Top 10 Of The Best Umbrellas For The Rainy Season

Sometimes the weatherman gets it right, and the predicted rain falls at the time that they said it would. Sometimes the forecast fails miserably, and you end up soaking in the rain for a good while. As much as you trust the weatherman, it would not hurt to carry the best umbrella in your bag or car just in case the heavens decide to open up.

We all know that sorting through thousands of umbrellas is hectic, just as it would be going through any product that comes in thousands of brands. That is why we are taking the time to sort them out in sizes and to review each category. But first, what are you looking for when shopping for an umbrella?


​Size Matters

The user will dictate size. If you take a child, for instance, they will not need the same size of an umbrella as an adult. They will need a canopy big enough to cover the entire body without making it difficult for them to walk. The size in most cases determines the weight of the umbrella, and so a heavy one is not a good idea for a child.

Adults can handle larger and heavier umbrellas. However, a one-person umbrella does not have to be so large. Just get one that covers you completely without being a nuisance.

Protection From Rain

The primary reason for getting that umbrella was to have ample coverage from rain, right? So, you want to get one that covers you ideally without curtailing your movement. A well-curved canopy is the first thing to look out for, as it will catch all the stray drops of rain, even on a windy day.

Size also matters here, seeing as the larger the umbrella, the better the coverage. The diameter of the canopy is the best measurement for coverage. Depth also matters, seeing as a deeper canopy prevents stray drops of rain on a windy day from making you wet. The truth is that an umbrella’s coverage can only reach so far and that your feet are likely to get wet. You can always invest in a raincoat for that part of the body.

One important note though, is that the depth of your umbrella may inhibit your vision. It is a delicate balance, factoring in width and depth, and the manufacturers should make sure that they have it all noted to the last detail so that the dome does not become an inconvenience.

Strength Of The Umbrella

Strong winds will turn the umbrella the other way and render it useless. How strong is your umbrella? Will it handle heavy winds or will the canopy invert immediately? Well, some winds are too heavy to handle, and even the strongest umbrella may give in at such times. The most important thing is the material of the metal rods that attach to the canopy. They should not only be strong but also able to revert in case of an inversion. That calls for flexibility.

The other defense mechanism that is going to prevent the umbrella from being blown off is the angle that you hold it. Tilting it to face down so that the wind hits the canopy will prevent entry into it (canopy) that would lift it into the air and cause it to invert. The material making the canopy is equally important.

The stem or handle of your umbrella will determine how well it holds against strong winds. If the stem is weak, the metal rods attaching to the canopy are likely to be weak, and so is the entire unit. Check the strength of the stem by opening the umbrella and moving the handle clockwise and anticlockwise at a time. If it feels flimsy, then it is likely to give in during windy rains.

Let’s Talk Transportation

If you are like me, you are always leaving the umbrella wherever you go. For this reason, I prefer umbrellas that will fit into a bag. The size will determine the portability of your umbrella. Most small sized umbrellas meant for one person will fit commmmf0rtably into medium-sized bags. Some brands that we will discuss in this review are quite large, but they fold compactly to fit into small spaces. Most non-compact models are large, the kind you tuck in somewhere in your car and forget about them until it rains.

Here is what to consider as far as portability goes: do you take the bus every day? Yes? You may want to consider a smaller, compact umbrella that does not poke fellow passengers in the bus. You already have enough enemies, you know. The same applies for backpackers. Actually, backpacks have a pocket designated for a small umbrella. If your umbrella is always in the car and you only bring it out when you need it, then a larger one would be all right.

The redeeming feature on most umbrellas, small or large, is the storage sleeve. It packs the umbrella nicely inside and makes carrying it quite easy, even for the large ones. A shoulder sling makes things even better.

What Determines Durability

This feature will be determined by a few factors, key among them the material of the canopy and the thin spokes up there that attach to the canopy. Naturally, a non-compact umbrella has fewer hinges and moving parts, and so it will be sturdier than a compact umbrella.

How Easy Is It To Use?

It’s just an umbrella, right? How hard would that be to use? Well, the truth is, some umbrellas are so stubborn that they will fail you smack in the middle of a rainy afternoon. The spokes refuse to part, and so you are unable to open the umbrella. That happens a lot more times that you know. The problem could lay with the mechanisms of the umbrella, or it is simply cheap and faulty.

Transparent canopies are popular. Why is that? Well, remember what we said about the canopy creating a dome that inhibits visibility? This problem is what the clear canopy solves. You do not have to bend to see what is in front of you if you can see through.

Does Price Matter?

Let me ask you; can you put a price on quality? Well, most cheap umbrellas are flimsy and will invert at the drop of a hat. They will not last that long either. If you do not want to buy a new one every three months, you are better off investing in what will feel like a slightly pricier umbrella once and for all.

Style It, You Said?

Well, fashionable people do not just buy umbrellas that they find on the shelf, but they choose those that will go with their clothes. If you are keen on how you look when carrying it, the market is not short of colors and styles to complement your complex.Let’s get right into the reviews, shall we?

Comparison Table


Top 10 

Wind Text


Canopy Size

Get It

GustBuster Metro

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella

55 mph


43 inches


EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella w/ Windproof Double Canopy Construction - Auto Open Close

55 mph


42 inches

Procella Umbrella

Golf Umbrella by Procella Umbrella 62 Inch Large Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant Tested by Skydivers

46 mph


62 inches

Repel Windproof

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating



38 inches


WASING Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Cars Reverse Umbrella, Windproof UV Protection Big Straight Umbrella for Car Rain Outdoor With C-Shaped Handle



42 inches

LifeTek Automatic

LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella Teflon 210T Canopy 9 Rib Wind Resistant Frame

36 mph


42 inches

Rainlax Inverted

Rainlax Inverted Double Layer Windproof UV Protection Reverse folding Umbrellas



42 inches

Totes Raines

Totes Raines Auto Open/Close Mini Travel Umbrella, 32-Inch Canopy



32 inches 

Totes Signature

totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella



52 inches

Kolumbo Umbrella

Kolumbo Unbreakable Windproof Umbrellas Tested 55 MPH BEWARE of Knockoffs Innovative & Patent Pending, Auto Open Close, Won't Break If Inverted, Durability Tested 5000 Times

55 mph


42 inches

Top 10 Of The Best Umbrellas For The Rainy Season

#1 - EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella 

On a rainy and certainly dull day, the only thing you need to brighten your day is a colorful umbrella. That is what you get with this EEZ-Y umbrella. It comes in over 8 bright colors, and the price is pretty reasonable for an umbrella of its quality.

This tiny umbrella is called a travel buddy for a reason. When folded, it measures 11 inches. When opened, the canopy measures 42 inches wide, and its overall length from the stem (when open) is 22 inches. It weighs 0.9lbs, and it fits perfectly in the small sleeve bag it comes in. It will also fit ideally in a standard-sized clutch bag.

The canopy is double vented, which prevents it from inverting under heavy wind. It also withstands heavy rainfall, seeing as the construction is quite sturdy. The metal shaft and 9 fiberglass spokes make this umbrella robust enough to stand winds of up to 55mph. The frame and fiberglass are stainless, and so they will not succumb to all the nasty things associated with harsh elements. The rubberized handle is slip resistant too.

The wide canopy is made of polyester that we know to be waterproof and durable. The 210T material is easy to clean too, making this umbrella so much easier to care for.

Last update on 2018-04-29 at 02:13 PST - Details

Umbrellas should be easy to use, no? How hard can it be to open and bask under the canopy? But that is not always the case with some, especially if the metal spokes jam all the time when you try to open it. This one opens easily in seconds. Oh, and it will not dent your pocket.

What we like:

  • Lightweight (0.9lbs).
  • It handles wind efficiently (up to 55mph).
  • The canopy is wide and offers good coverage.
  • It is cheap.

    What we don't like:

    • The umbrella is heavy for a child.
    • The stalk needs some level of energy to pull open.

    #2 - Golf Umbrella by Procella Umbrella

    While a small, compact umbrella is a sound investment for one person, it will not help much when it is the two of you, and you both need protection from the elements. You will need a golf umbrella with a broad, protective canopy and a sturdy stem that holds its own against gusts of wind.

    This umbrella is 62 inches wide when open, and it weighs 1.1lbs. It may be a little too heavy for a child, but it is ideal for adults. The canopy is made of nylon, which is robust and waterproof. This umbrella will only cost you a small amount, but it will last until you lose it.

    It is large, measuring 38 inches when open. The fiberglass framework is rust free and sturdy to prevent unnecessary movement whether open or shut down. The long stem has a button as is expected of umbrellas, and so it opens up with one simple push.

    Sturdy steel poles that do not rust or give it to much folding support the double vented canopy. They hold nicely to the canopy to prevent the umbrella from being lifted by the wind or inverting. The manufacturer says that the umbrella is tested against heavy winds of up to 46mph.The mechanisms of the umbrella make it easy to open and fold back to position without ruining it. It lasts long, seeing as the formation does not allow for any breaking. This umbrella comes in different colors and with matching carrying sleeve covers. It has UV protection, and the manufacturer changes it hassle free if there is a valid complaint.

    What we like:

    • It covers two people entirely.
    • Will stand winds up to 46mph.
    • The canopy is made of easy to clean and durable material.
    • Cheap.

      What we don't like:

      • It is not ideal for travel as it is large.
      • Some people may find 1.1lbs a tad too heavy.

      #3 - Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

      When traveling, whether for a long time or to and from work, you will need to stay protected from rain. No one likes hauling around a cumbersome and lengthy umbrella unless they have to, which is why this small, compact travel package comes in handy.

      This tiny umbrella comes in only one color (bummer), but it measures 11.5 inches when folded and weighs less than a pound. It has a wide canopy, although it is only big enough to cover one person. The depth of the canopy allows full coverage without inhibiting your sight. Seeing as it is not transparent, you will need to hold it at a particular angle.

      The canopy, made of nylon, is durable and easy to care for. It cleans easily with soap and water, or you can simply wipe the dirt off. Thanks to its size and weight, you can pack it in a briefcase, purse, or even your backpack. Teflon is also water resistant to keep you from getting drenched when it pours. It dries instantly too. The pack comes with a matching cover sleeve for easy porting.

      Over the years, manufacturers have found that the strength of an umbrella lies in its stalk and the ribs attaching to the canopy. Instead of the usual 6 to 8, this umbrella has 9 resin reinforced fiberglass rods that flex to allow the wind’s force to pass. A sturdy umbrella will not necessarily be unbendable when the wind blows, but it will be flexible enough to bounce right back after the gust has passed. That is what you get with this construction.

      What we like:

      • It is compact and fit for travel.
      • The material is easy to care for as it is durable.
      • Sturdy construction to withstand gusts of wind.
      • The canopy offers extensive coverage for one.

        What we don't like:

        • It does not have a double canopy.
        • The complex folding mechanism may compromise durability.

        #4 - WASING Double Layer Inverted Umbrella 

        How brilliant is it to have an umbrella with a starry view? Well, rainy days do not necessarily make you all happy, thanks to the gloomy sky and water ruining your footwear, but this WASING umbrella attempts to make it look less dull.

        First, this umbrella is 31 inches long when folded, and it weighs less than a pound. It has a C-shaped handle that hooks well on your hand. It is quite compact, and so you can fit it into your bag or briefcase. When open, the canopy measures 47 inches to offer full coverage for one person. The starry effect is duplicated in every one of the many-colored umbrellas.

        It folds inversely so that the inside becomes the outer part when you close it. This mechanism enables easy water drainage. It also means that you do not have to leave it open to dry and so it takes less space in the foyer. The material, 100% nylon, is not only durable but water resistant too. It is easy to care for and dries easily when cleaned.

        This umbrella is not button-operated. It opens easily with a single push of the stalk, and you can hook it to your hand using the C-shaped handle. Hands-free operation leaves enough space to hold other things including the baby while at the same time balancing the umbrella.

        Thanks to its weight, you will find the optimal position, even if the wind tries to blow the umbrella away. Heavy gusts of wind may invert it, but its flexibility allows it to bounce right back.

        What we like:

        • It is small and portable.
        • The closing mechanism makes enables easy draining of water.
        • Nylon lasts long.
        • The C-shaped handle makes it easy to carry.

          What we don't like:

          • The folding mechanism is prone to damage.
          • It is expensive for a small umbrella.

          #5 - LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella 

          Teflon is a preferred material by umbrella makers, thanks to its endurance and ability to repel water. It is sturdy too to withstand strong gusts of wind, which is the primary reason LifeTek has it as the preferred material for this travel umbrella.

          This small umbrella measures 11 inches when folded, and it comes with a matching cover sleeve for storage. It is compact into small places without a fuss. It comes in four different colors. It opens at the touch of a button, making it easy to work when it starts raining unexpectedly, the rubber handle is anti-slip, so you do not have to worry even if your hands are wet or sweaty.

          The Teflon canopy not only offers excellent coverage (seeing as it is 42-inches wide). It also protects you from UV rays during summer. This travel umbrella is best for one person for the best coverage. The canopy cleans easily through wiping or washing, and it drains water fast. The ribs are fiberglass reinforced for sturdiness, and they attach comfortably to the canopy. They will not allow wind to blow the umbrella away.

          Last update on 2020-03-19 at 19:35 PST - Details

          Even though the manufacturer says that the umbrella is wind tested to stand wind as powerful as 36mph, it will still be inverted by a strong gust. The redeeming feature is the flexibility of the spokes that enables them to bounce back into shape. The entire frame of the umbrella is quite strong to allow it to withstand harsh weather elements.

          It weighs 15oz, which may be a bit heavy for some people, but the weight speaks for its sturdy construction. This LifeTek umbrella is slightly expensive, but it makes on for that being durable.

          What we like:

          • UPF50+ for UV ray protection.
          • Sturdy make for durability.
          • Teflon is water resistant
          • The rubberized handle is non-slip.

            What we don't like:

            • Small.
            • Expensive.

            #6 -  Rainlax Inverted Double Layer

            Umbrellas are simple, which is why they mostly come in one color. However, there is no reason why they can’t be dual-colored. Rainlax goes against the grain by making their brand one color on the inside and a different one on the outside. These umbrellas are ideal for travel, albeit for one person.

            The canopy is made of a water repellent material that folds nicely into an 11-inch portable umbrella. Premium resin reinforced fiberglass ribs reinforce the high-quality electroplated steel shaft to make this umbrella quite sturdy. You realize from holding it that it can withstand harsh elements, seeing as the ribs are quite flexible to take an angle that will protect the rest of the canopy from flipping with the wind.

            Even though the mechanisms of this Rainlax product subject it to lots of folding, the maker does not compromise on quality. The material is designed for longevity, and the folding mechanisms will not give in until it has returned its value. Granted, you will need to take good care of it.

            The C-shaped grip makes thing seven more attractive. You can sling the grip into the front part of your arm to free your hands for other things. The canopy has UV protection qualities for when the sun is at its worst. Teflon dries up fast, and it only needs minimal care. The company has attached a lifetime guarantee for the umbrella. When you fold it, the inside part folds on the outside and vice versa, hence draining water off it quite fast. It also means you will not need to leave it open when drying it.

            What we like:

            • A C-shaped grip for hands-off handling.
            • It bounces back no matter what you do to it.
            • The canopy has UV protection qualities.
            • It is designed to withstand harsh elements.

              What we don't like:

              • It is quite pricey for its size.
              • It is not the smallest.

              #7 - Totes Raines Travel Umbrella

              Gloomy days need bright Tote umbrellas to light them up. Most rainy days are dull, and no one likes the idea of carrying a large umbrella that only causes inconveniences. This compact Tote folds into a package so small that it will fit in the pocket of your cargo pants. It measures 7" x 1 3/4" and weighs 0.10lbs when folded.

              It comes with a sleeve pocket with a handle for easy carrying, and the sleeves are made to match with each color. When opened, the canopy, made of 100% nylon, has a wide coverage. It opens to 32 inches wide. The maker says that the canopy has UPF50+ to protect you from the harmful UV rays.

              The handle is made of steel, but it is light to the touch. This umbrella uses the push-button mechanism to open, and so you only need to push it to activate it. Unfortunately, the grip has no other way of holding unless with your hand. This is in comparison to some brands that have a C-shaped grip that hooks on the arm. To make up for this, the handle is rubberized to ensure a sturdy grip.

              Last update on 2018-05-29 at 21:41 PST - Details

              The main and only downside is the fact that it takes some energy to close, seeing as you will need to pull it down until it locks. Children and people with arthritis may find it hard to lock it properly. As for the opening, it pops perfectly at the push of the button.

              The fiberglass spokes are not only strong to stand wind, but they can also take a beating when the wind blows. They separate freely when you open the umbrella and contract in unison when you close it.

              What we like:

              • It weighs 0.10lbs, which is super light.
              • Nylon repels water.
              • The canopy is wide for proper coverage.
              • This umbrella withstands strong winds.

                What we don't like:

                • It is only large enough for one person.
                • It needs a powerful tug to close.

                #8 - Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella 

                For some people, clear umbrellas are the best because they do not obstruct view. You see, the umbrella’s canopy will in most cases be quite deep, requiring you to hold it at a particular angle. This Totes umbrella has a deep, clear canopy that is made to last.

                The material is 100% PVC, and the canopy measures 51 inches when open. The entire length of the umbrella is 4 inches, which is not much. The frame is made of steel and spokes are fiberglass. The spokes on this umbrella are smaller than in most umbrellas, thanks to the fact that it does not fold into a small compact package. The grip is curved to make for easy handling and carrying, but you cannot hook it on the arm without it falling to the ground.

                As much as the canopy is clear, it has impressions all over it, with colors differing from one to the other. Overall, it is a beautiful umbrella. The dome shape makes you feel as though you are in a bubble, and it also makes the coverage of this umbrella the best seeing as half of the upper body is protected from rain. Still, it will not keep your shoes from getting wet. That said, this umbrella is designed for rainy days and not sunny ones, seeing as the dome would retain too much heat under the sun. Again, the canopy is not thick enough to protect you from UV rays.

                Last update on 2020-03-19 at 22:29 PST - Details

                Granted, this umbrella is not ideal for travel, seeing as it does not fold into a small briefcase package. It, however, makes the perfect accessory, thanks to its clear appearance.

                What we like:

                • The clear canopy enhances visibility.
                • The dome shape offers excellent coverage.
                • It has a lifetime warranty.
                • It is stylish.

                  What we don't like:

                  • It is not compact.
                  • It does not offer protection from UV rays.

                  #9 - Kolumbo Travel Umbrella 

                  You know how you want the smallest yet most effective umbrella, and your retailer tells you that those two features cannot be in the same product? Well, clearly they do not stock Kolumbo compact umbrellas. These little goodies are the ideal pulse-size. They are small yet so powerful that they will stand up to 55mph of wind according to the maker.

                  They come in various color options, from the duller ones to the bright purples. The frame is made of fiberglass and steel to protect these umbrellas from bending and giving in to powerful wind. The spokes fold into two to reduce the umbrella to a small and light package. Can it fit two people? Well, it would be pretty cramped in there, but you can always try. It is best for one person, though.

                  The canopy is made of nylon to withstand almost all weather. Water drains quickly from it, seeing as the material does not hold or absorb any of it, and the canopy will not allow in water unless it has holes on it. Although the maker is silent on the UV factor, the canopy is thick enough to prevent penetration of UV rays.

                  Last update on 2020-03-20 at 03:30 PST - Details

                  Its diameter is 35 inches, which is wide enough for one person. The canopy is not dome-shaped, and so it will cover you depending on the angle that you hold it. It comes with a matching cover sleeve that has a handle for easy porting. The grip on the umbrella is rubbery to prevent it from slipping when held even with wet or sweaty hands. A Velcro strap fastens it to keep it from opening.

                  What we like:

                  • The umbrella is small and compact.
                  • The rubbery grip makes it anti-slip.
                  • The material is thick enough to protect you from harmful rays of the sun.
                  • It is wind-tested to stand up to 55mph winds.

                    What we don't like:

                    • It is small.
                    • Expensive.

                    #10 - GustBuster Metro

                    The maker of this umbrella meant for it to be the strongest against the wind. To achieve that, they went on to create a sturdy canopy out of nylon and then an equally sturdy frame. This umbrella is an award winner for the sturdiness of its canopy and all joints. It comes in more than ten colors, and even though it is slightly expensive than most, the material and construction are worth it.

                    The GustBuster Metro has a complex folding mechanism that would in other instances compromise its durability. It has more spokes than the common umbrella, and those spokes create the required strength to stand up to 55mph winds according to the maker. The fiberglass spokes attach to the canopy at the top of the frame. The 43-inch canopy offers excellent cover for two people.

                    The frame is equally sturdy, being made of steel. It has some temper-hardened steel joint connectors to ensure that everything stays in place. These features are what won this umbrella its award. No one likes leaking umbrellas, and the maker has this covered ensuring that no holes are left when putting everything together.

                    Last update on 2020-03-19 at 18:26 PST - Details

                    The GustBuster is not the smallest, which is a bummer for travelers. It does not fold into a compact size, thanks to all the spokes that you have to deal with. That doesn’t mean you cannot carry it with you. It comes with a carrying sheath that doubles up as a backpack. It may be a little larger than standard travel totes, but it will handle wind better than most of them.

                    Nylon is hard to ruin unless you subject it to extremely harsh conditions. Therefore, this umbrella is likely to be around for a long time.

                    What we like:

                    • The maker says it is literally indestructible.
                    • Nylon is rip-resistant.
                    • It does not leak.
                    • Easy to open and close.

                      What we don't like:

                      • Expensive.
                      • Not compact.

                      The Skinny On Umbrellas

                      Most of us do not always pay much attention to umbrellas when we buy them, seeing as they mostly look the same. How long does the rainy season last, anyways? There is hardly any motivation to go through millions of reviews to get the best umbrella.

                      That here is the hard truth; no one wants to spend money on a useless purchase so that they can go back to the market to find a better product. For this, you will need to get the best at the first time and keep it for as long as it lasts.

                      The umbrellas we just looked at are some of the best on the market. They may be a little pricier than you are used to, but price equals quality in this case. Even though all these are worth their salt, we find the GustBuster Metro to be the best, and not just because it has won an award for design and functionality. Okay, maybe the features led us to this decision. We like its capacity to take on the wind and the double canopy that not only keeps it study but also prevents the sun’s UV rays from penetrating. It may e a bit expensive, but that is the price you pay for the best umbrella on the market.


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