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5 Wrist Accessories That Go Well With Watches

Wearing a watch alone is boring. Sometimes, you need to spice up your outfit and put details outside your timepiece. Bracelets, rings, or even locally-made twines can complement your look when done appropriately. And having to pair these with your iconic watches in your every day can make you feel more confident.

Wearing accessories has been a necessity and not a trend alone. Some would wear more to juxtapose their minimal fit, and some would wear a little for subtlety. The thing is, you cannot wear a timepiece alone without something to complement it with. So, here are 5 wrist accessories that go well with your watches:

1. Braided Bracelets

Have you noticed some shoelaces dangling on someone’s wrist? This trend has been in the streetwear scene, mostly worn by skaters. No, they don’t use them for back-up when their shoes get destroyed. These comfy adjustable bands are worn day in and day out and are very much washable when rugged.

Pioneering brand Rastaclat has developed many variations of braided bracelets throughout. A lot of colorways have also been available, and some are from brand inspirations. They have also collaborated with Champion, Sriracha, Sanrio and other famous brands.

You can collect a couple or more for your watches. Rastaclats are available in various concept stores worldwide.

2. Chains

If you want something luxurious to pair with your watch, then these should be on your list. Investing in gold and silver is good, especially when its prices increase over time. If you have kept some in your wardrobe, you can also liquidate them whenever needed.

Try pairing your watch with gold or silver bracelets on your other wrist. This will make your wrists looked balanced and complemented properly. You can also shop online, but be careful of fake ones.

3. Bangles

Ladies, there is nothing more fashionable than wearing bangles at any time of the day. Whether you are going on a date, or just doing some groceries, bangles are the way to go. Bangles come in different colors and designs and are very easy to wear. These are perfect for those who are always on the go.

4. Rings

You can invest in rings as part of your accessories. A ring symbolizes many things, and having a few in your drawer can always complete any fit. With various colors and materials, these accessories can be worn anywhere you go.

What separates rings from the others, aside from being worn on a finger is its material. Just like chains, these rings come in silver and gold bases. Some rings are made from carbon and other tempered materials.

You might want to invest in high-end brands like Gucci. But, there are also online markets that sell concept rings for cheap. They usually produce more unique products that are not found in physical stores. In this way, you can choose more for the styles that you opt for.

5. Straps

This could be the most unique pair for your watches. If there are headbands for your head, there are also wristbands that come stylish. And these are not tennis accessories that stop sweat from dripping down to the hands. These are so elastically durable, they can last for years.

Zox is a brand that delivers amazing designs of strap bands that match your fits. You can choose from their crazy prints, along with some motivational sayings. They also sell bags and hoodies but don’t get them wrong. They still give the quality and heritage signature for their products.

This LA-based brand that started in 2010 is available online. They also ship worldwide.


 Complementing your watch depends on your preferences. Sometimes, you would want to wear one timepiece for itself and nothing else. That is more than okay, but if you try to invest in accessories you might be able to explore more in styling yourself.