow the kratom plant in containers which act as greenhouse chambers. The main disadvantage of the following is that the kratom plant does not grow to its full height. 
  • Kratom is a very relaxing plant, which loves to spend the spring season outside in the sunny weather while the colder seasons are spent inside the comfort of the home. 

How to propagate the kratom seeds or cuttings?

For growing the kratom plant, you will either need the seeds or the cuttings of the same. Generally, planters used the method of vegetative propagation for the growth of kratom plants from a vegetative part of itself. This is why cuttings of seeds must be handled with care.  You can find both the seeds and the cuttings at kratom crazy, a trusted online platform where quality kratom product has sold.

Growing Kratom plants from seeds

Starting with kratom seeds, they are quite small in size, even smaller than a little pearl. This seeds generally germinate in a well-potted container. However, the success rate of the germination of the seeds varies from place to place, with being highest in the tropical regions and lowest in the cold areas. This is because Kratom is originally native to the tropical climate, and Frost and cold can significantly affect the overall growth rate. 

The seeds remain viable for germination only till two days after being shed from the plant. Once the period is over, the seeds will not germinate, no matter how amiable the conditions are. As germination rate is very much low in case of kratom seeds, a large group of seeds is planted together in a single pot. This ensures that at least one seed will germinate fully and will grow into a plant. While growing kratom plants from seeds make sure, the seeds are fresh and had been planted within the two days of its fall. Once it gets dried, the seed coat wants well up and imbibes the water, thus hindering the germination process. 

Growing Kratom plants from cuttings

As far as the cuttings are concerned, they are very prone to fungal infections. Make sure that the cuttings are not infected because if they are, then they won’t grow any roots. 

What are the climatic conditions required?

Considering the seeds as the primary growing medium, keep them inside a pot with moss or moistened growing medium. You need to cover the entire pot with plastic to keep the seeds away from direct sunlight. This will also ensure that the seeds are growing in a low humid condition, which is the required climate for the germination. Once the seed starts growing the roots, open the plastic and allowed the plant to breathe in fresh air and sunlight.

Make sure that the soil is very fertile and is nitrogen free. If there are too many leguminous bacteria in the soil, the roots might die. Also, make sure you are using natural fertilizers for providing the required nutrition to the plant.

The soil shouldn’t be dry, so keep watering them. Also, make sure that the water content of the soil does not go beyond the rated value. Again too much water will kill the roots. 

What is the temperature and ventilation requirement? 

Heat is vital for places where the temperature is low beyond the required temperature because that will help the plant to grow to its full potential. Again for the ventilation, make sure that the plant is kept in an area where there is a fan. The fan will dry off the warm air, does helping the leaves to produce alkaloids. Sometimes fresh air is also very much essential for the growth of freedom plants. 


Some might think that growing the kratom plants is difficult because of the growing conditions like climatic conditions, the humidity, the temperature, the soil condition, and even the ventilation. However, if proper care is given to all the factors that are required for the proper growth of the kratom plants, growing them will be as easy as throwing a rose in your house. 

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Predators have a nasty way of finding their way into your garden and eating your food. Even worse, they may attack animals that may be beneficial to the health of your garden.

If your garden is used to supplement your food supply, you can't afford to let vermin like this affect your home. That's why it is important to find ways to keep predators out of your garden for good.

The following methods are just a few ways you can do that. Some are non-lethal and will avoid killing any animals. Others are lethal. Whichever method you choose, make sure to commit to it fully.

However, you should also be adaptable enough to try a new procedure in case the one you chose isn't working. In this way, you can keep your garden safe.

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Whether you are a gardener, carpenter or a part of the demolition team, reading these best Sawzall blades reviews will help you make your most practical decision when it comes to buying this particular part of the cutter.

As gardeners, this type of blade can help you make high-quality planters for your sages, mums, or even bonsai trees. However, that is not the only thing this versatile tool can help you with. This is why I will start our discussion right away.

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Top Reviews of the Best Better Boy Tomato Seeds You Should Grow

The Search for the Best Better Boy Tomato Seeds to Grow

As what was mentioned in the previous article, some tomatoes take time to grow and ripen due to some significant factors. The maturity time, the ambient temperature and the type of tomato you are planting.

Some just go and buy tomato seeds without knowing what type it is. Eventually, they get disappointed when the germination takes longer than they expected. The ripening process and results might alter as well. Little they did know that tomatoes also have varieties. Each and every type has its designated size, germination period and ripening process. One of the most popular tomatoes grown is the Better Boy tomato.

What is a Better Boy tomato? How can you grow your own Better Boy tomatoes at home?

What is a Better Boy Tomato?

Tomatoes are classified with varieties and one of the most popular among them is the Better Boy. Typically, they grow from indeterminate plants. The ripening process only takes 70 to 75 days before the harvest. And because each plant can grow an enormous number of tomatoes, you are likely to harvest, more or less, 340 pounds from a single plant. It truly is an abundant crop! That will be tons of baskets to fill in!

Better boy tomatoes are highly preferred by most homeowners and farmers. The classic tomato flavor is what we often look for and the Better Boy tomatoes acquire this significant taste. The balance between the acid and sugar is just right. The size is also larger than the average ones. Each fruit usually weighs approximately 12 ounces.

Perhaps, the best thing about Better Boy tomatoes is their incredible resistance to common tomato diseases. No wonder many have tried growing this variety in their own your yard.

Would you like to grow your own? You will definitely need the best type of seeds, the accurate growing process, and the proper storage. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

Top 3 Best Better Boy Tomato Seeds

If you are determined to have your own Better Boy tomatoes in your hard, the first step is to find the best seeds on the market. That is why we have listed the best Better Boy Tomato Seeds you can grow at home. Check them out!

#1 - 50 Better Boy Tomato Seeds - JDR Seeds

50 Better Boy Tomato Seeds

The JDR seeds can be your option for a successful planting of Better Boy tomatoes. With its affordable price, you already have a set of 50 better boy tomato seeds.

These seeds have a germination rate of 76%. They are guaranteed to grow flavorful, red and delicious as long as the precise growing process is applied. Hence, if the accurate process is followed, planting these seeds would not be complicated thus hassle-free.

On the other hand, some users had issues with the seeds stating they did not sprout to the time it is expected to.

This could possibly happen if the growing process is not accurate and not strictly followed.

What we like:

  • Germination rate of 76%
  • Affordable price
  • Includes 25 seeds
  • Guarantees flavorful and red better boy tomatoes

    What we don't like:

    • Issue regarding the germination process
    • would not sprout at a certain condition

    #2 - David's Garden Seeds Tomato Slicing Better Boy DGS242RY (Red) 25 Hybrid Seeds

    David's Garden Seeds Tomato Slicing Better Boy DGS242RY

    If you are looking for tomatoes that you can eat in 75 days, the David’s Garden seeds would be the best choice for you! Yes, they are ready to be picked and eaten in 75 days. The germination rate is 80%. Once grown, they would also be great slicing tomatoes.

    David’s Garden seeds ensures a juicy, meaty, round and red better boy tomatoes which usually weighs an average of 1lb per fruit. And since Better Boy tomatoes are known for higher resistance to common tomato diseases, these seeds, when grown, are tolerant from fungal diseases that could damage the crop such as Fusarium Wilt and Verticillium.

    What we like:

    • Juicy, meaty, round and red tomatoes
    • Germination rate: 80%
    • Resistant to fungal diseases to fungal and wilt diseases such as Fusarium Wilt and Verticillium
    • Usually weighs 1lb

      What we don't like:

      • Fewer seeds in a pack compared to other brands

      #3 - Better Boy Tomato 35 Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK!

      Better Boy Tomato 35 Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK!

      35 seeds would be just enough for an abundant crop and this pack from Hirt’s Garden handles it all for you. If grown according to the proper growing process, you’ll have your Better boy tomatoes in no time. They would grow huge, delicious and red.

      The harvest for this variety is usually between 70 to 75 days, but you can take the fresh fruits in 72 days with these seeds. Then again, the correct growing process should be applied. They weigh a pound per fruit and are excellently resistant to possible fungal or wilt diseases.

      There had been issues regarding its accuracy in germination. Some have complained about a low germination of 2pkg tomato seeds. However, Hirt’s garden has been responsive with it. The issue was resolved.​

      What we like:

      • 35 seeds in the pack
      • Huge, delicious, and red
      • Usually weighs 1lb
      • Resistant to possible fungal or wilt diseases
      • Affordable price

        What we don't like:

        • Low germination at some seeds

        How Can You Grow Better Boy Tomatoes?

        Now that you have picked out the best seeds on the market, the next thing to do is grow them. However, you’ll have no luck if the proper and accurate growing process is not applied. So, how can you grow them successfully?

        Here are some steps and reminders you should take note of.

        • Soil – it needs amend soil. Other organic matter will also do. The soil pH (measurement of acidity and alkalinity) should be about 6.2 to 6.8
        • Planting Space – They should be planted 18 to 36 inches apart.
        • Watering – They should be watered constantly all throughout the season. However, this should not be too much or too little. This helps moisture the soil thus prevents cracked or damaged fruits.
        • Light Exposure – It needs to be exposed under a full sun.
        • Protection Against Frost – To keep the seedlings protected from a frost or even a light frost, they should be covered with a frost blanket.
        • Harvest – You will know it is ripe and ready for harvest if you notice a deep color. You can also squeeze the fruit gently if it is firm. And to pick them carefully, grab and twist the stem to pull the tomatoes. You can also use clippers
        • Proper Storage – Never refrigerate the tomatoes. Keep them indoors with a room temperature. If it is only possible to store outside, place it on a shady spot. It can be stored longer if the stems and caps are still intact to the tomatoes.


        Better Boy tomatoes are indeed a great crop to plant in your own yard. But to grow it successfully, you need to find the best seeds on the market. The list above are some of the best you can find. In my opinion, the David’s Garden seeds could be a great option. It is affordable, guarantees resistance to diseases, and ensures excellent tomato production. And to keep your tomatoes fresh and healthy, you have to provide the proper care they need.

        If you still have other concerns or questions about this subject, share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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