Why You Need 6×4 Greenhouses In Your Garden

It’s exciting to plant different crops in your yard, especially if you have a greenhouse. You can enhance your gardening skills, as well as fully enjoy and make the most out of your free time. Of course, you’ll also benefit from growing your own fresh herbs, spices, and other kitchen ingredients right from your greenhouse garden.

A greenhouse enables you to grow crops and plants requiring higher temperatures and more shelter. As season-stretchers, greenhouses allow you to grow fruits and vegetables even during winter. You can plant peppers, tomatoes, and aubergines during summer, and propagate plants even on chilly nights.

But, why do you need 6x4 greenhouses in your garden?  Below, check out the important reasons why you should invest in a 6x4 greenhouse.

Makes Use Of Limited Space

If you have limited space, 6x4 greenhouses can help you make the most of your grow space. Because this size of greenhouse measures six-feet wide, it means it has a full-sized door entrance with a spacious headroom inside.

Perfect Outdoor Living Space Addition

A greenhouse makes a perfect addition to your outdoor space. You can improve your home’s curb appeal by installing a 6x4 greenhouse. Also, it increases the value of your property because homeowners can plant different crops all year round.

A 6x4 greenhouse is a perfect addition to your outdoor living space, like your patio or garden. South West Greenhouses have a good 6x4 range online here that you can choose from depending on the overall curb appeal you want for your home.

Buying a new greenhouse can take time. You can choose a design that suits your budget. Whether you want a traditional greenhouse or an ultra-modern one, you'll find the best one for you. When finding a greenhouse supplier, most especially for a 6x4 greenhouse, you should choose one with a good reputation and top-quality products and customer support.

Durable Aluminum 6x4 Greenhouse

If you want to ensure the longevity of your greenhouse, it's important to choose a premium-quality material. Make sure to invest in top-quality construction instead of a cheap and flexible plastic greenhouse that can easily be blown away by the wind. You can select from a wide variety of aluminum greenhouses, which are top-quality make.

You'll find 6x4 greenhouse models with clear polycarbonate glazing. These greenhouses are beautifully installed for family gardens, wherein safety is a major concern or vandalism can be a potential problem.

Here are the advantages of using 6x4 aluminum greenhouses:

Aluminum greenhouses are rust-free and easy to maintain.

They are lighter than steel-frame greenhouses.

They are easy to install.

Polycarbonate glazing is tough. Polycarbonate glazing of a greenhouse is shatterproof. It won’t break even if balls bounce off of it.

Grow Various Plants And Crops All Year Round

Extending your growing season or planting all year round is possible with a 6x4 greenhouse. It provides a perfect environment for unlimited gardening. Choosing from the best 6x4 greenhouse options, you can start a better planting season.

Different seasons and climates offer you new options for planting in a 6x4 greenhouse. Check out these greenhouse plant recommendations suitable for all year round planting:

Winter To Early Spring: The best plants during this season include frost-tolerant plants, like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage, in an unheated 6x4 greenhouse. Because these plants can endure lower temperatures, you can plant them earlier in your greenhouse without frozen ground. Once the evening temperatures lower down (but above 30 degrees), you can transplant plants from outdoors to your greenhouse garden.

Mid-spring: During this time, you can grow more tender plants that would require a more controlled and warmer environment. Cucumbers, melons, and squash need at least eight hours of sunlight. When transplanting these plants, make sure that they are not exposed to frost because it will kill them.

Summer To Late Summer: You can grow heat-loving plants, like tomatoes, eggplant, and hot pepper as the temperatures peak during summer. Overheated greenhouses invite mold and mildew, and dry up the soil. That's why it's important to have a vent kit in your 6x4 greenhouse for sufficient airflow. This way, your plants are kept comfortable even on very hot summer days.

Autumn: During autumn, the cool weather returns, and the summer heat dissipates, so it's better to grow cool-season vegetables, including snow peas, kale, and turnips. While the growth of your plants will be slow, their growth is steady, and you'll enjoy the plenty of new crops it brings, perfect for the holidays.

Bonus: Important Tips And Considerations When Buying A Greenhouse

1. Decide Between Lean-to Or Walk-in Greenhouse

Free-standing greenhouses are suitable for just any spot in your yard. They have four sides, and some are available in multiple geodesic dome types, having a door at one end or both ends. On the other hand, a lean-to greenhouse sits against a building or a sunny wall. It has a roof that slopes away from the wall.

2. Optimum Spot

It's important to find the optimum spot for your greenhouse, getting sunlight on all sides as much as possible. For a narrow and long structure, the best is east-west orientation. Make sure that the spot for your greenhouse is free from shadows. As much as possible, don't go near structures that cast shadows, like fences, walls, hedges, and buildings, as well as under trees.

3. Firm Foundation

Your greenhouse should stand on a solid and well-built base that is either made of concrete, timber, brick, or a combination of different materials.

4. Growing Space

If your 6x4 greenhouse is built on soil, directly grow plants into it. On impermeable surfaces, you can use grow bags and pots. Your greenhouse can have metal staging, raised beds, tiered timber, or a combination of all three.


When you’re planning on growing crops and plants, you might want to use a 6x4 greenhouse for your home's outdoor space or yard for safety and accessibility. This size of the greenhouse comes with durable frame and material, and is mostly made of long-lasting and rust-free aluminum material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choosing a 6x4 greenhouse helps you reap good harvests all year round, providing healthy food for your dining table, and which you can share with your family and friends. It’s a perfect investment for every homeowner as it can last for many years, allowing you to enjoy your favorite hobby and hone your gardening skills.


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