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5 Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017 – The Ultimate Gardening Guide

A beautiful garden or lawn is a weed-free garden. Weeds take away most of the nutrient from the soil, and you end up with unhealthy grass, vegetables and flowers.

​While you may think of gardening as this easy job that entails watering plants on the regular and adding fertilizer, it is not. Most weeds grow faster than your flowers, and this means that the maintenance of lawns and gardens is challenging.

For this reason, we have the best weed barrier reviews to help in the maintenance of the garden and lawn. As you ensure that the garden has enough fertilizer and an adequate supply of water, the weed barrier keeps the plants free from choking by nasty weeds.​

Contrary to what you may think, weed barriers aren’t expensive. Having made a big investment in your garden, you wouldn’t mind making another small but smart investment on a weed barrier, would you?

What is a weed barrier?

A weed barrier is, as the name suggests a preventive layer for your plants against weeds.

Why not use a weed killer? Well, weed barriers are excellent replacements for chemical weed killers because the latter leech into the soil. The chemicals in the weed killers aren’t friendly to the microorganisms, and they also strip the soil of essentials nutrients. In turn, your plants suffer.

How does a weed barrier work? The barrier prevents air, the sun and water from reaching to the weeds. As a result, the weeds are undernourished, and they don’t develop. In short, a weed barrier kills off weeds by starving them their life source. The best part is that you don’t need chemicals which affect the integrity of your plants.​

The best part is that the weed barrier costs less than a chemical week killer does. What’s more, it doesn’t affect the integrity of the soil, and you don’t have to buy nutrients to rehabilitate the soil later on.

Why a weed barrier?

Chemical weed killers are unsafe and not eco-friendly.

The weed barrier encourages plants to grow. It also keeps your plants and flowers vibrant because the plants can access nutrients, oxygen and water needed for their growth. Since the barrier is a permeable fabric, it will keep the soil moist and healthy. The barrier will also help you reduce the amount of water you use for your plants.

It prevents soil erosion. This is the case if your garden is on the hill. When it rains, the barrier will keep the soil from getting carried away.

It keeps of pests like mice from digging the garden. It will also keep your dog from digging your garden.

Unfortunately, finding a weed barrier fabric that delivers all these benefits is tricky. For that reason, you may want to check out these weed barrier reviews:​

Top 5 Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017

#1 - DeWitt P5 Pro 5 – Effective weed barrier

When buying a weed barrier, functionality counts just as much as the durability. The problem is that you hardly find a weed barrier that meets these two conditions. As mentioned earlier, a weed barrier is a small but the smartest investments you will make and you may want to get this DeWitt P5 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric.

This weed barrier is 5 ounces of woven needle-punch fabric making it one of the strongest and the most durable weed barriers on the market. The weaving of the DeWitt weed barrier makes it an ideal choice for a weed control fabric.

How does it prevent weeds?

This DeWitt P5 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric is almost 100 percent opaque. Opaqueness means that no light from the sun reaches the weeds preventing photosynthesis and germination of weed seeds.

Last update on 2020-03-19 at 19:19 PST - Details

How do you determine the right pH (level of hydrogen ions)? First, you should note that raising pH equals making the growing environment basic while lowering pH means making the hydroponic environment acidic. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14 and measures alkalinity and acidity. At 7, the Ph is neutral, above seven it is alkaline, and below 7, it is acidic. Plants flourish in the right acidic or basic environments. Incorrect level of hydrogen ions in the soil or the growth medium leads to sickly or stunted plant growth because the nutrients available aren’t absorbed as they should be.

It measures 5ft by 250ft, and with this weed barrier, you won’t have to buy any herbicides. The durability of the weed barrier further comes from the fact that the barrier has properties which prevent UV deterioration. And, that’s not the best part – Dewitt offers a five-year guarantee against UV deterioration. Therefore, you won’t have to replace the fabric within a few months.You will also like the fact that this weed barrier fabric has stripes located 12 inches apart. The stripes make for easy alignment of your plants in the garden making this the best weed barrier fabric.

You should, however, note that the DeWitt landscape fabric isn’t all cloth. It has some polypropylene responsible for enhancing the barrier’s durability. If you are looking for a wholesome fabric weed barrier, this isn’t the best choice.

What we like:

  • It has a high-quality and a UV resistant design.
  • It is thick, and the tight weaving makes it reliable.
  • It works great and prevents weeds
  • It covers a large ground
  • It is tear resistant

    What we don't like:

    • Weeds will grow if you place mulch on it

    #2 - SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric – Great price

    Your flowers and the vegetables you just planted will thank you if they don't have to compete for nutrients and the sun. The reason for this is that weeds tend to grow aggressively and the competition for nutrients, water and the sun works against your plants.

    So, rather than encourage this unhealthy competition with pesky weeds, you may want to buy the SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric. It comes at a great price, and you won’t break the bank buying the fabric.

    It is an effective weed controller which works better than chemicals. The reason why we consider this a great investment is because it is affordable and it covers a large ground. It also eliminates the need for herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. Therefore, you will make a one-off purchase to save your plants.

    Last update on 2020-03-19 at 16:12 PST - Details

    It has a heavy duty construction, and it will last long making this the best way you could ever spend your money. You can use it on walkways, retaining wall jobs and on the patio. You can use it on heavy hardscaping projects.

    Besides weed control, this weed barrier also reduces soil erosion. As a result, you can use it if you have a garden on a slope. Prevention of soil erosion helps the soil retain its nutrients keeping plants healthy.

    The only downside of this weed barrier is that the fabric lacks the weaving seen in DeWitt’s weed barrier. Its effectiveness diminishes when you look at the fabric’s weaving. Also, it doesn’t let through the water as fast and rain water pools.

    What we like:

    • It reduces soil erosion.
    • It comes at a great price

      What we don't like:

      • It isn’t durable, and deer feet will tear it. It also disintegrates fast.
      • It’s not resistant to UV rays

      #3 - Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier – Superior Weed Control/ Good Price

      This is one of the best weed barriers under mulch on the market. It promises to take care of all gardening needs by getting rid of weeds effortlessly and safely.

      Its design makes this the ultimate weed barrier landscape fabric which offers superior weed protection. When you use this weed barrier, your garden’s productivity will increase, and you won’t have to spend as much time and money in the maintenance of the garden.

      It is an excellent replacement for chemical weed killer. So, if you have been looking for an eco-friendly way to kill weeds, this is it.

      Wondering how to install a landscape fabric? Well, the installation of this Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier is easy. You don’t need to call in an expert to set it up. It is lightweight, and you can carry it and cut it up to protect your plants.

      Though it prevents weeds from flourishing, it doesn’t affect the growth of your vegetables, flowers or even grass. This landscape fabric lets in water and air conserving he soil’s value and the amount of water getting in. By allowing free entry of water and air, your plants will flourish because the roots get all the important nutrients.

      Unlike many other landscape and gardening weed control fabrics on the market, this weed barrier is durable. It has a construction design that lasts. Therefore, this weed barrier will offer weed protection for many years. You won’t need to use any chemicals on your farm. If you are an organic farmer, that is the best thing you could ever get.

      The weed protection and the soil preservation qualities of this weed barrier come from the combination of woven and non-woven fabrics. The fabric is a two-layered needle punched fabric.

      There is nothing you will hate about this weed barrier and its functionality.

      What we like:

      • It doesn’t fray when cut
      • It has a thickly woven construction design which makes it long lasting
      • It of permeable to water and air enhancing growth of your plants while deterring weeds since they don’t get any light
      • Great price for a high-quality weed barrier

        What we don't like:

        • None except for slight shipment delays

        #4 - Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Weed Barrier – UV Stabilized

        The best weed barrier under rock or mulch prevents the growth of weeds by cutting out the weeds’ supply of sunlight and oxygen. This weed barrier by DeWitt is one of the most effective weed barriers on the market. It offers Sunbelt ground cover to your flowers, grass and vegetables.

        This weed barrier lasts long thanks to its UV stabilization. It won’t disintegrate easily after a few years of use. While resistant to UV rays, it is permeable to water and the air killing weeds effectively. It is affordable, and it is an excellent alternative to herbicides.

        You can use it in an outdoor garden and the greenhouse. You don’t have to worry about the effects of the sun within the first five years after purchase thanks to the five-year guarantee by DeWitt.

        It is lightweight weighing 3.2 pounds, and it measures 3ft by 300ft. You don’t have to worry about the water not getting to the roots of the plants because the barrier allows easy flow of water.

        It is puncture resistant, and it’s also resistant to tearing thanks to the construction using black polypropylene. For easy alignment of the plants, you have the yellow strip placed after every 12 inches. As a result of these features, this is one of the best commercial-grade landscape fabrics on the market.

        Unfortunately, this barrier tends to unravel when cut.

        What we like:

        • It is a heavy duty landscape fabric.
        • It allows free entry of water and air.
        • It offers UV protection.
        • It is safe and eco-friendly.
        • Installation is easy thanks to the yellow stripes places 12 inches apart.

          What we don't like:

          • It unravels when cut.
          • It won’t last forever

          #5 - Easy Gardener Landscape Fabric – Versatile

          Weed killers are effective, but since they are chemicals, they aren’t friendly to the environment. Weed killers are also expensive, and they affect the soil meaning that you have to look for alternative treatments to the soils after a few years. It works as a great commercial landscape fabric

          But, instead of going down this road stripping the soil of its nutrients, you should consider the safe alternative – weed barrier fabric. The Easy Gardener Landscape Fabric is one of the best weed barriers on the market.

          First, it comes with a 15-year guarantee of protection. Well, like every other human made product, it may not last that long but, it guarantees excellent weed protection for several years.

          You can use it in permanent landscapes and in the garden too. It is semi permeable, and it allows air and water to get through to plants. It is lightweight and easy to setup. This weed barrier is a good landscape fabric under gravel.

          Unfortunately, there are cases where weeds pore through the fabric.

          Last update on 2020-03-19 at 15:07 PST - Details

          What we like:

          • Durable.
          • It offers sun-protection.
          • It comes at a great price

            What we don't like:

            • Weeds pass through in some cases.
            • It’s not 100 percent water permeable

            Reviews and Comparison







            Top 5 Of The Best Weed Barrier

            DeWitt P5 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric
            SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric, 3 by 150-Feet
            Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric By ECOgardener – Durable & Heavy-Duty Weed Block Gardening Mat, Easy Setup & Superior Weed Control, Eco-Friendly & Convenient Design, 3ft x 50ft
            Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier, 3 x 300-Feet
            Easy Gardener 21041MJ 3-Foot by 50-Foot 15 Year Landscape Fabric


            DeWitt P5 Pro 5

            SCOTTS 25-Year Pro Fabric

            Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier

            Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Weed Barrier

            Easy Gardener Landscape Fabric



            Charcoal gray





            Plastic/woven textiles



            Plastic/ woven textiles



            5ft x 250ft

            3ft x 150ft

            3ft x 50ft

            3ft x 300ft

            3ft x 50ft

            Get It

            Weed Barrier Accessories

            ​The 5 Star Collection 6-Inch Steel Landscape Fabric Pins

            These are long and strong landscape fabric pins that simplify the installation of weed barriers. The pins are 11-gauge steel pins which are versatile, and you can use it to anchor almost everything that needs anchoring.

            These pins rust fast growing into the soil. This increases their stripping power. They last long and preferable to plastic, galvanized and stainless steel staples.

            They may not be the most attractive staples, but they get the work done.

            GardenMate 50-Pack U-Shaped Garden Securing Pegs

            To hold the weed barrier strongly on the ground, you will need pins and these pins by GardenMate are some of the best on the market. Thanks to galvanization, they are rust proof. They hold hoses and cables around the round head.

            They have a trapezoid design to add tension in the soil. The bevelled endings make for quick and secure mounting to the ground. It has a heavy-duty construction, and it will last a long time.

            100 Galvanized Steel Landscape Staples

            To stop weeds from growing enhancing the growth of your veggies or flowers, get these landscape staples to hold the weed barrier down.

            These staples feature angled pointed ends which make for quick installation of the weed barrier. They are 6 inches long and perfect for anchoring electric dog fences too. Galvanization makes theses staples rust resistant. That’s not all; you can trust the staples to hold weed barriers, bird netting or floating row covers in place against strong winds.

            Buying Guide for Weed Barriers​

            While these weed barrier reviews highlight all the best weed barriers you may consider buying, we haven’t highlighted what to look for when buying weed barriers. Since weed barriers enhance the growth of plants by killing weeds in an eco-friendly fashion, while also reducing soil erosion and preserving the soil’s nutrients, you have to buy the best.

            Here is what you should look for when buying a weed barrier:


            You have to buy a weed barrier that will last more than one planting season or a year. You should step on the weed barrier without worrying about the fabric tearing.

            Features that point towards durability include UV resistance and punctured weaving. Some of the best weed barriers feature the use of fabric and plastic making meaning that they will last longer. You may also want to consider a weed barrier that doesn’t fray when cut.

            To know if the weed barrier is durable or not, check out user reviews to determine if the barrier will last as long as manufacturers claim they will.

            Material and the environment

            Will the weed barrier work in killing the weeds alone leaving out your vegetables, grass or flowers? The weed barrier should only kill weeds, and the construction material should be safe. You should, therefore, avoid weed barriers made of plastic entirely.

            The fabric is preferable as a weed barrier because it inhibits weed growth better. Fabric also provides a thick barrier against sunlight preventing photosynthesis. However, it lets in air and moisture enhancing the growth of your plants while inhibiting growth weeds.

            Fabrics made using synthetic geotextiles and laminates using a thin layer of black polyethylene material work more effectively compared to the use of herbicides.

            Plastic is also effective because it creates a barrier against sunlight, water and oxygen. This suffocates weeds. The black color will also absorb sunlight which warms the soil and promotes the growth of your plants. Unfortunately, the weed barriers are expensive, especially the UV-resistant barriers.


            Even with a barrier, your plants still need nutrients, air and water from the soil. While killing the weeds, the best weed barrier should allow for the entry of water and air. The roots need nourishing, and the barrier needs to be breathable.

            All-plastic weed barriers are impermeable, and this means that they will stunt the growth of plants. A weed barrier stunts the growth of weeds, not your plants. Barriers made of plastic and fabrics are preferable.

            Permeable weed barriers make it possible for you to irrigate your plants easily, but even in the presence of water, weeds will not pass through because they lack sunlight for photosynthesis.


            Most weed barrier fabrics are black. The use of black weed barriers is prevalent and recommended thanks to the fact that black will darken the soil, blocking light and starving weeds of sunlight.


            The sun breaks down weed barriers fast. If the barrier you bought lacks UV-resistant features, it will degrade within a few months or years forcing you to buy a new weed barrier expensively. You should always look out for weed barriers with some level of UV protection because these barriers will long. They are a little expensive but, they are worth the money.


            Will it be easy to install the weed barrier in your garden? The best weed barriers come with markings showing spacing of the plants. These weed barriers make installation a good DIY project. The best part about the installation of weed barriers is that they are easy. All you need is a part of scissors to cut the fabric and pins or staples to hold it down. If you are wondering how to stop weeds from growing on rocks, you should install the best weed barrier.

            How to Install a Weed Barrier​

            Installation of a weed barrier is one of the best ways to fight and banish weeds from your garden without using unsafe chemicals.

            To install the weed barrier, you must remove all pre-existing weed from the garden. Cutting the weeds isn’t all that you should do, you should pull out the pre-existing weeds. A rake is important in this step as well as leveling the ground.

            After getting the weed out and leveling the ground, lay down the weed barrier and use gardening staples to hold it down.

            To determine the right side up, check the weed barrier’s user manual. Ensure that the barrier is secure and tight.

            Using a knife cut out the position for growing your crops, fruits, and flowers. Scoop the soil and recover the plants once done. Finally, use the staples to secure the crops in place.​

            Final Verdict

            Weed barriers aren’t just effective in weed prevention; they are also safe and environmentally friendly. A weed barrier is cheap, and since you will use it for years, it is a great investment or your garden.

            In this review, the DeWitt P5 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric is our best weed barrier. It is strong, and it is almost 100 percent opaque preventing photosynthesis and seed germination of weeds.

            The barrier’s construction using 5 ounces of woven needle-punched material makes the DeWitt P5 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric strong, durable and effective in weed control. It comes with a five-year guarantee against UV deterioration.

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            Even though it holds too much power and is responsible for many lumbering accidents annually, you need a professional chainsaw. A professional chainsaw in the right hands will make trimming, felling trees and general yard maintenance a breeze.

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            Reviewing 5 Of The Best Watering Wands On The Market

            The best watering band will do more than just water your plants. You will be able to use it for more purposes, such as washing your car and pretty much anything else that requires splashing water. The market has several of them, making it quite difficult to choose the right one for your needs, but that is about to change as we address the things to look out for.

            Things To Look For In The Best Watering Wand

            A watering wand is a hose attachment that is designed to spray water in a specific way. Because they are used in different ways, wands are designed differently to meet a particular need. While some are perfect for washing cars, others are gentler to be used in gardens. Those used for cars certainly more powerful and the garden ones are gentle enough to avoid ruining plants.

            What Are The Benefits Of A Watering Wand?

            Reach Further Up

            They make it possible to reach top plants that are too high for your reach. If your potted plants are not within reach, you can hoist the wand to get to them without straining too much. If the wand is long, you will reach plants that are far back without stepping on the ones at the front. You will also use less water, seeing as the wand gets directly into the patch that you want to water.

            ​They are Gentle On Plants

            Watering becomes much more useful if it mimics the rain. Hoses come in different shapes and sizes, and the best if one that sprays water ever so gently to protect the plants. These attachments come in various sizes, such that you can buy one for the early stages and then another one as the plants grow and can handle pressure better.

            They Are Easy To Operate

            This will partly depend on the hose, but a good hose attachment will be easy to turn on and off without causing you to strain the muscles too much. The primary thing to look into here is the way it turns on, and whether the wand retains a continuous flow of water without you intervening all the time. A good hose also turns off without strain.

            ​Before Buying The Hose Attachment

            The Reach

            You want tonsure that the hose reaches as far as you need. This will depend on the length of your plotted plants and the distance of the ones at the back. If they are up there, you will certainly need a long attachment to avoid straining.

            At the same time, you want to look into the on and off mechanism. You do not want a hose attachment that needs to be held in place all through. You want to be able to start it and then leave it on for as long as you need. Having to squeeze the trigger every time will make your hands sore from the strain.

            Most of the wands these days have a thumb switch that you turn on and let the water flow at the level you want it. If you want it to flow continuously, you will only need to push it all the way and leave it on. You can always turn the switch off or adjust the level of water at any time.

            The Spray Pattern​

            The spray pattern of your hose attachment matters a lot. It needs to mimic rain, especially when the plants are still young and vulnerable. It should be able to break up the water into small droplets that will not harm the plants. All these will be done inside the attachment seeing as the water will be released at a high pressure from the hose, and so the outlet from the wand will regulate the way the water pours.​

            ​One of the things you want from your jet is extensive coverage. You do not want to spend several hours watering a small patch of land simply because your wand could not handle the job. One other thing is that most wands these days have varied spray patterns so that you simply change to the one you want for whichever occasion. That’s why we noted above that some of these wands can be used for spraying the plants as well as washing the car.

            The Watering Strength​

            This aspect can be a deal breaker, especially when you have a reasonable sized garden. We have already noted that the flow from the jets should be gentle enough to prevent harming the plants. This gentle pressure should not lower the amount of water coming through the hose but rather regulate it before letting it out.

            Ideally, the amount of water should be gentle, but still enough to soak the ground and enable you to get the work done fast.

            Other Aspects​

            Most people praise Dramm watering wands for their ability to balance all three (the pressure, size of coverage, and amount of water coming through), and so they have dominated the market. We will look at a couple from the company in our review. Is brand supposed to be a factor? Well, if it comes highly recommended and the reviews on it are great, then that means it's been around for a while and that it could actually be a good product. As for the price, a multi-spray wand is certainly going to cost a bit more, and it is worth it.

            Let’s delve into the reviews.​

            Table of Comparison







            Top 5 Of The Best Watering Wands

            GARDENA 36949 Flower Watering Wand
            Solo 4900170N 28-Inch Universal Sprayer Wand And Shut-off Valve
            Dramm 14805 One Touch Rain Wand with One Touch Valve, 30-Inch, Blue
            Dramm 12804 Touch-N-Flow Rain Wand 30-Inch Length, Green
            Garden Spray Watering Wand for Hose with 7 Nozzle Patterns and Easy Shut Off Valve for Lawns, Gardens, Baskets, Flowers, Shrubs, and More, 33 Inch Long Handle, by Garden Products USA


            GARDENA 36949

            Solo 4900170N

            Dramm 14805

            Dramm 12804

            Garden Spray

            Length Of Wand

            32 inches

            28 inches

            30 inches

            30 inches

            33 inches







            Get It

            Reviewing Top 5 Of The Best Watering Wands On Market

            #1 - Solo 4900170N 28-Inch Universal Sprayer Wand

            This wand measures 4.75 inches in length, 24 inches high, 1.5 inches wide, and it weighs 1lb. It is long enough to attach to a hose, and the length enables it to reach high potted plants or those that are far behind in the garden. It also includes a 28-inch unbreakable poly wand.

            This attachment is made in the US, which satisfies most consumers who trust goods made from the country. The price is reasonable when you take into consideration its quality. One of the interesting factors is the flat fan nozzle that fits various sprays. Because of this, you can use this wand for more purposes than one.

            This wand is not made for a particular hose. It will fit any brand as long as the measurements march. It has a consistent spray pattern that needs you to hold on to the handle until you are done spraying. You will not have a lot of control in the level of water that comes out, but you will be able to shut it when you need to. The handle is easy to push when spraying, and so you will not strain too much.

            What we like:

            • It is cheap.
            • It fits several brands of hoses.
            • The nozzle takes in different jets.
            • It has a consistent spray pattern.

              What we don't like:

              • Your hand should be on the handle all through for it to spray.
              • Some reviewers say quality of the material is wanting.

              #2 - Dramm 14805 One Touch Rain Wand

              Dramm watering wands are known for their quality, and this particular blue wand is no different. It is long, measuring 30 inches to make it easy to reach those potted plants. The wand is made of aluminum, and so it is lightweight while at the same time being durable.

              The nozzle allows you to use different types of jets for various purposes. The water coming through the wand will not be regulated, but the choice of spray will hold it back so that only the right amount will come through.

              It has a thumb switch that lets out water, and it allows it to keep flowing without you pushing the trigger the whole time. The switch allows you to control the amount of water going into the hose, and hence the pressure that comes forth. Young plants need limited pressure and droplets that mimic rain, and this jet spray allows that to happen. It has an excellent spray pattern that makes your work much easier.

              Last update on 2020-03-19 at 19:55 PST - Details

              What we like:

              • The wand is long, and so you will not need to bend to water your plants.
              • It is cheap.
              • The thumb switch helps regulate the amount of water coming through.
              • Durable and light.

                What we don't like:

                • The plastic water breaker nozzle fails eventually.
                • It leaks around the valve when the water pressure is too much.

                #3 - Dramm 12804 Touch-N-Flow Rain Wand

                This wand is green and a bit shiny, and the fun thing is that the shine stays on even after prolonged use. The plastic water breaker nozzle regulates the water’s pressure, making this wand ideal for young plants that need rain-like droplets.

                The wand is quite long, being 30 inches, and this makes it easy to water plants that are out of reach. It also makes work easy for those who cannot bend much. The grip is insulated to prevent it from slipping. The valve is one-touch, eliminating the need to have your finger on the pulse the entire time you water your plants.

                A spray pattern is everything when choosing a watering wand, and this particular brand has one of the best patterns. The jet it comes with enables you to cover a larger area when you spray by adjusting the angle. The further away from the ground you lift it, the wider your coverage and a closer reach reduces the circumference but soaks the ground better. The jet does not have to be from Dramm.

                Last update on 2020-03-19 at 13:59 PST - Details

                What we like:

                • Gentle water pressure.
                • Long for a broad reach.
                • Covers a full circumference.
                • With the valve, your hand can rest.

                  What we don't like:

                  • The plastic water breaker nozzle does not last long.
                  • The valve weakens over time.

                  #4 - Garden Spray Watering Wand

                  Whether you are getting this for your flowers, the onions in the backyard, or for the lawn, this 33-inch wand will make the excellent addition in your store. The length of the wand reduces the effort you make when bending and trying to reach far off plants.

                  It has an ergonomic rubberized grip that will not slip even when you handle it with wet hands and a control valve that enables the control of water. There are no triggers to pull, and so this wand is excellent for arthritic people.

                  The neck is bendable and adjustable making it possible to reach plants from a high point. The nozzle has seven settings for various gardening purposes, ranging from misting to showers and soaking. It all depends on the angle that you hold it. The water breaker nozzle opens, allowing you to wash off the accumulated minerals and to change the jet. Unfortunately, this makes it lose its strength after a prolonged period of use, prompting you to change it.

                  Because the wand can handle as much pressure as possible, the flow of water is consistent as long as you have turned the water on at the valve.

                  Last update on 2020-03-19 at 19:19 PST - Details

                  What we like:

                  • A consistent flow of water and spray pattern.
                  • Adjustable neck.
                  • It is long and light.
                  • The nozzle can fit several types of jet sprays.

                    What we don't like:

                    • It leaks at the area where the valve is.
                    • The valve loosens over time.

                    #5 - GARDENA 36949 Flower Watering Wand

                    This wand is a bit pricey, but it is built to last. It is made of steel and some parts are plastic to enhance durability. The wand measures 32 inches, which is long enough to reach the far end of the garden as well as potted plants that are high above the ground.

                    It has a trigger that makes handling easy, and so you will not have to place a finger on the pulse the whole time you water your plants. It handles pressure well at the water breaker nozzle. You will comfortably control the amount of pressure coming through. You can open the nozzle to clean it, but you cannot change the jet spray.

                    It has an excellent spray pattern to make your work so much easier. It means you can water a whole patch of your garden in little time, thanks to its extensive coverage.

                    Last update on 2020-03-19 at 19:19 PST - Details

                    What we like:

                    • The trigger makes it much easier to use.
                    • Excellent spray pattern.
                    • Made of aluminum for longevity.
                    • The insulated grip does not slip.

                      What we don't like:

                      • It is expensive.
                      • It only fits one type of jet spray.

                      We Have A Winner!

                      All the products we reviewed were selected carefully, and we put a lot into consideration before we picked the winner.

                      Even though the GARDENA 36949 Flower Watering Wand is the most expensive of the lot, it still wins over our hearts for its unbeatable features. The rod is made of steel that will not corrode due to water and constant use. The spray pattern is one of the best if you want to cover a wide area in little time. We also like the valve that is also made of steel for longevity.

                      If you are looking to invest in the best watering wand, you may want to give it a shot. It comes with a limited warranty and quick connect adapter.

                      [contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]

                      5 Of Must Have Beach Accessories For The Perfect Summer Day

                      The must-haves for the perfect beach day include an SPF 50+ sunscreen and a chic swimsuit. But if you thought that was all you needed to make the most of these rare beach moments, then you need to read this article because we are about to list several other items for the best beach party!

                      ​Thinking Of Getting Some Beach Accessories?

                      When going to the beach, you may not have space for a lot of things, and so you want to bring essentials that will not weigh you down. It gets worse when you are a backpacker because you do not need bulky items taking up all the space in your backpack. The list could be endless when you think of it, which is why you will need to narrow it down to essentials. What are some of the things you cannot do without? We listed them to make the next trip to the beach as fun as possible.

                      So, what are some of the items you will need?

                      ​Beach Chairs and Tents

                      You will need beach chairs, tents, and umbrellas that can handle the wind. Naturally, summers are sunny (which is why we love them), and the skin does not like that much direct sun. Beach umbrellas and tents are quite popular for coverage.

                      If you are a daredevil, you can spend the night in a beach tent. It’s not like there aren’t people who don’t. As long as it offers enough coverage to keep you safe from the elements and hopefully zippers to prevent any little critter from getting, you are safe.

                      Umbrellas are naughty for getting blown away by the fierce wind on the beach. You would not want to that person chasing down an umbrella and shouting at people to catch it or just move out of the way.

                      Beach Towels and Beach Blankets

                      Your beach chair or tent will need a blanket to make it even cozier. We all live a little luxury, and so a blankie will only make it cooler. Most beach blankets are colorful and quite cozy, and you may want to look out for a large one for better coverage. They come in handy when it gets breezy in the evening.

                      Beach towels keep the water from the car and prevent you from feeling all salty and sticky. The larger the towel, the better it is, and it could also help if you can use it as a bath towel. Quality is key unless you want to end up with lint all over your body. Cotton towels are the best for their absorbency.


                      When it is as hot as summers are meant to be, you don’t want a warm drink quenching your thirst. That feels like an insult to your already dry throat and hot body. Coolers not only keep your drinks cold, but they also preserve your food if you are going camping. You will only need to find a cooler that fits enough drinks, and you will be sorted for the trip. It could help if it does not weigh a ton, and it does not hurt if its good looking. We gave a YETI cooler on our list that you will find absolutely charming.

                      Why Do You Need Beach Accessories?

                      Mmh.. Comfort! You have been working hard all week and this weekend is your way of rewarding yourself. You do not want sand in your eyes as you try to catch up on some reading. You want to rest and let the sun cure you of all the injustices of the week, and that is impossible without the appropriate beach accessories.

                      Some of them go beyond simple comfort. A UPF 50 beach umbrella or SPF50 lotion are not luxuries but rather necessities. You do not want to expose your skin to harmful UV rays while you watch. We recommended that you only buy fabric that protects you from the sun’s harm, which is why most beach accessories provide some level of sun block.

                      Is Brand Necessary?

                      Well, yes and no. If you have been using sunscreen from one particular and it has been working for you, you may want to keep using it. For other items such as cameras and umbrellas, you do not have to stick to a single brand. Personal reviews are particularly helpful as you get the information from a user.

                      Remember Your Budget

                      As much as you are keen on buying high-quality items, you do not want to break the bank. We have taken the time to choose quality beach accessories that will not cost too much. Enjoy!

                      Reviewing Our Five of the Best Beach Accessories

                      #1 - Waterfi Waterproofed eReader  – Waterproof E-Reader For Up To 210 Feet

                      This e-reader with a 6-inch screen will handle water like a pro, although it costs a tidy amount.

                      However much you love your books, you know that paperback does not do well in water. Your beloved novel could get drenched in water when you get carried away, and a giant wave leaps out of the blue. How do you read your book and relax on the beach at the same time? Easy, get a Waterfi Waterproof E-reader! Genius, no?

                      This e-reader handles water in its stride, allowing you to go as deep as 210 feet in water, seeing as it is IPX8 compliant (not that anyone would need to read underwater, but hey!). The company covers it with a 1-year warranty, and it comes with a rechargeable battery that will last it for at least 6 months.

                      The memory in this e-reader, 4GB, holds thousands of books. It also has a Hi-res (300ppi) display that lights up in the dark. You can manipulate the lighting to make it dimmer or brighter depending o your needs.

                      Truth be told; this e-reader is a bit more expensive than most, but it has some of the best features of all e-readers on the market.

                      What we like:

                      • Waterproof up to 210 feet.
                      • You can manipulate the lighting.
                      • Extensive internal memory.
                      • The screen guard protects the eyes.

                        What we don't like:

                        • A tad expensive.
                        • Salty water may corrode the USB port.

                        #2 - Maui Jim Sandy Beach Polarized Sunglasses  – The Best For Salty Water

                        They are elegant and will not be ruined by salt water, but they only come in one size.

                        If you are like me, you don't take your designer sunglasses out to the beach. What if something unspeakable happened to them? Something like a fall and a chip? Those babies are expensive, and so they need all the care you can give.

                        You want something designed to handle salty water, in the lines of Maui Jim Polarized Sunglasses. The lenses and frames on this bad boy are treated for salt-water handling. They are mid-sized, with a rimless wrap for an unobstructed view. They cover the eyes from wind and exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

                        The rectangular frame works with various facial shapes, and it looks good sitting on your face. Naturally, the glasses are tinted for excellent cover and that cool look. They are not the cheapest, but they last longer because they are protected from the common destroyers of sunglasses.

                        They are made of Grilamid TR 90LX which is known for its extreme bending capabilities while retaining its shape. The Rubberon temple ends hold them securely to the eyes.

                        Last update on 2017-11-13 at 02:01 PST - Details

                        What we like:

                        • Salty water will not ruin them.
                        • They protect eyes from UV rays.
                        • The soft rectangular frame suits several facial shapes.

                          What we don't like:

                          • They are expensive.
                          • These glasses only come in a 556mm size, which is not ideal for some.

                          #3 - YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler - Easy To Carry And Elegant Too

                          It gives the best value for money, but it does not come cheap.

                          Nothing irks more than reaching for a warm drink on a hot day. Most coolers promise to keep your drink cold for hours, only to fail at delivery. This Yeti Cooler is not only elegant, but it keeps its three-day promise. You can now have a cold one!

                          This Yeti Cooler is field green with orange zippers. The zipper is at the top so that you will open it and flip the cover to the side to expose the cooler. The material does not rip even when subjected to harsh treatment because it is made to tackle the outdoors. It has a wide strap for easy transport. This cooler suits both genders.

                          The Dryshell material is not only rip-proof, but it is also waterproof and mildew resistant. It will not leak even if the cooler inside did. The Hopper Flip will handle up to 12 cans plus ice, which, thanks to the ColdCell insulation and closed foam, the drinks will stay super cold until you need them. The thick zipper at the top of the wide mouth keeps the drinks safely in the Hopper Flip.

                          What we like:

                          • Great technology to keep drinks cool.
                          • Easy to carry.
                          • Great material.
                          • Handles up to 12 cans.

                            What we don't like:

                            • Quite expensive.
                            • It does not hold ice for long if you leave the top open.

                            #4 - Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR  – Best For Raw and Auto Shooting

                            This camera allows you to shoot in both auto and raw, but it is not waterproof.

                            Vacations translate to capturing lots of memories. Nothing reminds you of the fun you had in a place than a myriad of touristy photos. With social media, everyone wants to brag about how much they travel! No better way to capture those memories than through a professional camera.

                            Cannon is known for some of the best cameras on the market, and this model is no different. It comes with four lenses of varying width and a 48GB memory card. It also has a filter kit and a tripod, and a carrying case for all its accessories.

                            The camera is 18MP with a CMOS sensor to ensure stability and clarity of photos. It has an inbuilt WI-FI mode to help you transfer the photos without removing the memory card. It may be expensive, but it is durable and state-of-the-art.

                            What we like:

                            • It takes professional photos and videos.
                            • It comes with all the accessories you will need.
                            • It allows raw and auto shooting.

                              What we don't like:

                              • It is expensive.
                              • It is not waterproof.

                              #5 - Large Beach Towel  – Large Enough For Full Coverage

                              They are absorbent and large, but the color runs.

                              The ocean water is sticky it dries on your skin, thanks to all the soil, and so you want to get rid of as much of it as possible before leaving the beach. The best towel will be light but absorbent.

                              These cotton towels by Utopia target those who want a large and absorbent towel. They are stripped and come in a variety of colors. What makes these towels economical is the fact they come in a pack of four, and they all measure 30x60 inches. The package is reasonably priced too and of high quality.

                              The manufacturer says that they are made from natural materials with no harmful additions, and so they are not likely to harm you. Cotton is super absorbent, and so it will handle all that ocean water appropriately. The towels are machine washable.

                              Last update on 2020-03-20 at 03:53 PST - Details

                              What we like:

                              • They leave no lint on your body.
                              • They are absorbent.
                              • They measure 30*60 inches.
                              • They are good value for money (pack of 4).

                                What we don't like:

                                • Color runs.
                                • They are 488GSM, and so they are quite thin for daily bath use.

                                Reviews and Comparison Table







                                5 Of Best Beach Accessories Of 2017

                                Waterfi Waterproofed eReader - Take Your eBooks in the Pool, Bath, Spa with no case needed (Wifi Connectivity)
                                Maui Jim Sandy Beach Polarized Sunglasses
                                YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler
                                Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm EF-S f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens + 58mm Wide Angle Lens + 2x Telephoto Lens + Flash + 48GB SD Memory Card + UV Filter Kit + Tripod + Full Accessory Bundle
                                Large Beach Towel, Pool Towel, in Cabana Stripe - (Variety, 4 pack, 30x60 inches) - Cotton - by Utopia Towel


                                Waterfi eReader

                                Earphones Sunglasses

                                YETI Hopper Flip

                                Canon EOS Rebel

                                Large Cotton Towels



                                Eye Cover



                                Personal Care


                                7 oz

                                4 oz

                                3 lbs

                                10 lbs

                                4 lbs







                                Get It

                                You Can Never Go Wrong With These!

                                There out have it, fun-loving ladies and gentlemen. All these (and many others) are necessary for the beach, and the best thing is they do not cost too much! You will be hard pressed to find better quality. The other remarkable thing is that they are portable and can be ideas anywhere, including those camping trips. Go ahead and enjoy nature! You Can Never Go Wrong With These!

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                                Reviewing 5 Of The Best Beach Umbrellas Of 2017

                                Only a handful of activities beat lounging on the beach on a summer day. Ice cream on a sunny day comes close, but still moist of us would rather be lapping on that ice cream while lazing on white sand with the sound of breaking waves. Now, if you are going to enjoy any substantial amount of time in the sun, you must bring along the best beach umbrella or otherwise the sun’s rays will be unforgiving.

                                What To Look For In A Beach Umbrella


                                Sunscreen is among the first things beachgoers will pack. You do not want to leave home without essential coverage for your skin. Now, the equivalent of SPF is UPF, which measures the rate at which the fabric will absorb the sun's harmful rays. UPF50 is almost the same as SPF50 for sunscreen, and so you should always go for a beach umbrella with a reasonably high UPF.

                                A UPF range of between 15 and 24 offers excellent protection. 24-39 is very good sun block, while 39-50+ offers excellent UV protection.


                                The number of people that will be using the umbrella will certainly dictate this factor. Generally, 6-7 ft beach umbrellas are a common size that accommodates two people. The other popular size is 7-13 ft, and it handles between 4 and 6 people depending on their sizes. Weight differs depending on the material and pole, but you are better off with an easily portable beach umbrella.

                                Since we brought up weight, we might as well talk about the material of the pole. The umbrella itself is pretty light seeing as it is purely fabric, but the pole cold either be made of aluminum or steel. Those two are the most popular, seeing as they are light and durable, especially when powder-coated. Wood is brilliant too, but it is heavy and will only be best when you are making a permanent lounging place.

                                Do You Need To Worry About The Wind?

                                Of course, you do! The ocean causes a cool breeze that we all love, and so the best way to get your beach umbrella to stay in place is by anchoring it with sand. The best option is to get a sandbag that will weigh the umbrella down and keep it in this position regardless of how windy it gets. You can use stakes too to avoid the umbrella from being blown away.

                                Other things you may want to ensure here is that the fabric is waterproof. Naturally, the material that makes most of them is waterproof, but you want to be sure that no water will get in just in case the skies decide to open up while you are on the beach.

                                Of Tilting Poles?

                                You may have been to a hotel that had the facilities at the beach and noted that you could tilt the pole to stay safe from rays. You do not want to keep moving the umbrella every hour when the sun shifts, do you? Well, you can purchase a pole with this feature to give you angle options. It may be a tad pricey for obvious reasons, but it is worth the price.

                                Color of the fabric will depend on your personality. Interestingly, most beach umbrellas I have seen are colorful and delightful. I believe it has something to do with the beach where they are mostly used.

                                The Design

                                You may have seen people enclosed in what looked like a tent while at the beach. This type of umbrella is mostly preferred by parents with little ones or people working on their laptops from the beach. This umbrella will keep away elements and sand, enclosing you within a safe space. The downside is that you miss the beauty of the ocean. The tent will undoubtedly have windows or another form of outlet, and so it is likely to let in rainwater. But then again, what are the chances of it raining in summer?

                                Those umbrellas that just cover you sufficiently from the sun but leave you exposed are the most popular. They are easy to set up and light. The downside is that you have to anchor them to prevent the wind from carrying them away.

                                Does It Have A Carry Bag?

                                Well, a carry bag is one of those things that should never be a deal breaker if you find a great beach umbrella, as you can buy it from any retailer. Nonetheless, look out for one that comes with a carry bag for easy porting. In fact, most of them do.

                                The two important factors in a carry bag are the zipper and shoulder strap. If the zipper is ruined or rusty, it renders the bag useless. If the shoulder strap is too thin, then it becomes uncomfortable to sling across your shoulder. Try and get one that is broad and comfortable.

                                Other Little Things That May Matter

                                Internal pockets can be lifesavers. They provide the space for your cash, credit cards, wallet, and car keys. You do not want to lose those in the sand and then have to spend the night at the beach. With the pockets, you can dash into the ocean for a dip before coming back to your laptop.

                                So, let us review those beach umbrellas!

                                Continue reading

                                Top 10 Of The Best Umbrellas For The Rainy Season

                                Sometimes the weatherman gets it right, and the predicted rain falls at the time that they said it would. Sometimes the forecast fails miserably, and you end up soaking in the rain for a good while. As much as you trust the weatherman, it would not hurt to carry the best umbrella in your bag or car just in case the heavens decide to open up.

                                We all know that sorting through thousands of umbrellas is hectic, just as it would be going through any product that comes in thousands of brands. That is why we are taking the time to sort them out in sizes and to review each category. But first, what are you looking for when shopping for an umbrella?

                                Continue reading

                                Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents For This Year’s Summer

                                Summers are all about fun and games, and water games dominate highly. There is something inherently freeing about the beach, which is why most people let off their inner child as soon as they hit the water. Life is for the living, no? So, what beach essential do you need to have unlimited fun? Answer: the best beach tent you can find. Let’s find you a keeper.

                                What Are You Looking For?​

                                Let’s talk beach tents. In the ancient times, Arab traders moved from place to place to facilitate their trade. You can imagine there were no phones or computers to help them traverse the world to sell their wares, and so they had to do what they had to do. The cruises would lead them to beaches where they would lay their beach tents and take a break before resuming the journey. Commitment.

                                Fast forward to present day. We have all manner of communication means, but we still yearn for adventure. Do you want to spend the night on a public beach? No biggie, long as you have the best canopy for the beach. Before you buy, pay attention to these tiny details.

                                Coverage – Think UPF​

                                The thickest material will not necessarily cut it here. Matter of fact, you may find that it only makes you sweaty and hot without proper coverage. What matters more is the UPF coverage, essentially the measure of how much of the sun’s UV rays make it through the fabric and to your skin. The best coverage is in the range of UPF 50. That ensures that you are protected from up to 98% of the sun’s rays.​

                                Material Of The Canopy And The Rods

                                Most canopies are made of polyester, given its ability to prevent water from entering your beach abode. You want to ensure that your preferred bars are made of steel so that they last as long as the canopy does. Most pop-up canopies need no set-up as long as the small rods can snap out into position. Seeing as they will be subject to enough folding and unfolding, you want them firm and sturdy.

                                The floor of the tent will be made of the same material as the rest of the canopy, and so you should go for the sturdiest. As we noted, polyester can take a beating so choose it for a durable tent.

                                Type and Size​

                                These will be determined by the size of your family and the reason for which you need the tent. If yours is a family of four that only needs this for the random weekend outing, you may choose a large tent that does not necessarily have to be the lightest. If yours is for constant travel, then you want a light tent that will come along with you.

                                A pop-up tent is ideal for travel seeing as it compresses to this compact unit that you can comfortably carry in a carrying case. The rods are light too. Some of them even come with inbuilt sand pockets, so that is a bonus. It is pretty small, and so most are appropriate for a party of two.

                                Family tents are yet another popular type, preferred by… families of course! They are usually large enough to accommodate anything from four people. The one thing about them is that they do not give a beach vibe, and so they fit anywhere from the beach to the backyard.

                                Cabana Beach Tents are yet another type. These are large and spacious, and they resemble a mini football pitch. They are ideal for large families or gatherings that need shielding from the sun. One thing they have over the other types is their resilience. A cabana beach tent is made of sturdy material that will withstand just about anything from the dog’s paws to children’s actions. Naturally, you can use them in other places apart from the beach.

                                Other Factors That Matter​

                                Internal pockets are a great asset of any beach tent as they make easy storage for your cards, phones, and keys. Some people will even consider the lack of pockets a deal breaker. Well, it does give you peace of mind knowing your car keys are safe and not in the sand.

                                Color and budget may not be big deals, as you are better off with an ugly but high-quality beach tent. But then again, do tell, have you ever seen an ugly beach canopy? We thought so. You'll undoubtedly have a budget in mind, but the reason for this review was to give you some of the best beach tents that will not break the bank.

                                ​So, without further ado, let’s go shopping!







                                Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents

                                Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
                                INTEY Beach Tent 3 Season Waterproof Tent 2-3 Person Camping Tent Easy Set Up with Portable Pack
                                WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Instant Sun Shelter Tent Sunshade Baby Canopy
                                BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Cabana 2-3 Person UV Protection Beach Shade for Outdoor Activities


                                Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

                                INTEY Beach Tent

                                WolfWise UPF 50+

                                BATTOP Automatic Pop Up

                                GreenWorks 29072














                                4.5 lbs

                                3 lbs

                                5 lbs

                                2.3 lbs

                                4 lbs

                                Get It

                                Reviews Top 5 Of The Best Beach Tents For This Year's Summer

                                #1 -Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent - Best Price On The Market

                                It sets up quickly and it is priced reasonably but it is too small.

                                This easy-to-erect tent takes the color of the ocean. The color never fades even with constant washing, which is easy to clean and care for. It leaves little doubt as to why most fun lovers voted it as one of the best beach shelters on the market.

                                This tent measures 87 L x 47 H x 49 D, and it weighs 4.5lbs when packed. Even though it expands to fit up to 2 adults, it also compresses easily when you want to travel, and it also comes with a fitted carrying bag. The interior part of this beach tent is spacious for two and airy, thanks to the open plan. If you wish to zip it up completely, you have windows inside to let in air and light.

                                Although internal pockets are not deal breakers, they come close to making you change your mind. This tent has three of them for personal items. The set up is pretty easy with the manual that comes with the tent. It has sand pockets and sand bags too, so you will not need to buy new pairs.​

                                Last update on 2020-03-19 at 14:50 PST - Details

                                What we like:

                                • UPF 50+.
                                • Has pockets for your phone and stuff.
                                • Sand bags keep the tent afloat.
                                • Set up is quite easy and bring down.

                                  What we don't like:

                                  • It is small.

                                  #2 - INTEY Beach Tent 3 Season Waterproof Tent - Best For Easy Set-Up

                                  It is spacious to accommodate two adults and a toddler, but fortunately, there is only one window in the tent.

                                  The beach is unpredictable which is why you need a waterproof beach tent to keep the water out in case the ocean decides to rage. You also know not when the heavens will open up, and so it helps to stay protected and dry.

                                  This tent is blue, and it is made of a polyester fabric with 190T UV protection. You can count on 98% protection from the sun’s rays with this UPF 50 property. This beach shelter is easy to set up with its four tent pegs that hold it down against the beach’s wind. The floor has a great cover too, to keep the sand away. It is a whole tent that you can comfortably sleep in even in your backyard. It comes down as quickly as it erects.

                                  It is designed to fit two adults and some coolers or other goodies that you may bring to the beach. Inside it, you have a pouch for personal effects, and it is large enough to fit a tablet. It has a diameter of 18.5 inches when folded, and it weighs 3lbs. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

                                  What we like:

                                  • Cheap.
                                  • Easy to set up and take down.
                                  • Lightweight

                                    What we don't like:

                                    • The single pouch is not enough.
                                    • It only has one window.

                                    #3 - BATTOP Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent – Best For UV Protection

                                    Small and compact when folded, but it has no pockets for personal items.

                                    You can zip this pop-up tent to make it 100% private. To counter the lack of light, small windows carved into the tent provide some air. The pop-up at the front makes it easy to set up, seeing as you will only need to erect it with the supportive poles and then place the sandbags at the bottom.

                                    The sand pockets are inbuilt, so you will not need to buy them separately. All six metal rods fold into two for easy porting. When it is set up, this tent will accommodate two adults and a toddler, but it folds into this 65 x 59 x 43.5 inches compact unit that you can carry comfortably on your shoulder, thanks to the carrying case that it comes with.​

                                    The material is polyester, and it is fortified with UPF50 to keep you protected from harmful rays of the sun. The same sturdy material makes up the floor, and so the sand will stay out of your little home on the beach.

                                    Last update on 2020-03-19 at 20:16 PST - Details

                                    What we like:

                                    • UPF50+ is excellent for sun protection.
                                    • This tent is easy to set up.
                                    • The carrying bag makes it portable.
                                    • Inbuilt sand bags keep in grounded.

                                      What we don't like:

                                      • It has no pockets.
                                      • Once closed up, it becomes too small.

                                      #4 - WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent - Best Canopy Tent For Its Size

                                      It pops up well and lets in fresh air, but it is a tad too expensive.

                                      The sides of this pop-up WolfWise beach tent have two large mesh windows that let in enough air and light should you decide to zip up the front part. The tent is blue, and it sets up as quickly as it comes down. It is made of anti-tear 190T polyester while the poles are galvanized to avoid rust. The entire unit is made to endure harsh elements.

                                      As the tent is a pop-up, it does not require any setup per se. All you need to do is let it out of its bag and watch it unfold. It comes together just as easily, and the sand pockets will keep it in place in case of the wind blows too hard.The fabric is UPF50+ and waterproof, and so you can be sure to be safe on the beach even when it rains. Inside, you have two pockets for personal effects.

                                      What we like:

                                      • UPF 50+ is ideal for blocking harmful rays.
                                      • A pop-up does not need equipment to set up.
                                      • It weighs 3lbs when folded.
                                      • Polyester is tear-free.

                                        What we don't like:

                                        • It is small.
                                        • Expensive for its size

                                        #5 - Summer Breeze Easy Pop Up Beach Tent – Wide and Spacious Beach Tent

                                        While this tent is wide and spacious, the poles feel a bit flimsy.

                                        This beach tent sets up in seconds because all you have to do is straighten the metal rods on the side and watch it pop open. It is blue and yellow and has six bars on the side to keep each corner well prompted. It also has two inbuilt sand bags to weigh it down and keep it grounded when the wind blows.

                                        The material, polyester 210t ripstop is durable and has UPF 50 for sun block. The tent measures 87" wide, 47" high and 49" deep and will accommodate two adults. On each side, you have two large windows for ventilation and light. The additional vent at the top acts as a windbreaker.

                                        The floor of the tent has the same fabric to keep it dry and sand-free. The entire tent is waterproof, and it will keep you covered sufficiently. It could do with some pockets, though.

                                        Last update on 2020-03-19 at 14:50 PST - Details

                                        What we like:

                                        • The tent is spacious and airy.
                                        • It sets up in seconds.
                                        • The fabric blocks as much of the sun’s rays as possible

                                          What we don't like:

                                          • No pockets.
                                          • It is quite small.


                                          Pop-up tents have to be the best, thanks to their easy setup. As long as you unfold the bars, the rest of the canopy opens up by itself. They are just as easy to bring down, which makes them popular among most beachgoers.

                                          The reason why we choose Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tentas the best in this category is the ease of setting up, its lightweight nature, and its price. It is not at all lost on us that the fabric is of high quality and that it provides UV protection. Other things we like are the internal pockets that are so convenient and the inbuilt sandbags.

                                          5 Of The Best Beach Chairs Of 2017

                                          It is a beautiful day: the sky is blue, and the sun is out. What are we doing today? Beaching; that’s what. So, here is the checklist for tag-along: SPF 50+ lotion, a bikini (very important), a beach tent, a carefree attitude, and the best beach chair! Yeah, you will not spend all your day in the water because you are not a fish, so you may as well bring that chair along.

                                          But before you make that commitment, what should you look for in a beach chair?

                                          Beach chairs difference from ordinary chairs in a few ways one of them being that they are more about comfort and style. Yeah, vanity and comfort can be in the same sentence, and that’s alright.


                                          First, you will be headed to the beach with a large water body in front of you. Actually, that’s why you are going there in the first place. You want a chair that is waterproof to defy all the mess that good ole water can cause. The material that makes up the sitting pad and the back should not hold water, as that will take longer to dry and the sun is sometimes limited.

                                          The legs matter too. You want them to be foldable so that they do not take too much storage space. Most chairs are made of steel, but you will find a few made of wood. Wood is slightly heavier, and so it will not work well if you want your chair to tag along for trips.

                                          Powder-coated steel is durable, and so it will weather the storm and the salty water on the beach. It is also foldable and easy to transport. The size of the chair is a personal choice, although you don’t want it to be too big and bulky.

                                          Other Things To Consider


                                          The best beach chairs on Amazon are not necessarily the priciest. They simply have great features (and are colorful too). As long as it is comfortable and made of the right material, you are good. Cup holders are great additions, seeing as no one wants to place their drink on the sand and then have to stretch their arms to pick it up.

                                          Padded armrests and backs make the chair even more comfortable, and they are certainly important for those with bad backs. You may have to add a little money for a more comfortable chair, but it is necessary, especially if you spend several hours sitting down.

                                          Carry bags are deal breakers these days. A retailer should be gracious enough to throw in a carry bag given the cost of these chairs. Again, if you are always moving around with your new possession, you want a nice convenient bag to carry it in.

                                          Why Do You Need Beach Chair Anyways?

                                          Oh, The Comfort!

                                          The beach is for good days! You want to go down there and forget about Syria or that children are dying of hunger in some parts of the world. The only way to lounge and read that book without interference is by getting yourself a beach chair. Better yet, get one that is padded for comfort and add a beach umbrella to it for unrivaled comfort. The only problem could be you falling asleep and only waking up to angry waves lapping at your feet.

                                          Take It Anywhere

                                          The best thing about these beach chairs is that they are multipurpose. You can take it to camp with you so that you can take a break from the hammock. They also come in handy when you sit down to roast wild vegetables and bush meat or otherwise you will be sitting on an uncomfortable rock.

                                          Various Types Of Beach Chairs​

                                          Traditional Chairs

                                          Most of these are made of wood, and they are a tad bulkier than your usual beach chair. They used to be quite popular back in the day, but some people still use them to date. They are sturdier and offer better back support, thanks to their construction. However, they are bulky and ideal for those who own beach houses or those who don’t mind lugging them in the car.

                                          Portable Beach Chairs

                                          They are usually small, and light and their feet are naturally made of steel for its weight. They are collapsible, and so they port quite easily as all you gave to do is fold the little thing and throw it in the trunk. The main undoing of these chairs is in their construction. Compared to the traditional beach chair, they feel flimsy, and they will make you feel uncomfortable if you sit on these chairs for too long.

                                          Portable beach chairs are ideal to use for the short-term because they are not designed for longevity anyways, and it is best not to spend too much time on one. Upside, they are cheap.

                                          Before we delve into the reviews, see this comparison table.







                                          5 OF BEST BEACH CHAIRS OF 2017

                                          Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar
                                          Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler
                                          Rio Brands 5 Position Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair
                                          Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair
                                          Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair


                                          Tommy Bahama

                                          Coleman Oversized Quad

                                          Rio Brands

                                          Rio Brands Lace Up

                                          Coleman Aluminum Chair


                                          7 lbs


                                          6.5 lbs

                                          7 lbs

                                          7 lbs

                                          Load Capacity

                                          300 lbs

                                          300 lbs

                                          250 lbs

                                          240 lbs

                                          225 lbs

                                          Cup Holder





                                          Yes (Deck)







                                          Get It

                                          5 Of The Best Beach Chairs Of 2017

                                          According to,It reclines all the way to the ground, but it gets uncomfortable if you sit on it too long.

                                          This chair is colorful; there is no doubt about that. It fits the beach life perfectly. This Tommy Bahama backpack chair is collapsible and foldable into different positions, including laying it back so that it feels like a beach bench.

                                          On the side, you have a beverage holder in the form of a pouch. It is wide enough to accommodate two bottles of coke. There is also a pouch for your phone and keys. The armrests are not padded, but they are 24 inches wide and comfortable.

                                          The fabric is polyester, which we know is waterproof. Both the back and sitting pad are made of this material to keep you warm and so that the seat dries fast when you wash. Speaking of washing, polyester is also easy to launder.

                                          At the top where the head rests is a towel holder, which molds perfectly to form a pillow. This beach chair is not only comfortable but also sturdy enough to handle 300lbs. It comes with padded shoulder straps for the carrier, which forms part of the chair. Essentially, you only need to fold the seat and place it on your back like a pack. It weighs 7lbs.

                                          Last update on 2020-03-19 at 17:43 PST - Details

                                          What we like:

                                          • Light and collapsible
                                          • Comfortable
                                          • It has pockets and a towel case
                                          • Has a cooler

                                            What we don't like:

                                            • It is quite large
                                            • It gets uncomfortable if you sit on it too long.

                                            #2 - Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler  – Easy To Set Up And Take Down.

                                            This chair is beautiful, but it feels a bit flimsy.

                                            This chair stands tall when you put it together. The legs crisscross, so you simply unfold them and voila! You have a perfect seat. The back is covered in polyester fabric, which holds back water. The sitting area is also made of polyester. It is not padded, and neither are the arms, but they have the same fabric all over them, and they are broad and comfortable.

                                            On the side, you have a small pouch for your phones and water bottles. The armrest will hold up to four cans. This particular one is black with steel rods for legs. The bars are coated, and so they will not succumb to moisture and sea salt.

                                            Because of the stellar steel construction, this chair handles up to 300lbs.

                                            When folded, the beach chair measures 27 x 27 x 7.75 inches to fit perfectly into the carrying case that it comes in. It is easy to carry around if you don't mind hauling 8lbs on your back.

                                            Last update on 2020-03-19 at 23:49 PST - Details

                                            What we like:

                                            • It is simple yet elegant.
                                            • It folds up nicely and sets up easily.
                                            • It is light and waterproof.
                                            • The pouch and cooler make it even more convenient.

                                              What we don't like:

                                              • It feels a bit flimsy.
                                              • The straps to the carrying bag are not strong enough.

                                              #3 - Rio Brands Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair  – The most colorful beach chair

                                              The colors are bright and fade-free, but it is a little too low for some.

                                              This Rio brand is not only cheerful (thanks to its colors), but it is also cheaper than you can imagine! The material, polyester, is sturdy and waterproof, and so this chair is expected to last a good while. It sits 8 inches off the ground, and so it may feel a bit uncomfortable for come people. The blue flowery fabric is fade-free and easy to clean.

                                              The armrests are wooden with a classy finish. They attach to the rest of the steel holding this chair together. What we like the most about this chair (apart from the colors) is its ability to recline all the way to the ground. It takes up to 5 positions for your comfort.

                                              When folded, it measures 9 x 24.5 x 30 inches and weighs just a little over 6lbs. It comes with a carrying bag, and it fits easily when you fold it right. It holds up to 250lbs. It does not have a designated headrest, but it holds you well enough especially if you are below 5’6.

                                              Last update on 2020-03-20 at 00:40 PST - Details

                                              What we like:

                                              • It is colorful.
                                              • It is compact and fits into a carrying case.
                                              • It is quite light.
                                              • Cheap

                                                What we don't like:

                                                • It sinks a little too low for some people’s liking.
                                                • No pouch or pocket

                                                #4 - Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair  – A Beautiful And Sturdy Beach Chair.

                                                Blue and beautiful, but without pouches

                                                Blue is a beautiful color and well loved by most makers of beach chairs from the collection we have seen. This beauty is blue and elegant. You would think it were a typical chair that you find in a home, thanks to its sturdiness that shows in its steel legs and armrests.

                                                The material is polyester, and so it does not hold water. The aluminum legs and frame are coated to prevent rust. The armrests are plastic coated for more comfort, and you will notice plastic hardly gets cold. It has a cup holder on the side, but no larger pouch for other items. It has a headrest that comes in handy when you recline it or reposition it in any of the 4 possible positions.

                                                This chair holds up to 240lbs, seeing as it is quite sturdy. It folds into this compact unit measuring 4.13 x 25.24 x 29.76 inches and weighing 7lbs. It comes with a sizeable carrying case with a wide, comfortable strap. It is easy to carry around, thanks to the comfortable carrying bag and its compact size. The weight helps too.

                                                Last update on 2020-03-19 at 23:10 PST - Details

                                                What we like:

                                                • It is lightweight.
                                                • It folds into this compact unit.
                                                • It unfolds into four different positions.

                                                  What we don't like:

                                                  • It could use a larger pouch.

                                                  #5 - Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair  – The Best Looking Chair

                                                  It is elegant, but it does not recline.

                                                  Coleman is known for their dark choice of color that still brings out the best of each beach chair the company brings out on the market. This chair is 24 inches off the floor, and so it is as comfortable as most regular chairs you have at home. The great thing is that it works perfectly for other settings as well, and so you can take it to camping and all.

                                                  The armrests on this baby are a bit narrow, but they are padded, and so they are still comfortable. The side table that you pull from the collapsible chair will comfortably hold a book and drinks. It is made of hard plastic to handle pressure. The steel frame will handle up to 225lbs, and it folds easily when you want to pack it.

                                                  It has no headrest, and it does not recline into several positions like some beach chairs, but it makes up for this teeny shortcoming with the pull-up table and its elegance.

                                                  Last update on 2020-03-19 at 18:50 PST - Details

                                                  What we like:

                                                  • Elegant
                                                  • 24 inches off the floor
                                                  • It is easy to fold and light to transport.
                                                  • The pull-up table is a touch of genius.

                                                    What we don't like:

                                                    • It does not recline.
                                                    • The armrests are too thin.


                                                    You may be deceived to go for beauty because; who doesn’t want elegant beach chairs, no? That is not an entirely bad thing, seeing that the chairs on our reviews are both functional and beautiful. Before you buy, go through this guide to help you make up your mind.

                                                    Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair stands out for not only its attractive colors but for its ability to recline all the way to the down and to be changed into 5 different positions. It is light for backpackers and comes with a comfortable carrying bag. Happy shopping!

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                                                    24 Organic Pest Control that Will Make Your Garden Healthy and Pest-Free Right Now

                                                    Starting up a new garden is easy.

                                                    But, just like anything else, the maintenance part is the most trivial one. Sooner or later, you will encounter challenges.

                                                    One of the most common problems in a garden would be pests; but worry not because I have created the best organic pest control list for you.​

                                                    ​Although there are so many choices for pest control available on the market these days, I would like to acknowledge that not all products out there are relatively safe for your plants. Having a list of natural home pest control is essential.

                                                    Trust me on this; it will not only be for your vegetation. It will also safeguard the health of your family or those people and animals that will eat your produce. Now tell me, would you want to have a pest-free garden that grows poisonous fruits and vegetables? I bet not.

                                                    Trust me on this; it will not only be for your vegetation. It will also safeguard the health of your family or those people and animals that will eat your produce. Now tell me, would you want to have a pest-free garden that grows poisonous fruits and vegetables? I bet not.

                                                    The Top 4 Organic Pest Control

                                                    The first four are specifically exceptional because they are considered power foods by people who are highly health conscious. Can you just imagine sharing your food with your plants? These four edible items will not only help you achieve the body and wellness you desire, it can also safeguard your garden.

                                                    On top of that, when I suggested these four items to friends and colleagues, they would often feel surprised.

                                                    #1. Squeeze the Leaves of Papaya to Get Rid of Small Pests

                                                    Papaya is a popular fruit when it comes to cleaning your digestive system. But did you know that the extracts of the papaya leaves are a perfect natural pest control for gardens?

                                                    A study on Carica Papaya’s Leaves shows that the substances it contains such as Vitamins A, B1, C, Charcoal hydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, papayotin kautsyuk, and the likes can combat caterpillars. The specific active ingredient in the papaya leaves known as Papain makes it super effective.

                                                    The solution can not only shoo caterpillars, it can also prevent the presence of aphids, termites, and other small insects.

                                                    But that is not all; it can also serve as a collector of crop pests. They can successfully trap other pests like russet mites by attracting them after which, you could just easily remove them from your garden.​

                                                    How to Specifically Use it:

                                                    • Prepare 1 kg of papaya leaves, 10 liters of water, 2 tbsp kerosene, 30 g detergent, and soft cloth for filtering
                                                    • Mash the leaves until it is smooth
                                                    • Add and mix the remaining products to the mashed leaves and let it sit overnight
                                                    • Using the soft cloth, strain the solution to separate the leaves from the liquid
                                                    • Put the extract to a pump sprayer

                                                    This is the first in our list because aside from acting as a pesticide, the extract weakens eggs, larvae and pupae development. It gets better because it can also prevent bacteria and other pathogens from growing. This protects your plants from certain diseases.

                                                    I’m not going to lie to you, the papaya leaves extract works slowly but surely. And it will be more efficient if you spray the solution routinely.

                                                    #2. Fungal Infection? Cornmeal Juice to the Rescue!

                                                    In the event where you notice your plants to develop signs and symptoms of fungal infection, one efficient thing you can do is to use cornmeal juice.​

                                                    A fungus is one of the pests gardener hate with passion. It can destroy the appearance of our plants. This pathogen can weaken them. Fungal infections can cause secondary plant diseases and can eventually kill our plants; wasting all our hard work and time.

                                                    Worry not because Cornmeal Juice has been professionally recommended to act as an effective fungicide.

                                                    Let me share with you important information I learned from the Complete Handbook of Howard Garrett, where he stated that cornmeal juice can treat different fungal diseases.​

                                                    How to Specifically Use it:

                                                    If you are growing roses, the presence of fungus can be manifested by dark spots with a yellow halo in the leaves. Spraying compost tea and cornmeal juice can solve this problem.

                                                    Sometimes, you can encounter fungal diseases during cold weathers too. St. Augustine grass is most vulnerable to this. It weakens the leaves, making them be easily pulled loose. The grass can grow small to large spots which weaken the turf. On occasions like this, you may apply 20 pounds of cornmeal for every 1,000 sq. ft of your soil.

                                                    Edible plants such as peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables can also be infected with fungus. In addition to that, ornamental plants can also develop a fungal infection. Using your best garden sprayer, spraying plants with cornmeal juice, compost tea and using cornmeal products to treat the soil is helpful.​

                                                    Using cornmeal juice can also be beneficial if you observe your plants wilting and turning yellow. Aside from that, if you notice your grass developing vertical spots that are grayish in color, use cornmeal as well.

                                                    You may also prepare 1 cup of cornmeal, soak it in 5 gallons of water for 1 hour, filter the solids and spray the liquid in the affected area. Some farmers prefer to drench the soil with this solution instead.

                                                    #3. Check this out: Milk as Your Next Favorite Garden Treatment

                                                    Taking care of cucumbers, crab apples, grapes, lilacs, squashes, roses, and phlox may be challenging because they are highly susceptible to powdery mildew – another fungal infection.

                                                    This is caused by Erysiphales fungus. They are airborne and at the same time, insects and water can carry them. They are white spots on the leaves of your plants. Appearing as harmful specks, they can silently chop off the lifeline of the leaf by interfering with photosynthesis.

                                                    Believe it or not, this technique has been used for decades already. A practice of making sprays made of 40% and 60% of milk and water respectively has been very successful in managing powdery mildews.

                                                    If you are a fan of sulfur and other synthetic chemicals, this concoction can be your alternative vegetable garden pest control.

                                                    You might be wondering how milk can be effective, right? Well, most scholars believe that the protein interaction with the rays of the sun turns out to emit certain antiseptic effects. This kills the fungi in the leaves by “burning” them without harming the part of the plant.

                                                    How to Specifically Use it:

                                                    I highly suggest for you to experiment with the dilution of your mix. Although the 40-60% proportion is widely used, some opt to utilize 10% milk, 90% water or 30% milk and 70% water.

                                                    It is a very wise idea to spray on sunny days particularly between 12 noon to 4 in the afternoon. You may spray once every two weeks to once a week.​

                                                    According to the article of Ms. Barbara Pleasant, the type of milk (skim, whole, non-fat or low-fat) does not have a big impact since we are after the protein after all.

                                                    It would be a very good investment to utilize organic milk for this. Just like for your body, premium nutrients can give you optimum wellness. This is according to another trusted gardener online.

                                                    Unfortunately, you have to be prepared for an unusual odor when using this. Some users are complaining about this, but since I do not spray it in shady areas, I do not observe any foul smell.​

                                                    #4. Trap that Japanese beetle with… a Banana

                                                    It is so common to hear my fellow gardener complain about the presence of Japanese beetles.

                                                    These Japanese beetles are so devastating. They multiply so fast and they can be seen everywhere! Such a nuisance! Japanese beetles destroy all types of plants. Hence, they can destroy the appearance of your landscapes too!

                                                    They feed on more than 300 plant species according to one informative article about Japanese beetle. These pests eat up leaves up until it is left with the toughest veins. The roots are also one of their food sources. When they target roots, they wreck up golf courses and parks.

                                                    How to Specifically Use it:

                                                    Using only 1 mashed banana, mix 2 cups water, half cup of sugar, half cup of wine and a half teaspoon of yeast. Let it sit in a covered container. Place it in an area highly exposed to sunlight for one whole day.

                                                    The aroma of the mixture will surely attract these dangerous insects. They will gather around and feed themselves and you can just simply

                                                    Sounds good right?

                                                    But here’s the deal: You have to learn how and where to properly place the trap or else you will suffer. Why? If you do not, you will actually attract and not trap more beetles. This natural pest-controlling method, therefore, needs expertise. But worry not as I will share important tricks.

                                                    First, you have to place the traps 1-2 inches away from the soil. Remember not to place them in infested plants. Also, you have to choose an area that is exposed to sun.

                                                    As for the maintenance, you have to replace your traps every year. Encourage other community members to use the trap so as to kill as much Japanese beetle as you can.

                                                    Let us talk about the most famous downside of using Japanese beetle traps: foul smell. The combination of fermenting banana and dead beetles sometimes discourages gardeners to use this organic pest control.​

                                                    Additional 20 Natural Pesticides for Home

                                                    These next items are more common ones. They can target numerous kinds of pests. You may notice that one insect or disease can be solved by multiple organic pest control. Please try the solution to a number of plants first and observe for 1 to 2 days before using it to the whole garden.

                                                    Also, bear in mind that the effectivity may depend on few conditions such as the characteristic of the soil, type of weather, and even method of application.

                                                    Although these may all be natural or organic, you may still need to wear something to protect you especially your eyes.

                                                    #1. One Cup of Tea for the Garden!

                                                    Recently, I published a blog entry about compost which also tackled the use of a compost tea. I specifically mentioned how you can improve your plants such as mums with it. The main purpose of the tea there is to act as fertilizer.

                                                    Compost tea, however, has been proven by many gardeners to successfully eliminate pests. Some of my friends would even attest that it can even solve mold problems. On top of that, it can also help prevent diseases on your foliage.​

                                                    To make this, you have to mix your compost with water. Just like the teas you are drinking, you have to undergo the same process of letting it sit and filtering it. After all of the said procedure, you will then have to collect the liquid and use it to spray on your floras.

                                                    #2. ​Aphids No More, Thank You Tomato!

                                                    It is clever to save some seeds and grow your own fruits. I have discussed in one of my recent blogs as well. This will come handy since you will learn today that you can use the leaves of tomatoes to get rid of pests like aphids.

                                                    This is a very easy homemade insecticide. You will just need 2 cups of tomato leaves (chopped), 2 cups of water and a strainer.

                                                    Combine the two ingredients and leave it for 24 hours. Separate the solids from the liquid using the strainer. Alternatively, feel free to make use of coffee filter if you do not have one. Put additional 2 cups of water to the extracted fluid.

                                                    Now all you have to do is to get your sprayer and target the stems of your plants. Do not forget to spray on the undersides of the leaves since this is where aphids usually hide.

                                                    Although this treatment is organic, it is still advisable for you to wash your tomato before eating it.

                                                    #3. Vitamin Citrus for Bugs!

                                                    If you are fond of eating oranges, you will be happy to know that you do not have to waste the peelings of it. Orange peels can help you get rid of soft-bodied bugs (aphids, fungus gnats, mealy bugs, and slugs). It can also help you do away with ants and roaches.

                                                    Check out my other blog to learn how to specifically kill red ants here.

                                                    Create your own by using fresh citrus peels or 1.5 teaspoons of dried citrus peels. In a container, pour 2 cups of boiling water on the orange peels. Leave the solution untouched for 24 hours. Pour the solution into a strainer to separate the peels.​

                                                    Pour the fluid into a sprayer and then add Castile Soap Drops. Spray directly on pests. You may also spray the solution to affected plants to shoo pests away.

                                                    #4. ​Garlic, Peppers, and Onion: Partners for Sauté, Partners for Garden

                                                    I believe every house would always have these ingredients. I was so glad the moment I learned about this method. Fighting off pests has never been so personal, I thought.

                                                    These natural pesticides for vegetable garden are perfect if you have problems with aphids, grasshoppers, thrips, and other insects that chew and suck your plants. This solution is recommended for roses, azaleas and of course, vegetable garden towers.

                                                    You will need 2 pieces of hot peppers, 1 large onion, a whole bulb of garlic, oil and a dash of salt and pepper. Whoops! Let me delete those last two ingredients. I got carried away; I thought I was on a cooking show.

                                                    Going back… Using a food processor, blend pepper, onion, and garlic with water until they are fully mashed. Transfer the mixture to another container and add 1 gallon of hot water. Let it sit for 24 hours. Strain and spray on plants.

                                                    #5. Apple Cider Vinegar Indeed has so Many Uses

                                                    After learning that I can increase my metabolism, speed up the process of weight loss and do lots of wonders for my body (internally and externally), Apple Cider Vinegar has been a part of my grocery list.

                                                    The wonders of ACV do not stop there. If you have issues with pests: ants, fruit flies, fungi, snails, and slugs, this next ingredient will probably be your next best friend.

                                                    You may use the vinegar purely or you can mix water to dilute it and lessen its acidity. In warding off ants, for example, you just have to spray vinegar and reapply after few days on the trail they made.

                                                    As for fruit flies, you will need more ingredients though. A cup of water, half cup of vinegar, ¼ cup sugar, and 1 tablespoon of molasses to be exact. This time, you are not going to spray them, but put the solution inside a trap.

                                                    Fungal diseases? 3 tablespoons of ACV mixed with 4 liters of water is all you need for your roses. Alternatively, for other plants, you may mix 1 tablespoons of white vinegar with 2 liters of compost tea.

                                                    To control powdery mildew, aside from using milk, you can also spray a mixture of 1 tablespoons apple cider vinegar combined with 2 liters of water to the plant.

                                                    Using a ratio of 1:1, mix vinegar with water. Use this solution to clean your gardening tools. All you have to do is to soak them, and the mixture will act as a disinfectant.

                                                    #6. Use Soap Spray and Say Goodbye to Insects

                                                    You might be wondering why I included this on our list. I am talking about naturally made soaps and not the one with chemical contents, not detergent soap, and not dish soap.

                                                    You can deal with problematic aphids, mites, bugs and other thrips with this solution. If you wanted specific ways on how to get rid of russet mites, please see my other blog post.

                                                    The scent does not really matter. What we are after is the fatty acid content of your soap. Avoid soaps with degreasers and moisturizers.

                                                    To create this natural pest control, add 5 tablespoons of soap in a gallon of water or 1 tablespoon of soap in a quart of water. Shake and spray. Some recommended types of soaps would be Thyme soap bars and Naptha soap.

                                                    Please be reminded to be careful in choosing a sprayer to use. Never use a sprayer previously containing herbicides or weed killers.

                                                    #7. DE: Diatomaceous Earth, Dehydrate Enemies

                                                    Unlike the other items listed on this list, diatomaceous earth does not sound edible but you can actually eat this bug killer.

                                                    There are two primary methods how this organic pest control works.

                                                    The first one is that it actually dehydrates the pest as it tries to remove the fats from the exoskeleton of the insects. This part helps the insect conserve moisture.​

                                                    Another is that when they actually consume the diatomaceous earth and its tiny particles will lodge into their digestive system. It does not only cause clogging, its sharp structure also causes the soft bodies of insects to be sliced as they move.

                                                    This insecticide is effective in killing ants, bed bugs, cockroach, fleas and house dust mites.

                                                    To use this, you have to simply sprinkle a dash of dry diatomaceous earth on the soil. Please reapply if the surface gets soaked in water (rain or dew). You may also apply DE directly to the newly hatched larvae of beetles and bugs.

                                                    #8. Tobacco is bad for Your Pests’ Health …too

                                                    The government has tried numerous ways on how to ward people off from using tobacco. I can just imagine insects conducting a meeting to talk about the damaging effects of tobacco on their lives (more like in the movie Ants or A Bugs Life... hahaha!).

                                                    Kidding aside, the nicotine, the same harmful content of cigar is the one that will kill the enemies. One who is using this pesticide should take extra precaution as too much spraying can kill beneficial insects in your garden too.

                                                    To make the nicotine spray, you must have 100 pieces of cigarette butts and 4 liters of water. Boil the butts in water, strain, and dilute with 2 parts of water. Spray on infected plants.

                                                    PS. This should not be an excuse for you to smoke 100 or even 1 stick!

                                                    Please take note: this is not advisable for edible parts of crops or any members of potato or tomato family.

                                                    Oils, Oils, Oils

                                                    There was a time when people only had bad notions about oils. They say they make you fat and it will just give you a heart attack. Good thing, people are now realizing that we should not be avoiding oils as long as it is taken in moderation.

                                                    People are also starting to appreciate its benefits and are discovering more and more uses of oil especially in the world of agriculture.

                                                    All gardeners should take precaution when using oils in plants for these reasons:

                                                    • ​Not all plants can handle oil in their vascular systems, and
                                                    • During summer, oil treated plants can get damaged as they will burn (much like the sunburn we get but of course, our skin is thicker and well-protected)

                                                    #1. Neem Oil Soil Drench Is a Powerful Insecticide and Fungicide

                                                    In the previous items, you may have predicted the next step: strain and spray. Neem oil can also be prepared that way but it also has a different tactic to get rid of unwanted insects.Let us talk about the spray first.

                                                    In making Neem sprays, you will need 1 teaspoon of high quality, cold pressed neem oil, 1-liter warm water and 1/3 teaspoon of detergent or insecticidal soap.

                                                    Mix warm water and soap then apply the oil slowly while vigorously stirring the mixture. You have to shake, shake, and shake and use the solution within eight hours. Spray the solution on leaves. If it is your first time and your garden is suffering from an infestation, feel free to drench all leaves and soil around the plant.

                                                    Now since we already talked about drenching, let me explain to you how it works.

                                                    Drenching the soil with these natural pesticides for herbs allows the plant to reabsorb it. This may take few days, but what it does is to directly harm the insects that feed on it. It affects the growth of the insects, its reproductive system and causes breathing problems.​

                                                    PRO TIP: do not spray at noon or in the evening so as not to kill helpful insects. Preferably, you should spray early mornings and late afternoons.

                                                    Check out this YouTube video I found:

                                                    ​#2. Horticultural Oil Blocks the Airway of your Unwanted Visitors

                                                    Well, this seems to be the most challenging oil in the list. A huge populace of the populace is not really aware of what it is.

                                                    Horticultural oils are seasoned oils. We are aware that some plants bear flowers and fruits at a specified season only. Certain pests are attracted during a particular cycle of flowering.

                                                    This is why farmers started making use of oils for that certain dormant season or when the buds of the flowers are just beginning to flourish. Dormant oil targets to kill aphids, mites, and scales. They also made summer or all season oils which are applied to plants during growing season.

                                                    Horticultural oils have two ways to eradicate pests. First of all, it suffocates them. As you spray the oil to the insect, the oil goes to the spiracles (this serves as the mouth and nose). It then causes breathing problems as it blocks the airway.

                                                    Before teaching you how to make horticultural oil sprays, let me tell you tips to help your solution become highly effective.

                                                    Primarily, never use the oil during extreme temperatures. That would be freezing temperatures and if it is more than 100° F. It is also not recommended for you to use this pest control during high humidity. Do not spray horticultural oil during fall; and lastly, do not spray when the plant has been previously sprayed with insecticides that have Sulfur content. Check out the rationales behind these precautions here.

                                                    Now, to the moment you’ve been waiting for. Prepare 1 tablespoon of horticultural oil, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a gallon of water. Shake and spray.

                                                    #3. Eucalyptus Oil

                                                    I have heard a number of gardener claims that they consider the Eucalyptus oil as the best insecticide for vegetable garden. I have no reservations for this. I grew up watching my grandparents using eucalyptus oil, my mother did the same, and I am not ashamed to say that I also have it at home!

                                                    Eucalyptus oil has been popular for its abundant functions. It serves as antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant, disinfectant, and an effective pain reliever.

                                                    Many households have this as a part of their medicinal cabinet. Mothers vouch that it gives significant relief in different health problems. It cleans multiple arrays of household items, it makes the house smells good and of course, and it gets rid of household and garden pests.

                                                    Focusing on our dear garden eucalyptus oil serves as an efficient acaricidal, insect repellent, herbicidal, and nematicidal according to one scholarly article. Hence, you should think twice about preparing your string trimmer head or weeder when you are dealing with stubborn growths.

                                                    It is so great because we can enjoy all of its functions so easily because eucalyptus oil is everywhere. You can even buy them in your nearest 24-hour convenient store.

                                                    When it comes to pest control, we can apply the oil in different ways. Humans may enjoy the scent of eucalyptus; however, this is not the case for ants and gnats. Because of the strong, sharp smell, they consider it to be hazardous.

                                                    To create a spray for this purpose, add ¼ teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to 1 cup water. Shake and spray. Reapply every three days.

                                                    Eucalyptus can also kill pests directly. This is particularly effective to aphids, earwigs, mites and whiteflies. The recipe for this spray is 2 cups water, 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oil and ½ teaspoon liquid hand dish detergent. Shake and spray directly. You can observe those abovementioned insects killed on contact.

                                                    #4. Suffocate those Pests with White Oil Spray

                                                    When aphids and mites are becoming very problematic and you do not know what to do, you can make one white oil spray to kill them all.

                                                    There’s not shooing here; the aim of this kind of spray is straight to the point: to suffocate and in the long run, kill the insect.

                                                    Aphids can cause the leaves of your plants to turn yellow. Aside from that, you can observe that the leaves are becoming deformed. You may also see some black sticky substances on different parts of the foliage. If there is too much presence of aphids, the plant dies.

                                                    They do not only feed on the plant, they also secrete honeydew which is a very sticky substance that is highly susceptible to mold formation. This will bring diseases to the plant. Unfortunately, some of the infections do not have a cure.

                                                    A cup white mineral oil diluted to a mixture of ¼ cup of detergent and 4 cups of water is what you need to prepare. Simply shake and spray directly on the insects.

                                                    How does white oil spray help eradicate pests, you may ask. Well, it is simple, as you spray the solution to soft-bodied insects; the oil will coat them entirely. Acting as a layer of plastic, the insects then cannot get their much-needed supply of oxygen. In turn, they will soon suffocate and die.

                                                    Unsure about what kind of pest is in your plant? Click here to identify your tiny white bugs in soil.

                                                    #5. Essential Oil Blends will help you Have Mosquito-Free Outdoor Fun

                                                    When I hear the term essential oils before, I would always think about meditation, aromatherapy, and massage. But when I started gardening, I think about no other than pesticides. It makes sense because people who love staying outdoors cannot fully relax when they are being frequently bitten by mosquitoes.

                                                    There are lots of options to choose from: Basil, Catnip, Cedar, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Oil, Citronella, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Thyme.

                                                    I believe that parents should give their active children homemade insecticide for mosquitoes. Technically speaking, this solution is not only beneficial for young ones as older people can also acquire mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and the Zika virus.

                                                    To create your own concoction, combine 2 ounces of boiled water, 1 ounce of witch hazel or vodka, and 60 drops of essential oils. Shake and then spray.Essential oils are not only for mosquitoes. They are also effective in eliminating fleas and ticks so feel free to spray on your dogs as well. Just make sure that you and your pets are not allergic to your chosen oil to prevent reactions.

                                                    Essential oils are not only for mosquitoes. They are also effective in eliminating fleas and ticks so feel free to spray on your dogs as well. Just make sure that you and your pets are not allergic to your chosen oil to prevent reactions.

                                                    Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Home Pest Control

                                                    In today’s world, every one of us is expected to work hand in hand to save our mother earth. Using synthetic pesticides can be beneficial to our gardens. But the long-term effect is detrimental to all.

                                                    Using natural pest control methods is cheap. It can be made from easily accessible items. The ones you do not eat in vegetables can be turned into something useful just like orange peels. Even cigarette ends have its use here! If you are trying to live frugally, this is the way to go.

                                                    It does not cause plant toxicity. Although there are some reported cases in which the use of certain homemade pest control products resulted something bad, it is not as morbid as the effects of synthetic pesticides.

                                                    Another good reason is that different organic pesticides will not stimulate pests to develop immunity easily. Since they are natural, most pets would see it as a food source rather than an enemy. Hence, defending themselves from them would not even cross their mind.

                                                    In the same light, these insecticides made from natural sources can even attract beneficial insects. In return, it would help you grow a healthy garden by promoting bio-diversity. Special precaution should be taken, however, since some items on the list can also ward off beneficial insects if applied in large amounts.

                                                    On the other side, one of the common reasons why gardeners prefer pest control products that are not home-made is because they do not have time to carry out the steps of making natural pesticides. It is indeed time-consuming. You must also follow certain methods and measurements or else it would not be as effective as effective.

                                                    Synthetic ones also repel pests in a longer span of time and you do not have to re-apply as often as you do when you use natural insecticides.

                                                    Nonetheless, the benefits still outweigh these disadvantages that are why I highly support the use of organic products.


                                                    There is, indeed, a huge variety of popular list of organic pesticide. But it would always boil down to one question: which is the most suitable and effective one for me? I acknowledge that some people may vouch on one item’s perfection, but for others it may be completely useless.

                                                    Do not forget to follow highlighted tips and precautions so as not to commit detrimental mistakes. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Always test a small amount first so as not to regret in the end. Avoid wasting your effort, money, and time by conducting further research if you are in doubt.

                                                    Yes, I do advice for you to try them all and observe the results. This will allow you to understand your pests, plants, and soil better. This will allow you to analyze which homemade organic pest control to use.

                                                    However, I understand that not every one of us has the time to do that. Please comment below if you had any experience about any of the above-mentioned natural insect repellent for home. Kindly share with us additional tips as well.

                                                    Thank you, as always, for reading my blog. I hope you were able to discover your favorite organic pest control through this. Please do not forget to share the article with your friends and family!

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