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Top 10 Of The Best Umbrellas For The Rainy Season

Sometimes the weatherman gets it right, and the predicted rain falls at the time that they said it would. Sometimes the forecast fails miserably, and you end up soaking in the rain for a good while. As much as you trust the weatherman, it would not hurt to carry the best umbrella in your bag or car just in case the heavens decide to open up.

We all know that sorting through thousands of umbrellas is hectic, just as it would be going through any product that comes in thousands of brands. That is why we are taking the time to sort them out in sizes and to review each category. But first, what are you looking for when shopping for an umbrella?

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Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents For This Year’s Summer

Summers are all about fun and games, and water games dominate highly. There is something inherently freeing about the beach, which is why most people let off their inner child as soon as they hit the water. Life is for the living, no? So, what beach essential do you need to have unlimited fun? Answer: the best beach tent you can find. Let’s find you a keeper.

What Are You Looking For?​

Let’s talk beach tents. In the ancient times, Arab traders moved from place to place to facilitate their trade. You can imagine there were no phones or computers to help them traverse the world to sell their wares, and so they had to do what they had to do. The cruises would lead them to beaches where they would lay their beach tents and take a break before resuming the journey. Commitment.

Fast forward to present day. We have all manner of communication means, but we still yearn for adventure. Do you want to spend the night on a public beach? No biggie, long as you have the best canopy for the beach. Before you buy, pay attention to these tiny details.

Coverage – Think UPF​

The thickest material will not necessarily cut it here. Matter of fact, you may find that it only makes you sweaty and hot without proper coverage. What matters more is the UPF coverage, essentially the measure of how much of the sun’s UV rays make it through the fabric and to your skin. The best coverage is in the range of UPF 50. That ensures that you are protected from up to 98% of the sun’s rays.​

Material Of The Canopy And The Rods

Most canopies are made of polyester, given its ability to prevent water from entering your beach abode. You want to ensure that your preferred bars are made of steel so that they last as long as the canopy does. Most pop-up canopies need no set-up as long as the small rods can snap out into position. Seeing as they will be subject to enough folding and unfolding, you want them firm and sturdy.

The floor of the tent will be made of the same material as the rest of the canopy, and so you should go for the sturdiest. As we noted, polyester can take a beating so choose it for a durable tent.

Type and Size​

These will be determined by the size of your family and the reason for which you need the tent. If yours is a family of four that only needs this for the random weekend outing, you may choose a large tent that does not necessarily have to be the lightest. If yours is for constant travel, then you want a light tent that will come along with you.

A pop-up tent is ideal for travel seeing as it compresses to this compact unit that you can comfortably carry in a carrying case. The rods are light too. Some of them even come with inbuilt sand pockets, so that is a bonus. It is pretty small, and so most are appropriate for a party of two.

Family tents are yet another popular type, preferred by… families of course! They are usually large enough to accommodate anything from four people. The one thing about them is that they do not give a beach vibe, and so they fit anywhere from the beach to the backyard.

Cabana Beach Tents are yet another type. These are large and spacious, and they resemble a mini football pitch. They are ideal for large families or gatherings that need shielding from the sun. One thing they have over the other types is their resilience. A cabana beach tent is made of sturdy material that will withstand just about anything from the dog’s paws to children’s actions. Naturally, you can use them in other places apart from the beach.

Other Factors That Matter​

Internal pockets are a great asset of any beach tent as they make easy storage for your cards, phones, and keys. Some people will even consider the lack of pockets a deal breaker. Well, it does give you peace of mind knowing your car keys are safe and not in the sand.

Color and budget may not be big deals, as you are better off with an ugly but high-quality beach tent. But then again, do tell, have you ever seen an ugly beach canopy? We thought so. You'll undoubtedly have a budget in mind, but the reason for this review was to give you some of the best beach tents that will not break the bank.

​So, without further ado, let’s go shopping!







Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
INTEY Beach Tent 3 Season Waterproof Tent 2-3 Person Camping Tent Easy Set Up with Portable Pack
WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Instant Sun Shelter Tent Sunshade Baby Canopy
BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Cabana 2-3 Person UV Protection Beach Shade for Outdoor Activities


Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

INTEY Beach Tent

WolfWise UPF 50+

BATTOP Automatic Pop Up

GreenWorks 29072














4.5 lbs

3 lbs

5 lbs

2.3 lbs

4 lbs

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Reviews Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents For This Year's Summer

#1 -Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent - Best Price On The Market

It sets up quickly and it is priced reasonably but it is too small.

This easy-to-erect tent takes the color of the ocean. The color never fades even with constant washing, which is easy to clean and care for. It leaves little doubt as to why most fun lovers voted it as one of the best beach shelters on the market.

This tent measures 87 L x 47 H x 49 D, and it weighs 4.5lbs when packed. Even though it expands to fit up to 2 adults, it also compresses easily when you want to travel, and it also comes with a fitted carrying bag. The interior part of this beach tent is spacious for two and airy, thanks to the open plan. If you wish to zip it up completely, you have windows inside to let in air and light.

Although internal pockets are not deal breakers, they come close to making you change your mind. This tent has three of them for personal items. The set up is pretty easy with the manual that comes with the tent. It has sand pockets and sand bags too, so you will not need to buy new pairs.​

Last update on 2019-09-09 at 23:51 PST - Details

What we like:

  • UPF 50+.
  • Has pockets for your phone and stuff.
  • Sand bags keep the tent afloat.
  • Set up is quite easy and bring down.

    What we don't like:

    • It is small.

    #2 - INTEY Beach Tent 3 Season Waterproof Tent - Best For Easy Set-Up

    It is spacious to accommodate two adults and a toddler, but fortunately, there is only one window in the tent.

    The beach is unpredictable which is why you need a waterproof beach tent to keep the water out in case the ocean decides to rage. You also know not when the heavens will open up, and so it helps to stay protected and dry.

    This tent is blue, and it is made of a polyester fabric with 190T UV protection. You can count on 98% protection from the sun’s rays with this UPF 50 property. This beach shelter is easy to set up with its four tent pegs that hold it down against the beach’s wind. The floor has a great cover too, to keep the sand away. It is a whole tent that you can comfortably sleep in even in your backyard. It comes down as quickly as it erects.

    It is designed to fit two adults and some coolers or other goodies that you may bring to the beach. Inside it, you have a pouch for personal effects, and it is large enough to fit a tablet. It has a diameter of 18.5 inches when folded, and it weighs 3lbs. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

    What we like:

    • Cheap.
    • Easy to set up and take down.
    • Lightweight

      What we don't like:

      • The single pouch is not enough.
      • It only has one window.

      #3 - BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent – Best For UV Protection

      Small and compact when folded, but it has no pockets for personal items.

      You can zip this pop-up tent to make it 100% private. To counter the lack of light, small windows carved into the tent provide some air. The pop-up at the front makes it easy to set up, seeing as you will only need to erect it with the supportive poles and then place the sandbags at the bottom.

      The sand pockets are inbuilt, so you will not need to buy them separately. All six metal rods fold into two for easy porting. When it is set up, this tent will accommodate two adults and a toddler, but it folds into this 65 x 59 x 43.5 inches compact unit that you can carry comfortably on your shoulder, thanks to the carrying case that it comes with.​

      The material is polyester, and it is fortified with UPF50 to keep you protected from harmful rays of the sun. The same sturdy material makes up the floor, and so the sand will stay out of your little home on the beach.

      Last update on 2019-09-10 at 03:07 PST - Details

      What we like:

      • UPF50+ is excellent for sun protection.
      • This tent is easy to set up.
      • The carrying bag makes it portable.
      • Inbuilt sand bags keep in grounded.

        What we don't like:

        • It has no pockets.
        • Once closed up, it becomes too small.

        #4 - WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent - Best Canopy Tent For Its Size

        It pops up well and lets in fresh air, but it is a tad too expensive.

        The sides of this pop-up WolfWise beach tent have two large mesh windows that let in enough air and light should you decide to zip up the front part. The tent is blue, and it sets up as quickly as it comes down. It is made of anti-tear 190T polyester while the poles are galvanized to avoid rust. The entire unit is made to endure harsh elements.

        As the tent is a pop-up, it does not require any setup per se. All you need to do is let it out of its bag and watch it unfold. It comes together just as easily, and the sand pockets will keep it in place in case of the wind blows too hard.The fabric is UPF50+ and waterproof, and so you can be sure to be safe on the beach even when it rains. Inside, you have two pockets for personal effects.

        What we like:

        • UPF 50+ is ideal for blocking harmful rays.
        • A pop-up does not need equipment to set up.
        • It weighs 3lbs when folded.
        • Polyester is tear-free.

          What we don't like:

          • It is small.
          • Expensive for its size

          #5 - Summer Breeze Easy Pop Up Beach Tent – Wide and Spacious Beach Tent

          While this tent is wide and spacious, the poles feel a bit flimsy.

          This beach tent sets up in seconds because all you have to do is straighten the metal rods on the side and watch it pop open. It is blue and yellow and has six bars on the side to keep each corner well prompted. It also has two inbuilt sand bags to weigh it down and keep it grounded when the wind blows.

          The material, polyester 210t ripstop is durable and has UPF 50 for sun block. The tent measures 87" wide, 47" high and 49" deep and will accommodate two adults. On each side, you have two large windows for ventilation and light. The additional vent at the top acts as a windbreaker.

          The floor of the tent has the same fabric to keep it dry and sand-free. The entire tent is waterproof, and it will keep you covered sufficiently. It could do with some pockets, though.

          Last update on 2019-09-09 at 20:26 PST - Details

          What we like:

          • The tent is spacious and airy.
          • It sets up in seconds.
          • The fabric blocks as much of the sun’s rays as possible

            What we don't like:

            • No pockets.
            • It is quite small.


            Pop-up tents have to be the best, thanks to their easy setup. As long as you unfold the bars, the rest of the canopy opens up by itself. They are just as easy to bring down, which makes them popular among most beachgoers.

            The reason why we choose Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tentas the best in this category is the ease of setting up, its lightweight nature, and its price. It is not at all lost on us that the fabric is of high quality and that it provides UV protection. Other things we like are the internal pockets that are so convenient and the inbuilt sandbags.

            5 Of The Best Beach Chairs Of 2017

            It is a beautiful day: the sky is blue, and the sun is out. What are we doing today? Beaching; that’s what. So, here is the checklist for tag-along: SPF 50+ lotion, a bikini (very important), a beach tent, a carefree attitude, and the best beach chair! Yeah, you will not spend all your day in the water because you are not a fish, so you may as well bring that chair along.

            But before you make that commitment, what should you look for in a beach chair?

            Beach chairs difference from ordinary chairs in a few ways one of them being that they are more about comfort and style. Yeah, vanity and comfort can be in the same sentence, and that’s alright.


            First, you will be headed to the beach with a large water body in front of you. Actually, that’s why you are going there in the first place. You want a chair that is waterproof to defy all the mess that good ole water can cause. The material that makes up the sitting pad and the back should not hold water, as that will take longer to dry and the sun is sometimes limited.

            The legs matter too. You want them to be foldable so that they do not take too much storage space. Most chairs are made of steel, but you will find a few made of wood. Wood is slightly heavier, and so it will not work well if you want your chair to tag along for trips.

            Powder-coated steel is durable, and so it will weather the storm and the salty water on the beach. It is also foldable and easy to transport. The size of the chair is a personal choice, although you don’t want it to be too big and bulky.

            Other Things To Consider


            The best beach chairs on Amazon are not necessarily the priciest. They simply have great features (and are colorful too). As long as it is comfortable and made of the right material, you are good. Cup holders are great additions, seeing as no one wants to place their drink on the sand and then have to stretch their arms to pick it up.

            Padded armrests and backs make the chair even more comfortable, and they are certainly important for those with bad backs. You may have to add a little money for a more comfortable chair, but it is necessary, especially if you spend several hours sitting down.

            Carry bags are deal breakers these days. A retailer should be gracious enough to throw in a carry bag given the cost of these chairs. Again, if you are always moving around with your new possession, you want a nice convenient bag to carry it in.

            Why Do You Need Beach Chair Anyways?

            Oh, The Comfort!

            The beach is for good days! You want to go down there and forget about Syria or that children are dying of hunger in some parts of the world. The only way to lounge and read that book without interference is by getting yourself a beach chair. Better yet, get one that is padded for comfort and add a beach umbrella to it for unrivaled comfort. The only problem could be you falling asleep and only waking up to angry waves lapping at your feet.

            Take It Anywhere

            The best thing about these beach chairs is that they are multipurpose. You can take it to camp with you so that you can take a break from the hammock. They also come in handy when you sit down to roast wild vegetables and bush meat or otherwise you will be sitting on an uncomfortable rock.

            Various Types Of Beach Chairs​

            Traditional Chairs

            Most of these are made of wood, and they are a tad bulkier than your usual beach chair. They used to be quite popular back in the day, but some people still use them to date. They are sturdier and offer better back support, thanks to their construction. However, they are bulky and ideal for those who own beach houses or those who don’t mind lugging them in the car.

            Portable Beach Chairs

            They are usually small, and light and their feet are naturally made of steel for its weight. They are collapsible, and so they port quite easily as all you gave to do is fold the little thing and throw it in the trunk. The main undoing of these chairs is in their construction. Compared to the traditional beach chair, they feel flimsy, and they will make you feel uncomfortable if you sit on these chairs for too long.

            Portable beach chairs are ideal to use for the short-term because they are not designed for longevity anyways, and it is best not to spend too much time on one. Upside, they are cheap.

            Before we delve into the reviews, see this comparison table.







            5 OF BEST BEACH CHAIRS OF 2017

            Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar
            Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler
            Rio Brands 5 Position Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair
            Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair
            Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair


            Tommy Bahama

            Coleman Oversized Quad

            Rio Brands

            Rio Brands Lace Up

            Coleman Aluminum Chair


            7 lbs


            6.5 lbs

            7 lbs

            7 lbs

            Load Capacity

            300 lbs

            300 lbs

            250 lbs

            240 lbs

            225 lbs

            Cup Holder





            Yes (Deck)







            Get It

            5 Of The Best Beach Chairs Of 2017

            #1 - Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair  – Best For Inclining

            It reclines all the way to the ground, but it gets uncomfortable if you sit on it too long.

            This chair is colorful; there is no doubt about that. It fits the beach life perfectly. This Tommy Bahama backpack chair is collapsible and foldable into different positions, including laying it back so that it feels like a beach bench.

            On the side, you have a beverage holder in the form of a pouch. It is wide enough to accommodate two bottles of coke. There is also a pouch for your phone and keys. The armrests are not padded, but they are 24 inches wide and comfortable.

            The fabric is polyester, which we know is waterproof. Both the back and sitting pad are made of this material to keep you warm and so that the seat dries fast when you wash. Speaking of washing, polyester is also easy to launder.

            At the top where the head rests is a towel holder, which molds perfectly to form a pillow. This beach chair is not only comfortable but also sturdy enough to handle 300lbs. It comes with padded shoulder straps for the carrier, which forms part of the chair. Essentially, you only need to fold the seat and place it on your back like a pack. It weighs 7lbs.

            Last update on 2019-09-10 at 02:50 PST - Details

            What we like:

            • Light and collapsible
            • Comfortable
            • It has pockets and a towel case
            • Has a cooler

              What we don't like:

              • It is quite large
              • It gets uncomfortable if you sit on it too long.

              #2 - Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler  – Easy To Set Up And Take Down.

              This chair is beautiful, but it feels a bit flimsy.

              This chair stands tall when you put it together. The legs crisscross, so you simply unfold them and voila! You have a perfect seat. The back is covered in polyester fabric, which holds back water. The sitting area is also made of polyester. It is not padded, and neither are the arms, but they have the same fabric all over them, and they are broad and comfortable.

              On the side, you have a small pouch for your phones and water bottles. The armrest will hold up to four cans. This particular one is black with steel rods for legs. The bars are coated, and so they will not succumb to moisture and sea salt.

              Because of the stellar steel construction, this chair handles up to 300lbs.

              When folded, the beach chair measures 27 x 27 x 7.75 inches to fit perfectly into the carrying case that it comes in. It is easy to carry around if you don't mind hauling 8lbs on your back.

              Last update on 2019-09-09 at 23:34 PST - Details

              What we like:

              • It is simple yet elegant.
              • It folds up nicely and sets up easily.
              • It is light and waterproof.
              • The pouch and cooler make it even more convenient.

                What we don't like:

                • It feels a bit flimsy.
                • The straps to the carrying bag are not strong enough.

                #3 - Rio Brands Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair  – The most colorful beach chair

                The colors are bright and fade-free, but it is a little too low for some.

                This Rio brand is not only cheerful (thanks to its colors), but it is also cheaper than you can imagine! The material, polyester, is sturdy and waterproof, and so this chair is expected to last a good while. It sits 8 inches off the ground, and so it may feel a bit uncomfortable for come people. The blue flowery fabric is fade-free and easy to clean.

                The armrests are wooden with a classy finish. They attach to the rest of the steel holding this chair together. What we like the most about this chair (apart from the colors) is its ability to recline all the way to the ground. It takes up to 5 positions for your comfort.

                When folded, it measures 9 x 24.5 x 30 inches and weighs just a little over 6lbs. It comes with a carrying bag, and it fits easily when you fold it right. It holds up to 250lbs. It does not have a designated headrest, but it holds you well enough especially if you are below 5’6.

                Last update on 2019-09-09 at 20:26 PST - Details

                What we like:

                • It is colorful.
                • It is compact and fits into a carrying case.
                • It is quite light.
                • Cheap

                  What we don't like:

                  • It sinks a little too low for some people’s liking.
                  • No pouch or pocket

                  #4 - Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair  – A Beautiful And Sturdy Beach Chair.

                  Blue and beautiful, but without pouches

                  Blue is a beautiful color and well loved by most makers of beach chairs from the collection we have seen. This beauty is blue and elegant. You would think it were a typical chair that you find in a home, thanks to its sturdiness that shows in its steel legs and armrests.

                  The material is polyester, and so it does not hold water. The aluminum legs and frame are coated to prevent rust. The armrests are plastic coated for more comfort, and you will notice plastic hardly gets cold. It has a cup holder on the side, but no larger pouch for other items. It has a headrest that comes in handy when you recline it or reposition it in any of the 4 possible positions.

                  This chair holds up to 240lbs, seeing as it is quite sturdy. It folds into this compact unit measuring 4.13 x 25.24 x 29.76 inches and weighing 7lbs. It comes with a sizeable carrying case with a wide, comfortable strap. It is easy to carry around, thanks to the comfortable carrying bag and its compact size. The weight helps too.

                  Last update on 2019-09-09 at 21:01 PST - Details

                  What we like:

                  • It is lightweight.
                  • It folds into this compact unit.
                  • It unfolds into four different positions.

                    What we don't like:

                    • It could use a larger pouch.

                    #5 - Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair  – The Best Looking Chair

                    It is elegant, but it does not recline.

                    Coleman is known for their dark choice of color that still brings out the best of each beach chair the company brings out on the market. This chair is 24 inches off the floor, and so it is as comfortable as most regular chairs you have at home. The great thing is that it works perfectly for other settings as well, and so you can take it to camping and all.

                    The armrests on this baby are a bit narrow, but they are padded, and so they are still comfortable. The side table that you pull from the collapsible chair will comfortably hold a book and drinks. It is made of hard plastic to handle pressure. The steel frame will handle up to 225lbs, and it folds easily when you want to pack it.

                    It has no headrest, and it does not recline into several positions like some beach chairs, but it makes up for this teeny shortcoming with the pull-up table and its elegance.

                    Last update on 2019-09-09 at 20:26 PST - Details

                    What we like:

                    • Elegant
                    • 24 inches off the floor
                    • It is easy to fold and light to transport.
                    • The pull-up table is a touch of genius.

                      What we don't like:

                      • It does not recline.
                      • The armrests are too thin.


                      You may be deceived to go for beauty because; who doesn’t want elegant beach chairs, no? That is not an entirely bad thing, seeing that the chairs on our reviews are both functional and beautiful. Before you buy, go through this guide to help you make up your mind.

                      Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair stands out for not only its attractive colors but for its ability to recline all the way to the down and to be changed into 5 different positions. It is light for backpackers and comes with a comfortable carrying bag. Happy shopping!

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                      5 Best Commercial Weed Eater Reviews that Guarantees Obvious Reduction in Weeks

                      The presence of weeds is irritating because of so many reasons. Number one, it destroys the appearance of our lawn. Next, it caters pests and organisms that can cause plant disease. Last but not the least, weeds are expensive – it will take up your time, effort and money.

                      Since weeds are a common problem and using non-chemical products are highly recommended, the next question would be: what amongst the available best commercial weed eaters in the market should I buy?

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                      It is such an exciting feeling to plan a swimming day with your friends and family. You prepare swimsuits, sunscreens, decors, food, beverages and the house. But do you think that’s enough?

                      Let me help you today by discussing reasonably priced best pool test kit that will give you precise results.





                      Our Rating


                      Total alkalinity, bromine test for acid-base demand, calcium hardness, combined and free chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH



                      LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

                      Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid.



                      Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit K-2006C

                      Free and Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid and Base Demand, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity and Stabilizer levels.



                      TF-100 Test Kit

                      Chlorine Test (OTO) Chlorine Test (FAS/DPD) Combined Chloramines Test, Calcium Hardness Test, Total Alkalinity Test, Cyanuric Acid Test.



                      Taylor Technologies K-2005-SALT Test Kit Complete High

                      Six different standards for chlorine (1-10 ppm), bromine (2-20 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 8.0).


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                      ​Ever peeked at the lush greenery in your neighbor’s backyard vegetable garden and wondered how they achieved that?

                      Well, the truth may shock you. It does not require lots of money, but you will need to give time and show love to your little garden.

                      The results? The effort will be worth it.

                      Last update on 2019-09-10 at 02:24 PST - Details

                      Comparing 10 Of The Best Composters On The Market

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                      Best Hydroponic Nutrients 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’ Guide

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                      Do you need to go through several bags of fertilizer to get the world’s best hydroponic nutrients?

                      Not really, but you will need a good idea on what to look out for. Some plants may require specific nutrients, but for the most part and at the first stages of growth, there will be little to no distinction.

                      These are some of the most potent hydroponics nutrients for various plants. You can also use them for other mediums, but on differing frequency.

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                      5 Best Chainsaw Chain Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2017

                      We may not agree on so much but, you’ll agree with us on this:

                      Sharpening a chainsaw chain whenever it becomes blunt is tiring and well, however much efforts you throw in, the chain won’t be as efficient as it was after you bought it; right?

                      Having gone through the hassle of buying chainsaw chain sharpeners and looking around for the best price saw chains, we had to enlighten you. Finding the RIGHT chain for your chainsaw is incredibly difficult.

                      However, with our unbiased review, which took us hours as we scoured the internet, we have a list of the five best chainsaw chains which you can order today.

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