Things You Need To Consider When Building A Greenhouse

Gardening has become a popular hobby nowadays since it is affordable as well as a relaxing activity to do. Gardening has become a joyful hobby because of the sense of responsibility it gives to its owners. Since it’s easy to maintain, gardening inside a greenhouse has become more popular in recent times. Building a greenhouse for your personal use can benefit you in many ways but you can’t become successful without proper planning. You must consider a few factors before building a greenhouse garden of your own.

Here are some things you should take into consideration before starting to build this project:


When planning to build a greenhouse for your garden, you must consider the size that you want to have. The size of a greenhouse will depend on several factors, but the most important one to consider is the kind of plants or vegetables you plan to grow inside of it. If it is your first time building one, it is recommended to build a smaller greenhouse. However, the small ones tend to be more difficult to manage when it comes to regulating its temperature.


The regulation of a greenhouse’s temperature is as easy as opening its windows to let the heat out. During the summer season, heat builds up which leaves the plants in an unhealthy habitat. Consider putting fans or enough windows to regulate the temperature and lessen heat buildup. During winter, make adjustments for chilly days. For smaller greenhouses, a small electric heater can be all you need to prevent the temperature from going down to hazardous levels. You can also use alternative heat collection systems such as drums of water or blocks of thick concrete that will warm when sunlight hits them. During the night, these will slowly let out the retained heat back into the greenhouse.


If your area snows during the winter, your greenhouse will need a peaked roofing system to prevent snow from collecting and collapsing the greenhouse. If you choose a dome-type roof, guarantee that it has enough pitch so that rain and snow doesn’t collect in one spot. Roof drainage becomes a huge factor when owning large greenhouses where there are a lot of areas where water can be accumulated. Gutters, drain pipes and downspouts can be installed to manage excess water on the roof. For larger installations, City Seamless Roofing recommends getting a catch basin for both ends of the greenhouse.


If you are looking for optimal growing conditions, the best orientation for your greenhouse should be south or southeast. Exposing the greenhouse all day helps the plants undergo photosynthesis. If it is not possible to have a southern orientation, the next viable option is the east orientation. The end walls of the greenhouse should face the direction of east to west so that sunrise and sunset can provide sufficient sunlight for your plants.


How do you plan to use the greenhouse? You have to know exactly why you want to have a greenhouse. Do you want to grow exotic plants or cultivate a collection of eclectic plants? Perhaps you want it to jumpstart seedling procedures? Will the greenhouse be for your personal use or could it double as an entertainment section so that family and friends can see your plant collection? These are just a few questions that can help determine your greenhouse’s functionality.


Gravel flooring has been the choice of many greenhouse owners since it is simple, low maintenance and provides easy drainage. However, others prefer the traditional concrete tiles to make it look good.

Having a greenhouse that can provide sustainable gardening can require upfront investments but it will provide you with outstanding advantages in the long run. You will have the opportunity to raise different varieties of plants which cannot grow in a traditional garden.


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